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Is there a free IQ test out there that's actually worth a fuck?

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What would you need it for? To give yourself confidence in where you fit in? Does it help you with bank/home loans or business prospects?

Or do you just need it to feel some sort of stability/validation of your current position in relation to others so you know if you should spend more effort on getting a better score on an arbitrary test that is ultimately something created by other humans that have at the 'dumbest' level convinced others that it is a helpful metric?

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probably not
if you did well on SATs you're probably pretty bright

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[math]\text{I mean... can you }\mathrm{\LaTeX}\text{?}[/math]

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I need to find out just how stupid I actually am.

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So knowing a specific language/descriptor set is a definer of intellect for you? If you're going to be elitest at least be a constructive one? Exclusionary elitism doesn't breed more genius, it just turns your own into cancer.

Trump rules America. Intellect isn't really correlated with success or access to power, or being revered as someone in public that is worth referencing. As a human we are only ever trying to find our place/value to other humans and how to improve it in accordance with our imagination and memory.
>Are you basically asking when you should submit to another's knowledge/wisdom? And that the only way you would know this is if you knew how stupid you were? This would imply a ceiling to intellect.

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Really cringe post there, friend.

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How do you find cringe reactions that easily? Are you so unused to other cultures gifting their observations freely? A cringe reaction is a psychological response to the reader. An emitter/actor/expressor can't ever know what an audience to the information will really absorb, so that cringe is whatever you read that I wrote made you imagine would be something you could label as cringe. I just don't share that reality.

So, why is it cringe? Happy to have things explained to me because other people's universes are the only reason I'm alive.

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Or if I don't get an answer to my question, why is your advertising of it something I should process in my reality when it has no current bearing or value on it?

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>So knowing a specific language/descriptor set is a definer of intellect for you?
[math]\textsf{Yeah.} \\ \textsf{How do YOU think an iq test works?}[/math]

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The fuck does that have to do with the original post? Just provide a test, faggot.

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What's you're highest level of mathematical attainment

Counting: IQ≧70
Arithmetic: IQ≧80
Algebra: IQ≧90
Trigonometry: IQ≧100
Calculus: IQ≧105
Differential Equations: IQ≧110
Complex Variables: IQ≧115
Baby Rudin: IQ≧120
Papa Rudin: IQ≧125
Grandpa Rudin: IQ≧130

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Some predicate intellect formulates some linguistic expressions and queries and evaluates the test taker's answer in order to present it as a distribution curve. The 'predicate intelligence' is sorta the point, you guys might be the next super intelligence so why pin yourself to someone else's chart?

Okay, simple test? Here.
1. Why me?
2. Why not me?
3. Why wasn't I told sooner?
4. What/who would have taught me otherwise?
5. When do I know that it's already started?

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Do you like feet? If you do, congrats you have an IQ higher than 110

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Settle down bro we're just messin' withya.
Here, this is a pretty standard segment of the Stanford–Binet classification. Time yourself until you got something that works.
Shoot me a reply when you're ready for the next image.

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>old /b/ autism test

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well obviously /b/ couldn't solve it but it's still a standard puzzle
btw [math]\frac{\mathrm{autism}}{\mathrm{intelligence}}[/math] correlation is statistically [math]\frac{1}{1}[/math]

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The closer your habit to self-discipline and align yourself with the information replicator means the purer your reproduction of that information is towards others.

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solved it

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not the guy, but I'm curious about that next image.

this one is a variation of the konigsberg bridge problem right? six nodes(5 rooms plus outside) and 15 paths(doors). basically impossible because the number of doors is odd.

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Unique Path Possibility
N-doors: 2+(binary)
N-pathways: N-doors - 1

If you knew you were on a unique path then going through the doors at maximum speed and intensity will always end in a unique result, which could never be death as that is the guaranteed case for all lifeforms on Earth.

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>another IQ thread

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Haven't found one yet
I'm black and I keep scoring in the 140 or higher's on test after test
When someone finally posts an IQ test that I score in a reasonable bracket for my race then I'll recommend that test

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>Trump rules America.

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check out some 120fps monitors. Compare them to 60fps monitors, then compare that to 30fps film. If you can tell the difference up to 60fps, it means your brain is taking iterations at least twice as fast. Meaning 120 I.Q.

If you can tell the difference up to 120fps, it means your brain is blinking near twice that rate of speed.

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He is setting more standards for the population at large than any other American character on the media stream. Ignorance of numerical mass doesn't change his success parameters.

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I remember reading some study and this was their main method

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based "another IQ thread" poster!

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You are dumb if you give huge interests in IQ tests.

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Based nigger

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I'm not an Burgerican so I'm not familair with Rudin's textbooks, pls elaborate?

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>27 hours later
>no links


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h'is a meme

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based trips

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It's not an IQ test (and not strongly correlated with scores on a true IQ test), but it's a fairly effective general intelligence test that's widely used in business.

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look right at the middle

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what the fuck are you talking about?

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sperglord stop samefagging

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i only posted >>10429360
you fucking idiot lmao

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>*graps you by your throat*
>*pins you up against the wall*
What did you say, punk kid?
>*squeezes tightly on your twink-like trachea*
Don't you EVER post on my board, ever again? Is that understood, you little fag?!
>*flexes at the forearm, crushing your throat*
>*lighting up a cigar as a stroll away, smugly*

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anon absolutely destroyed by>>10429407

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[math]\bf \color{#ff0000}A \color{#ff2800}n \color{#ff5000}d \; \color{#ff7800}m \color{#ffa100}o \color{#ffc900}r \color{#fff100}e \; \color{#e4ff00}i \color{#bbff00}m \color{#93ff00}p \color{#6bff00}o \color{#43ff00}r \color{#1aff00}t \color{#00ff0d}a \color{#00ff35}n \color{#00ff5d}t \color{#00ff86}l \color{#00ffae}y \color{#00ffd6}, \; \color{#00ffff}c \color{#00d6ff}a \color{#00aeff}n \; \color{#0086ff}y \color{#005dff}o \color{#0035ff}u \; \color{#000dff}/ \color{#1a00ff}r \color{#4300ff}a \color{#6b00ff}i \color{#9300ff}n \color{#bb00ff}b \color{#e400ff}o \color{#ff00f1}w \color{#ff00c9}t \color{#ff00a1}e \color{#ff0078}x \color{#ff0050}t \color{#ff0028}/ \;[/math]

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The Norway mensa test.
I always get 115 on it whenever I take it once a year.
That makes me sad.

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that's pretty low

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>68th percentile is pretty low
temper them there expectations anon

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you mean the real test or the online norway iq test? I don't know for the real one, but I've never scored below 135 for the online one lmao, hopefully the test you took was much harder

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And... you couldn't score above 115 on this trash? Holy autismo

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My SAT score says I am 123 IQ. But I don't know how well those correlate with intelligence. Maybe I am a brainlet and everything I accomplished was through hard work. If I had 132 or something I'd probably be rich right now.

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Utter and complete brainlet here,
How come this TeX post doesn't seem to do anything? I don't speak TeX.

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theres literally nothing wrong with being 120 iq holy shit this board is delusional

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What if I can't build muscle?

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How much Chainlink do you own?

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Pic is what I see of your comment; why do I see this source and not what the output is supposed to look like?

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Because apparently 4chan sees the >> and puts in the link instead of rendering the latex.

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that's the filter, bro
this test only yields accurate results on your first run

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exactly, it's the perfect brainlet filter
leave this wholesome place

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Does that happen with any link?

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Now what?

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>/v/ finally finds a formal argument for why PC master race is intellectually superior to console plebs

Truly, our finest shitposting research is underway there.

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>isolate everything related to the problem
>draw line that satisfies all constraints

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