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heh, nothin personnel kid

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All adderall did for me was make me focus on stuff I did not need to. When I got home I did not go straight to my homework and then study the whole day, instead I just went on my phone and read an article and pretended I was doing a ted talk on the topic and explain why the point is correct or why it's bullshit and what not.
Then when it hits 8 o'clock I am jacking off I masturbate furiously for over an hour because of my libido and I have a severe wave of depression come over me thanks to the horrendous comedown. I fall asleep at 3:00 in the morning only to wake up at 7:00 and repeat the detrimental cycle.

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Sounds like you have absolutely no self discipline and no hope into the drug itself. I suggest you take it while studying or pursuing whatever fuck

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microdosing lsd is better

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I currently have self discipline. I didn't before, though. I had to take it because I just passed my freshman year of high school with a gpa of 2.0. I realised that if I were to continue being a lazy fuck I would end up stuck on a drug for the rest of my life, so I changed my habits and got a 3.9 sophomore year and it only got better from there.
You don't need a drug to live life, anon. You can do better than that. I promise.

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Shrooms too.

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Holy shit faggot, how do you split a dose that is already microscopic? Are you manufacturing your own pure LSD and diluting to a measurable "microdose"? If so, what's your full name and address?

Fucking retarded faggot. Joe Rogan rules lel xd. Ayahuasca! Terrence McKenna!

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volumetric dosing

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You are severely retarded.

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How much and what exactly does it do?

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4-10 ug usually

enhances creativity, productivity and motivation. you aren't supposed to really 'feel' it as such but when you look back over your day of microdosing you should be like 'woah, that was one hell of a productive day'

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I've been taking Adderall for almost 10 years and I feel like the effects are diminishing. What do? I can't do this PhD on my own.

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t break obv

and take nmda antagonist like memantine to reverse some of the tolerance

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underage b&

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enjoy your blunted dopamine response for the rest of your life you stupid fucking cow

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Thank you.

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Fuck you. Go fuck yourself.

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Also have fun being on the kidney transplant waiting list

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Is there any way to reverse this damage?

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it would be extremely painful

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tell me

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are you a big guy? what's your mass? Treatment efficacy often depends on size here.

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cant tell if b8 or not but

im 6'1 170lbs

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it's not permanently neurotoxic unlike its counterpart meth due to amphetamines' lack of sigma receptor activity. it does temporarily downregulate your dopamine receptors though and this can be quite lengthy if you've been taking it your whole life to get back to normal

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any way to speed up the restoration of dopamine receptor function back to baseline?

please help me, i want to go back to times where i enjoyed life

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Take tyrosine. It’ll help.

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pic related is better

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hi grandpa

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>take dose
>add water
>split into X amounts

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Does it help reading comprehension? I struggle to focus so hardcore. I have a feeling i'm not even stupid, just very poor learning and reading comprehension.

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Is it the same poster over and over again with the adderall or is this just a common stock image?

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Sounds like confirmation bias or placebo

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its one of the first results when you search 'adderall' on google

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very cool, anon
but that's nothing

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>reading comprehension
Maybe you really do need to get yourself some adderall.

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>If so, what's your full name and address?
kys DEA subhuman

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What is the difference between how adderall and ritalin feel?

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That is me without adderall. Lmao. Will adderall help at all?

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I want that. I'm on 60mg dexamphetamine a day (also 60mg codeine and 1.5mg xanax) (legitimatly) and I really need 80mg a day. I try to not take it on weekends so I have enough during the week. I went from drop kick to now nearly an engineer (have a trade) now engaged to a lawyer. Succeeding academically made me give up the gym and other shit. It's a blessing and a curse. I'll stop taking it one day, certainly helped get my life on track tho. I needed it as a kid (got expelled etc etc and started working when I was 14) but mother didn't believe in it.

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They have different mechanisms of action, some prefer one over the other.

I react better to methylphenidate and have no side effects while others might do better on d-amphetamine. Talk to your psychiatrist about what's right for you!

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You should find a way to balance it with the gym although it's very hard as you need a high caloric intake as well as exercise when you're not on it.

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Anyone tried Wellbutrin? Apparently it inhibits the reactivation of dopamine in the frontal cortex, increasing focus and motivation without the torturous comedown of stims.

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>psychiatric drugs are not legal drugs

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a friend said it works without you realizing it works. it's super background noise

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But what if I'm an ADD chad who drink coffee
Am I some sort of half cherry

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ADD is a retired term, people refer to it as a subset/spectrum of ADHD

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But that's not ritalin

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I've ADD and depression.
Is it dangerous to pop a Ritalin once in a while to work on my exams??

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No. I have both too

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you mean *helps with motivation and focus if you have a neurological disorder that gets in the way of motivation and focus*, right?
Because it does fuck all for people who don't have ADD/ADHD

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it still gives you motivation and ultra focus even if you are normal, you just get less of the other benefits such as much enhanced cognition in other areas because you do not suffer from lack of dopamine stimulation at baseline

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Give me the unironic red pill that isn't filled with memes and irony or some jew shit

Is ADD real and do i have it?
If not, why is focusing so hard and do I just need to work harder at it?

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the ultimate red pill is that the best way to achieve success is to be able to achieve that same focus and achievement without the aid of any substances, and yes, this is possible for everybody.

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Focusing is hard because you're an ape who evolved to run around naked chucking spears at shit and picking berries. You're not made to stare at a computer and think all day, only a small amount of neurotic individuals genuinely gain pleasure from this, we call them Jews.

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So jews in your own words are people with an unfettered gift for shit like sitting around at a computer?

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jews are the big gay antagonist and may or may not actually be jewish, but we call them that as a code name

it's real in the sense that we don't have any idea how the brain actually works and ADD is just convenient nomenclature for the observed phenomena exhibiting the associated traits.

in other words, only you know if you have a problem. is your 'ADD' a side effect of your lifestyle, or do you have real underlying problems that need to be addressed? have you tried healthy living & positive thought exercises such as meditation? gotten your medical checkups and bloodwork done? do you trust your doctor to give you good advice/diagnoses, or do you even trust yourself to relay your issues to them in a way that they will understand that doesn't omit important details?

basically we don't fucking know and you're on your own no matter what happy-go-lucky bullshit people try to sell you about it.

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Christ I asked for redpills and I got them. Thanks Anon

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So what is the difference between ADHD and being a lazy shit? I can't get myself to study even refraining myself from games, anime and sleep the entire day before a test, like I can't sit for ten minutes before some word gets me thinking about something and when I realize I just spent an entire hour walking around the house thinking about random shit, that or I spend hours link surfing wikipedia (usually countries or history). I maybe get two or three productive hours right before the test.

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only you can answer that question.

i think that a lazy shit is someone who actively tries not to have to do things, and never puts effort forward even WHEN he's doing them.

someone with ADHD, then, might do a great job once they actually get on the task and start acting. but getting them to sit down and focus on something, especially as an act of their own volition, is very difficult.

only you can make the distinction for yourself, though.

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whenever i take this shit i end up reflecting over my entire life on the comedown, usually the negative parts

like how i treat people, my distance with my family etc. it makes me depressed as hell and makes me want to call my family up and tell them all i'm sorry and that i love them

but this spur to action disappears afterwards..
how do i avoid it initially? it ruins my day

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It is like all nootropics.

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I am on it. It really boosted my motivation for the first 2-3 weeks then the effects seemed to diminish. Only when I play around with doses do I get that effect again.

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i think he means it will not raise your iq, psychostimulants do not do much for the cog function of people with normal brains, they just increase focus and energy basically like meth would. in ADHD people it would remedy cognitive deficits that impair working memory and logical reasoning and does restore lost iq

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>.t enlightened fedora tipper

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I was literally exactly like you all throughout middle and high school. Everything changed when I took 200ug LSD. Now I'm getting easy straight As in college with minimal effort.

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yeah that's terrible don't do that. I take a small dose of ritalin and don't have comedowns.

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The fuck? Are you 7?

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Where do you get LSD?
Did you just take it once or ever since then?

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I've never (knowingly) consumed caffeine in my life. I've never drank coffee or tea. Does this mean if I started drinking coffee I'd get a massive cognitive boost?

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LSD won't make you into a genius after one trip, also you won't have any long lasting effects unless you know what you are doing. For most people its just cool visuals and thoughts for 10 hours and back to normal the next day.

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I thought the point of microdosing was to eliminate all the usual side effects of LSD and only heighten attentiveness and motivation?

>> No.10419458

Yeah it is. But the earlier post was talking about 200ug, which is over 10 times the amount of a regular microdose. (5-20 ug)

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I see. Never done any illegal drugs ever, so I had no idea. But I keep reading that microdosing LSD is supposed to be this kind of miracle drug for motivation, so I thought I'd ask.

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there are legal vendors that sell 1p-lsd which is a prodrug to lsd. canadian vendors include: rechem, lysergi, and chemlogix

>> No.10419583

Probably different in the republic of germanistan, where I live. Thanks for your answers.

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wtf you got long term changes from a single dose?
and here i am sitting after 5 trips with nothing gained, guess it affects everyone different

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I didn't have enough power to even talk, I was literally in my head

>> No.10420331

Literally not possible

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I can't believe it lasted 10 years
the next step is meth anon. Defended my thesis and graduated on that shit

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this is mom science

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ADHD is a set of symptoms. Being a lazy sack of shit is one of them, but you must meet several criteria for a diagnosis of ADHD. The causes of ADHD are multifactorial, such as lifestyle, childhood experiences, and genetic predisposition. It is similar to alcoholism in that you are not born with a bottle in your hand. You can fix it without meds, which are just a bandaid.

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go to the library to study

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Black coffee master race

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you attention span is fucked, try meditation to increase it

>> No.10423050

so how do you meditate?

can you describe in the simplest way possible?

>> No.10423057

>go straight to my homework and then study the whole day
Do people really do this? How?

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11, eleven, there are 11, eleven, 11, 11, 11, 11, 11.
Granules now, ........
Calling Brain gadget bent.

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>I took 200ug LSD. Now I'm getting easy straight As in college with minimal effort.
Help us Obiwan you're our only hope. Describe how you do, where, please details bro

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--> >>10423050
+ look on YT

>> No.10423515

Sit or lay down and breathe softly and deeply, try and let it be automatic rather than you conciously controlling the motions. Now close your eyes, and think nothing, move nothing, focus on nothing but the experience and feeling of your body and breath.

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tfw psychiatric provider and hand this stuff out like candy as long as they have a normal blood pressure and good ekg.

I usually always give extended release or try and recommend vyvanse - just to curb the abuse potential a bit.

Vyvanse really is the holy grail unless you’re some junkie who likes to snort stuff.

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I am going to beg my psychiatrist for concerta soon. Yes I actually like methylphenidate. I hope this works, I've been able to get her to give me other shit on request.

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>mfw i'm popping 2.5mg dexedrine pills before exams just to get myself to study and it still feels like doing it without stopping would make me go crazy
>mfw amphetamine monsters here are doing 60mg daily
do people that don't have a condition use big doses? how are you not insane? or am i just placebo-ing myself to think it has too strong of an effect

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>down-regulates your dopamine levels so you're extremely tired without it
pssh, nothing....personnel...kid.

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yeah i take methylphenidate, it's all i wanted.
just the regular version, was worth the $400 out of pocket for visits. i have terrible insurance

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I tried microdosing lsd and it didn't do a whole lot except make me feel high and happy. Maybe I took too much. I have some Ashwagandha coming through the mail pretty soon. Anyone have experience with it?

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Not from a Jedi

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Talking down on Placebo is very stupid. If a placebo can increase your IQ or objectively improve your performance in some way, it just means that your imagination is a powerful treatment on par with powerful drugs. A placebo making you more intelligent is arguably the best nootropic possible.

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You should try this, even better

>> No.10426394

Placebo is code for
>we don't know so it's magic.

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he's either lying or retarded bro. i've done lsd every 2 weeks for a year and the only thing i can say i got from it was an alternate perspective and forced remembering of things that happened in my life (5ht2a increases memory recall)

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It's fine, actually what I do with Amphetamines - and yeah, have ADD and depression.

>> No.10427173

med student here. i take this on the DL and not like a retard. i go to nyu med and got a 39 on the mcat. ask me how to maximize your productivity on it, because otherrwise you dumbasses are going to just build up your tolerance and rely on it too heavily and end up being hyperactive brainlets.

>> No.10427390

Not sure why, but every time I try adderal, I get really aggressive and hyper. It's like it does the exact opposite of what it's supposed to.

>> No.10427429

How do you maximize your productivity on it? I have a methylphenidate script.

>> No.10427476

I used to love Addy except that I am extremely prone to addiction. I'd knock work out of the park, but be too tired to go out - so I'd pop another before hitting the bar. Never did more than 60mg a day before i ramped my dosage up way too quickly.

Now I do caffeine + phenylpiracetam + l-theanine and it gives me adderall like effects without the euphoria. Much better for me who doesn't want to compusively redose.

>> No.10427491 [DELETED] 

about to run dry. this is gonna suck.

it's ridiculously over-regulated and over-priced. anyone who can read could synthesize several POUNDS of the stuff in a few days for less than the cost of a single month's supply (about a gram) from the pharmacy, if it were legal to do so.

>> No.10427494

about to run dry. this is gonna suck.

it's ridiculously over-regulated and over-priced. anyone who can read could synthesize several POUNDS of the stuff in a few days for less than the cost of a single month's supply (about a gram) from the pharmacy, if it was legal to do so.

>> No.10427500

how about that free market capitalism, right? maybe socialized medicine wouldn't be so appealing if pharmaceutical companies weren't allowed to rape you up the ass charging $400.00+ for a few weeks supply of a substance whose patent expired decades ago and should by all rights cost around $0.50.

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i created an excel spreadsheet where you input when you take it and the half-life to see when it reaches peak plasma concentration and how much is left in your system at whatever time.

take it on an empty stomach.

take another according to the time spreadsheet i referred to above to maintain peak plasma concentration.

when you sleep, take L-tyrosine as it is a building block for the NT's that are artificially kept in the synaptic cleft otherwise you'll crash/have a come-down.

when you take it, start off by doing some mental math or whatever - don't watch movies or videos or fuck around. start working as if you didn't even have the adderall or ritalin in your case.

it'll slide in and you'll feel it, now is your time to use it. don't waste any time you have under the influence of this drug because you want to minimize tolerance as much as possible.

i personally start a stopwatch and study, and i pause it if it take a break, but i usually don't.

i only take 40mg adderall and study 12 hours a day. it's a rule, i must study >50% of the day.

it's the closest thing to NZT aka the limitless pill if you use it right. but remember there is no biological free lunch. so everytime you take it, you better have a singular task to work on to completion.

don't use it to organize shit or clean your room that's a fucking waste.

i save my usage for when i have finals and have to get an enormous amount of work done, and when taking exams.

ask more if you'd like. i've mastered the art of studying which you pretty much have to if you're in med school, but i'm planning on applying to a residency that only takes 2 people so i'm hardcore.

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Nice ideas, I'm a premed myself.

>> No.10427543

i dont know if its the right thing to tell you guys that you don't need adderall to be successful, you guys clearly lack the mental infrastructure needed to tackle the issue of studying and classes, and adderall temporarily gives you that, but it does a lot of negatives that are very harmful and all im saying is you guys can get adderall results (not the weird amphetamine mental twitchiness) from just sorting out your brain

>> No.10427547

what major? what year? hows the gpa? mcat?

i took the hard route and double majored in biochem and physics. gpa suffered, it was a 3.5. but i aced the mcat and had a research pub so it worked out for me.

feel free to ask for advice. dont' talk to other premeds they're neurotic and have stupid ideas. i didnt' even listen to my preprofessional advisor. they're all brainlets.

>> No.10427554

>crash after 6-8hrs
pick one.

>> No.10427556

whatever you do, don't start fapping on adderall

>> No.10427613

60mg of adderall is not a big dose at all. It's just two pills, all at once might make you a bit jittery but within several hours and you'll barely feel it.

>> No.10427623

Anyone know what GPs are inclined to prescribe adderall for? I've got crohns and it's destroying my life with exhaustion, i gave up exercise years ago when i couldn't sustain a weight over 70kg but now im taking days off work all the time as i am just too dead to move. Tbh I don't care if it's not great for you, im dying with the illness anyway and I'd at least like to have a job whilst im young.

>> No.10427646

Are you not eating and/or drinking enough water? I've never crashed.

>> No.10427667

medfag here, same guy who posted this: >>10427516

60mg is too high. You have to avoid tolerance by any means possible. I've been taking adderall for 8 years, and 40mg is all I need.

listen to my damn post you brainlet.

this is true. don't do this. you'll be impotent but still intent on finding that specific video and typing with your left hand for 4 hours.

read my post

>> No.10427669

>Are you not eating and/or drinking enough water? I've never crashed.

if you've never experienced a rebound then you probably don't need it in the first place. some people have a low baseline, and it sucks when you return to it.

>> No.10427670

ADHD that's it. they get wise about it in NYC where i live. you gotta be very smart about it. since i know exactly how it works, i know exactly what they want to hear to get it prescribed. you can't just walk in with "i can't concentrate" a buddy of mine tried that and the GP was like "try staring at a candle"...

look at the symptoms for ADHD and be able to craft a believable story.

my gf couldn't do this but was able to get a full ADHD test done, which is done by a psychiatrist.

or you can always try the deep web.

>> No.10427677 [DELETED] 

>or you can always try the deep web.

yeah that's just what a struggling student needs, a drug charge.

>> No.10427690


it may be contraindicated since it will reduce your appetite. sorry man, i feel bad for you, but if you go in there looking thin as a rail you probably won't walk out with an amphetamine script.

>> No.10427727

Presuming you take a normal dose and don't pop a bunch of pills at once:

If you don't have ADD, taking adderall is going to make you tweak out your mind and you'll go crazy doing random shit cuz you fixate on things; you think of something interesting and your mind obsesses over it. It's like having a song stuck in your head, except the song is some random-ass task or topic and you feel compelled to come back to it and keep adding to what you've done. As well, you're unable to sleep because you're so wired; your thoughts race and there's just some "wakefulness" that prevents you from sleeping.

If you have ADD, taking adderall is the greatest feeling in the world. It's like a weight off your shoulders. You no longer feel this PRESSURE to be DOING SOMETHING all the fucking time. You can just sit down and appreciate the world. You can "focus" on boring things like homework because you no longer feel an immense pressure to find something more fun to do.

Half a dose of adderall actually helps me sleep. Normally if I lie down I get bored after 15 minutes and get back up, I feel restless. With some adderall the restlessness is gone, I can just lay in bed until I fall asleep.

If adderall didnt help, and you got better by yourself then you were just lazy. When you have ADD, you try to do boring stuff like homework and chores but it's just too fucking painful. I would literally rather break my hand with a ball-peen hammer than spend a day doing chores.

SSRI's can help with ADD-type symptoms because serotonin increases your self-control, up to a point. Serotonin kind of blunts your emotions, but most people are overly emotional; that's why it helps people with anxiety, if you have low serotonin anxiety feels like a sharp knife stabbing you in the chest. When you have high serotonin, anxiety feels like someone poking you in the chest with their finger.

>> No.10427732

Methamphetamine is neurotoxic, Amphetamine is not..... you'll get brain damage from meth.

>> No.10427740


i really want to ask for it but i'm sure my doc wouldn't prescribe it. i'd try anything at this point, potential toxicity be damned.

>> No.10427830

Stay mad faggot.

>> No.10427853

Maybe you don't have AD(H)D? Have you thought of that option, faggot?

Never really affected me, except that caffeine used to give me the shits and occasionally shaky hands and a high heart rate.
What's that third thin though?

Is L-Tyrosine just supposed to be available as an OTC supplement?
Also, a few threads ago, some anon said that vitamin C is supposed to help with the oxidative stress, even though amphetamine salts haven't been proven to be really carcinogenic or just even mutanogenic (unlike methamphetamine or MDMA).

Probably true for most people, I've heard that especially in the States drug abuse is somewhat common among undergraduate students, so I get your point, but some of us have actually properly been diagnosed with AD(H)D (I for example went to many different doctors just because I couldn't believe the diagnosis at all), and these medications make a HUGE difference for us.

Lol, I'm immune to that, have had inorgasmia for over three quarters of a decade.
It sucks though.

Exactly as
Said, one of the conditions the psychiatrist had when she gave me the script was regular weight monitoring (which has basically been stuck in the same place for about three years now), and yearly blood tests to make sure everything is OK (no liver/kidney/heart or general muscle damage).

Quite an exact description.

>Amphetamine is not
How accurate is that? Because I've been worrying a bit lately about if it could be.

>> No.10427890

60mg is a commonly prescribed dose. Look up your own bnf dunce.

>> No.10427895

lmao bro just quit thinking
once done efficiency runs up 10%
dopamine flushed

>> No.10427952

That's good to know about the other advisors or premeds, I can already see that in my advisors. It's sort of a catch-22. Why be an advisor...

Damn, double major. I wanted to do Advanced Biochemistry but instead am opting for the easier route of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I also considered just Biochemistry which is mostly the same.

I'm a first year non-traditional student with a 4.0 so far. I butchered my first two semesters two years ago and dropped out and have been retaking those classes.

Maybe med students are more credible, lmao. I have two cousins in med-school and they give okay advice but one of them is dumb, the other doesn't read my messages lool.

>> No.10427965

Adderall only works if you're already fucked up. It's not for just random people to take.

>> No.10427992

Take it from someone who works in pharma: TANSTAAFL. You will be fucked in middle age.

>> No.10428019

>My dad works for Sandoz guys i swer
All the information is right there in the literature, you made such a generalized comment that there's nothing to attack.


>> No.10428042

yeah in sure its perfectly safe

>> No.10428049

>in sure
Yeah dude, what is perfectly safe? What isn't safe? You can't generalize every treatment of ADHD.

>> No.10428053

shut the fuck up you stupid nigger

>> No.10428168

Care to share the .xls or .xlsx file?

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I'm just going to leave this here, it was a post I made on Valentines day addressing the mental state of the union.

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Daddy chill, I'm pre-med.

>> No.10428217

You going to become a GP?

>> No.10428235
File: 18 KB, 294x227, pipe-dream.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to do Neuro Surgery. My true passion is developing therapies for various diseases, but I'll need some funding. I'm actually a Junior in Nursing School right now, roast me /sci/

> inb4 Nursing is not a good premed major
> it literally only needs Orgo, Phys and Calc to be the perfect Premed

>> No.10428241

t. A man who was chemically babysat since kindergarden

>> No.10428260

Nursing is not a good premed major

>> No.10428261
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>resulting to an ad hominem attack

>> No.10428264

Interested as well.

>> No.10428265

Don't you know? Med schools want intellectual diversity. The last thing they want to see is bio or nursing major #50000. Also, there is the looming question of "why major in nursing if you don't want to be a nurse" looming in the minds of adcoms. (I'm not a sure about the latter though)

>> No.10428270

That is just "I acquiesce" in 4chanese

>> No.10428317
File: 253 KB, 800x450, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Do you work for medschool admissions? Have you gone to med? Because I'd like to think they'll accept the most viable candidates... You know, those who are familiar with /med/ and have worked in hospitals? Also, I'll be able to afford school as an added bonus.

I would have loved to gone bio, not be guaranteed admittance into a program, and not be guaranteed a job upon graduating either of my degree paths... But I went with the sure thing.

>> No.10428339

A rebound isn't a crash. I thought he meant that he felt physically off. Like a headache or fatigue.

>> No.10428351

Nursing is for cucks though.

>> No.10428358

because doctors are assholes and probably wont want to work with a nurse

>> No.10428375

Phenylpiracetam is the shit russian cosmonauts used to stay focused on missions. Its prescription in Europe but available as a supplement in the US.

Combined with caffeine and l-theanine, it gives me adderall like focus, but I don't feel high. Modafinil, though not a euphoric high, still had a strong 'feeling' on me, like I felt somewhat robotic.

The racetam class of drugs, combined with caffeine, has been my go to over pretty much any other stimulant.

>> No.10428376

>doctors won't want to work with a nurse
I'm agreeing with you but this is a retarded statement

>> No.10428380

How do I get phenylpiracetam at not outrageous prices? Methylphenidate is literally cheaper.

>> No.10428402

>Amphetamine is not neurotoxic

Lol wtf this is just plain wrong. Amphetamine has the exact same action as methamphetamine. Only difference is meth crosses the blood-brain barrier more efficiently and therefore the likelihood of toxicity is higher (because the likelihood of dosing higher is greater). Moreover, people do not usually take meth orally - snorting/vaping leads to higher dosage. Consumed orally and at a small dosage, meth is no more toxic than amphetamine (which is to say, the they are both dangerous).

You can certainly replicate the neurotoxicity of meth with amphetamine (speed/Adderall) using a recreational dosage (80mg+ of Addy) or using Addy with high frequency (try not to take on the weekends).

>> No.10428408

How does a nursing degree allows you graduate with no debt? Are you going to work before applying?

>> No.10428410


U better snort cocaine and not suckin on adderall slow release, methylphenidate(with ethanol turns to ethylphenidate which is more potent and the come down is more brutal) acts the same as cocaine (inhibit doapmine receptors in the cns).

>> No.10428425
File: 202 KB, 3616x1656, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Yes, the BSN program I'm in costs about $25k which is manageable for me right now. Job placement and NCLEX pass rate after graduation are close to 99%. I'll be jumping to $70k+ a year after that working only 3 days a week, which will then make medschool manageable. Not to mention I'll get tons of experience along the way. I don't understand why people are so against this... Like I said, it's the best premed despite not requiring Orgo, Physics, or Calculus to graduate but those are easily obtained.

>> No.10428427

Nurses make 70k working 3 days a week?

>> No.10428428


>> No.10428436

They're 12-hour shifts, but yeah essentially.

>> No.10428441

You idiot, when did I state that it was not a common dose? You think I don't know this in medical school? Hell, I knew it as a freshman in college.

If you didn't erode away your neuronal receptors you'd comprehend what I was saying. Let me repeat it for your dumb ass.

You do not need to take 60mg or any higher if you follow my instructions here: >>10427516

I get 60mg po qd x 30days. Do I take 60mg po qd? Fuck no. I'm not a fucking idiot. I know how the brain works.

>Is L-Tyrosine just supposed to be available as an OTC supplement?
yeah, you can get it off amazon. There's another but I forget the name. L-Dopa maybe, not sure. I'll check later, but L-Tyrosine definitely as it's what most of the NT's are made of.

Take it before bed, get rest, and take a few days off the adderall to let your brain produce more without excitoxiciity.

truthfully, i found molecular cell biology to be harder than any of my quantum classes. I also fucked the TA the summer before (didn't know she even went to my school, we met on tinder), so she didn't help me at all during the recitatioins and didn't respond to emails so i had to withdraw.

I'm much more comfortable with math and physical sciences.

not sure what you mean by non-trad. What is your undergrad GPA? is it just the 4.0, or does it include the previous classes. Either way, it doesn't matter, they love upward trends and a story of how you got your shit together. Study hard. If your GPA is falling, don't be a hero. Take easier classes, there's no shame in that. friends of mine who majored in psych and humanities are already fucking surgeons and shit. i had to be flashy with my research and double major which i saw as triple major cause it's BIO-CHEM-PHYSICS. but that D in ODE didn't help, and i had four W's.


>> No.10428444

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists earn an average of $133,000 per year

>> No.10428470


had no choice but to kill the MCAT. it was the hardest test i ever took. i mean i got a perfect score on the SAT when i was 15. but the mcat, i mean it isn't hard to get an average score. but i scored 100th percentile. i can go into that but that's a whole other thing. i had a very specific method.

>Adderall only works if you're already fucked up. It's not for just random people to take.

no, adderall is what you take if you want to go from an A- to an A. IF you use it correctly. It's what you take if you want to go from a 99th percentile to 100th percentile.

I got interviews at every school I applied to despite having a 3.5 GPA because I had the highest MCAT score in the country.

adderall is wasted on brainlets. but to the right person who uses it for that extra push after already putting in above average effort, it will make you extraordinary.

i'll try to look for it. this was years ago. just look up the half life and open up excel, man. if you can't figure that out, don't bother.

he's right. some schools require psych/socio/stats /biochem too though. but yeah, you don't have to be like me taking fucking 4 quantum classes and diff eq and all that.

major doesn't make a single difference. that's fucking premed 101. stop posting.

don't listen to him. his logic would mean majoring in african studies is a better major for premed. it means nothing. they care about gpa and mcat.

crash/comedown and general feelings of depression. i'm in rotations now and see this a lot with college students. all the other attendings are so oblivious, but i know cause i did the same shit. adderall is incredibly dangerous for mental health. that's why you have to use it carefully like i wrote above.

i used every nootropic, and took detailed notes on them. unfortunately, ocmpared to adderall, i didn't feel shit.

don't do modafinil. it's shit-tier and bad for yoatleast racetams cont

>> No.10428482

at least racetams aren't terrible for you. i think, this was years ago btw like 4-5 years ago, i took noopept. oxiracetam. bacopa monnieri. a bunch of omega 3 (make sure the right amounts of EPA and DHA - look up lovaza, mimic that), huperzine, fuck a bunch of others. theyr'e easy to find online. l-theanine too. yerba mate. i tried em all.

scholar.google.com will help you, do your research.

ya that guys an idiot. don't respond to him.


>> No.10428492
File: 253 KB, 3204x680, Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 7.34.15 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ok it's attached to a lot of other impoprtant shitso im just gonna provide some screenshots but it's really not difficult to do this yourself it's basic basic excel.

these were the nootropics and other vitamins.

>> No.10428494
File: 255 KB, 1362x1114, Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 7.34.31 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and the addies

>> No.10428505
File: 123 KB, 1089x671, web_Affirmitive-Action-WSJ-letter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's some of what I've taken to complete my Nurs Prerequisites

> Psych 101
> Human Growth/Develop (Psych)
> Gen Chem +L
> Biochem
> Gen Bio +L
> Anatomy & Physiology I & II +L's
> Microbiology
> Pathophysiology
> Nutrition
> Sociology
> Ethics
> Stats
> Precalc

Plus some Eng/Lit/Art/etc. to get my AA.

Graduated Magna Cum Laude, will be Summa Cum upon getting my BSN. If med won't take me and I get affirmative action cucked by some Black Lesbian Dance major, then I'll be happy to work as a Nurse the rest of my life nbd.

>> No.10428513

hey buddy, at least you're not asian like me.

lemme take a look:
okay, it may just be me being up after a 16 hour shift but i don't see calculus, organic chem, or physics there.

those are required. unless things changed since i applied (applied 2015).

>> No.10428530

>Is L-Tyrosine just supposed to be available as an OTC supplement?
>Also, a few threads ago, some anon said that vitamin C is supposed to help with the o
ah, i remember:

tyrosine, tryptophan, phenylalanine. theyr'e the precursors of serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine. i think i only used tyrosine and phenylalanine though. mostly tyrosine really.

>> No.10428533
File: 384 KB, 1750x2500, 913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can I get that MCAT tips good sir?

> those are required
Yeah I said that earlier >>10428425 >>10428235

I'll get it done okay? :( I may be white but I've faced my share of adversity. I just escaped the [real] ghetto in December... Finally made it out of Florida and into a great program, I'm 24 currently. A bit late but I made it boys.

>> No.10428566

lol, the difference isn't that wide. asians just need 1.5x the scores/gpa. but we have higher IQ's on average, and our parents beat us if we don't succeed. also, my doctor whom i trust the most is hispanic. but he isn't world-renowned. i worked for two world-renowned docs (not giving any names) and one was chinese the other was a jew. lots of jewish docs.

>Can I get that MCAT tips good sir?
too much to type out here. i tutor mcat though. when are you taking it?

i remember going through the SDN threads (don't stick around on that forum, it's more cancerous than /pol/ and /b/ combined) and made a spreadsheet of those who scored 100th percentile or 99th percentile.

they studied cumulatively between 700-1500 hours total.
i clocked in at around 600.

in terms of material:
1. all AAMC material. do all of it. all the section banks, everything.
2. nextstep
3. altius

in that order. well i mean, aamc is best, nextstep is next best, etc.

i also used anki EXTENSIVELY. it's funny how few people know how to use anki or even heard of it. it's like $25 on the iphone so that's funny too. but i made my own cards as i studied. wrote shit out in LaTeX too.

i'd use a three monitor setup and have TBR books up (best for content review), google image search (fastest way imo to get information), and other sources.

so when i'd write my notes, i'd have the RIGHT info from all sources in my own books. i used moleskines. drew shit out used colored pencils, but that's not really necessary. i was just driven.

try to think interdisciplinarily. it's not a word but you know what i mean. it helped coming from a biochem and physics background because i knew everything from every angle. there's no calculator so get good at calculating things quickly. if you see 700nm you should know it's 7e-7m. instantly.

verbal is kinda a bitch for most. i tutored shit like the sat since i was 15 though so i read incredibly fast. that's hard to learn if you're in a rush tho

>> No.10428589
File: 258 KB, 1026x1452, Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 8.07.27 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and just because i'm feeling generous, i'll throw in a little bit of my lesson on what i call 'number sense'. i get paid $300/hr. to tutor mcat, so this stuff is special. my students often finish each section 15m early, after which they check over everything and double and triple check. while others are still doing the math calculations.

>> No.10428599

Thanks Anon, this is good inspiration. I have a few years before I take the MCAT, I'm going to practice as a nurse in Costa Rica / China / India for a few years to become tri-lingual and pickup some experience/$$$ first. I'll probably apply for med somewhere in my late 20s. Should be practicing by 33, that's not too late is it?

Saved, thanks again. I'll check it when I get off this stationary bike.

>> No.10428604

>I'm 24 currently. A bit late but I made it boys.
i believe that's the average age for med school. not that it matters, there's like 30 year olds in my class.

i'm the weird one. started college at 15, grad at 19, i'm 22 now in my third year.

>> No.10428613

>I have a few years before I take the MCAT
if you do this then get the TBR books. they're the best for content review. honestly, they're the best quality books period. it's overkill but goddamn they're quality.

>I get off this stationary bike.

good to see you're doing your cardio, that's good for dem endorphins and NT's.

you'll be fine man. just dont' give up. one of the world renowned docs i wroked for, the only one who wasnt' an asshole, took a decade off after undergrad to go to med school.

and he was the best one i worked for. the others had no break and so theyre in a state of arrested development. in their late 50s, unmarried, totally volatile personalities. multimillionaires, but no children. it's really depressing.

>> No.10428635

>Should be practicing by 33, that's not too late is it?
nah. truthfully, they like that. your plan sounds wonderful. you'll have a fuck ton of actual experience. and worldly knowledge. as well as being more natural with patients and bedside manner.

the doc i mentioned who took a decade off, he started med school at 32. he's the best doc i worked for. he spent his 20's partying and fucking bitches all over the place. he has kids now, a hot wife. most importantly he's happy.

he didn't start practicing till he was like 37 or 38. he's in his mid 40's, but he looks like he's 30. he also did some modeling.

don't worry it's not a race. premeds and med students have high rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide because it becomes their life. don't let it become your life.

i finished like a 16 hour shift, but i'm shitposting with you guys now isntead of commiserating with my colleagues because all they do is bitch and moan. they have no life.

i am going to go home, shower, take a nap, get up at midnight and go out.

this is another secret of mine. everyday i study/work for at least 12 hours, i go out. i don't drink much, 2-3 beers, but i go out and i try to get laid. if i don't study/work, i don't go out and i just sleep and rest.

remember my first post: >>10427516
there is no biological free lunch. no mental free lunch. no free lunch period.

you have to balance things.

if i went straight home after studying i'd kill myself. seriously. i go out for positive reinforcement. it's also mentally stimulating.

this is my first time on /sci/, but maybe i'll return. hopefully some of what i said helped.

my best friend applied three times and got into a school on his third. it's caribbean, but it's the same thing. my doctor that i see as a patient went to ross. it's all the same in the end.

good luck guys, don't worry we're all gonna make it.

>> No.10428641

But what about black coffee with glucose

>> No.10428646
File: 190 KB, 1632x1224, 0o8hxmvmx6611.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks man, honestly I was on the couch before this conversation so thanks again for the inspiration. My pen name is RJSJR, I'm writing a thesis/dissertation on the effects of silver nanoparticles on HIV-1 and another on the effects of b-boswellia on tumors. If we happen to cross paths one day let me buy you a Chipotle Burrito.

I should be a lot further than I am now, though again I faced a lot of adversity basically since birth. For example I was in a motorcycle accident in 2015 which set me back some, but hey... I got a great patient-perspective now that will give me an edge in the field. You stay focused too, friend. I wish you good luck. Going to go lift some and then get a beer with some old friends. Thanks again.

>> No.10428649

>Chipotle Burrito.
are you psychic? I just fucking started eating a chipotle burrito!

>> No.10428652
File: 102 KB, 1280x720, kaiji.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


god damn it, i want some adderall. fuck.

>> No.10428665

You could have it for pennies if you-know-whos weren't conspiring with regulators to keep it out of white men's hands.

>> No.10428669

Whites are OP as it is. I don't blame them.

>> No.10428670

>I should be a lot further than I am now,

i should be a lot less further than I am now. i'm fucking 22 and i'm dead scared that i'm going to kill a patient. i didn't have any break. didn't even have a good college experience because i was fucking UNDERAGE.

hell, i just started being allowed in bars last year.

so, don't feel like you're behind or anything. your experience, actual life experience, is what will carry you.

i'll stay focused too, but i'm more concerned about burn out. anyway, i'm bout to head home and get some drinks. cheers mate.

>> No.10428681

this, teens were a wild ride, good thing I have antidepressants now

>> No.10428717


oh i'd still pay top dollar if i knew where i could get some. the max dosage is way too weak. it can't wake me up all the way.

>> No.10428721

but the QTs at the pharmacy make me wait until i'm all out. bitches.

>> No.10428754


>> No.10428813
File: 235 KB, 182x200, boogie.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This may not be the right place to ask what you should major in. As you keenly observed, nobody here works for medschool adcoms. I have, however, seen medschool adcom members at the SDN repeat exactly what the other guy said, "why waste the resources of a school by taking someone else's nursing education if you don't wanna be a nursing major?" Bear in mind that, especially in schools with associated nursing schools and schools that are state-funded, committee members are bound to think of your career as resources.

Also, the science courses you take for your nursing degrees may not count as prerequisites for every school, and that depends on what school you're getting your nursing degree on and what schools you're applying to. Something I wouldn't want on my mind while I was trying to polish my application and make it competitive.

Lastly, yes, it's true medical schools like a variety of majors. No, it does not mean a biology, biochemistry, or other STEM major will hurt you. Nor does it mean that a major in philosophy or in math will make up for a low GPA or a low MCAT. But, even if you get an amazing GPA and an amazing MCAT, you're one in a large and growing pool of undergrads applying who also did. The MCAT and GPA averages for almost every school in the top 50 increase yearly and, IIRC, the average MCAT for most top 20 schools is above the 95th percentile (I was in the 98th and I was average for my school's entering cohort last year.) They will also have checked their volunteering, shadowing, and research boxes, so whatever you go into you should be able to make something worth remembering, and, though it does not absolve you from having a solid science background that you can defend and use to prep for the MCAT, being a major in something more unusual adds to the things that you can make the interviewers and adcoms remember you by. Take it from a bio+anthro double major who spoke twice as much about anthropology than about biology in interviews.

>> No.10428835

you're a retard anon

>> No.10428841

>there is no biological free lunch. no mental free lunch. no free lunch period.
confirmed asian my nigga, no other culture uses this shitty analogy

>> No.10428880

Yeah ashwagandha is good, some people need to take it for a couple months before it starts to lower cortisol, in the short term it does give a mild anti anxiety effect, more potent acute affects than gabapentin, less than half a beer. For a couple days when you start it or increase your dose it might make you a little restless.
The quality varies wildly so try to get a patented dose like KSM66

>> No.10428979

Tell us your mcat study plan plz. This is very cool stuff.

>> No.10428997

Just dropping some key words so I can find this thread on the archives later: nootropic nootropics pre med review good shit.
To the anon in this thread: drop by later so we can see how you've come along. (but don't forget to post a link to the wasoru archive of this thread if you ever done come back) I'll probably still be here.
One last question: did you mostly do adderall when studying for the mcat or were you taking other nootrolics? I know certain ones help with short/long term memory.

>> No.10429030

How long before the mcat test date should I begin studying? I know consistency>intensity but I'd there a point at which it takes off?

>> No.10429075
File: 68 KB, 1058x487, Wkql[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And if you look at the acceptance rates for each of the AAMC's arbitrarily chosen categories:

-Biological sciences majors have 40.3% acceptance rate
-Humanities majors have 47.1% (slightly higher MCAT and slightly lower GPA in matriculant pool) - these are the bulk of students applying to medical school so I'll use it as reference

-Math and stats have 47.5% (higher GPAs and higher MCATs too)

-Physical sciences have a 46.1% acceptance rate with higher MCAT+GPA in applicant pool and higher MCAT in matriculant pool

-Social sciences have about 41.0% acceptance rate with equivalent MCATs and lower GPAs in both applicant and matriculant pools

-Specialized health sciences (that includes NURSING per AAMC definition) have 36.2% and both lower MCAT and lower GPAs in applicant and matriculant pools - these are the lowest in numerical scores in the cohorts, which probably factors into the lower acceptance rates

Bottom line: These are subtle differences in majors, and being part of one such major doesn't mean you'll necessarily have the same GPA as the average applicant in that major, but, assuming you're not averse to that, say, math or humanities major, it may be just as good at preparing you and yield you a higher chance of being in the accepted pool.

I believe most prep courses start ~4-6 months before target test dates, unless you get into an intensive course which can take maybe like a month or two and some people do over their winter breaks. Both engender high scores, but a longer one might be the safer choice unless you're killing the practice tests or have a stellar GPA and are not afraid to go in the fast lane.

>> No.10429077

>these are the bulk of students applying to medical school so I'll use it as reference
Correction, I was referring to biological sciences and not humanities majors

>> No.10429088

Huh, does this mean that doing a specialized health major puts you at an advantage or are the lower stats due to experienced nurses applying?

>> No.10429112

It's hard to tell.

They get in with GPAs .02 points lower and MCATs 1.3 points lower than their biological sciences counterparts, but for all we know there could be an equivalent percentage of accepted bio majors at that GPA and MCAT level, after all these are only averages (I think we could estimate it with the SD but that's too much work for a Friday night). If that's not the case, then maybe indeed they get in with lower scores because of greater clinical experience. But that might also mean more years before you apply.

If there is a difference in acceptance for a given GPA and MCAT it's probably not big enough to push anyone into a major they're going to be miserable at, be it bio or otherwise. Except humanities, if you're into the humanities they seem to be doing almost as well as math/stats majors in the acceptance game with lower MCATs and GPAs.

The spookier question might be whether, if you choose a specialized health sciences major you're more likely to have a lower GPA and MCAT score than if you'd chosen something else or whether it's just self-selecting groups, but that one is hard to prove.

>> No.10429121

No. Adderall will never make you smarter or better at things. It will give you motivation and focus to be able to get to that point though, only when you are on the drug.

>> No.10429133

Isn't working out on stimulates is dangerous for your heart? I used to play basketball on adderall until I realized my heart was working like crazy to keep me going. Then I was especially tired afterwards, like collapsing when I got home.

>> No.10429151

>The spookier question might be whether, if you choose a specialized health sciences major you're more likely to have a lower GPA and MCAT score than if you'd chosen something else or whether it's just self-selecting groups, but that one is hard to prove.
Such is the tyranny of averages to one who is (in any way) an outlier.

>> No.10429155

Thoughts on Kaplan for most review?

>> No.10429175
File: 41 KB, 743x194, qlr5[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I used Kaplan and got a 520. But it seems at similar price ranges Princeton and Next Step are the better choices from what people I know used, and people who used Altius (which is VERY expensive) seem to be very well represented in the top percentiles. If this is not out of your budget, I'd suggest you go for it. If so, Next Step or maybe Princeton will be the better call.

But a lot of it is likely to come down to what type of course you buy within said company and how much time you spend at it.

>> No.10429258

And Barron's is a meme right?
Just to be clear I'm talking about books.

>> No.10429318

just dropping some key words so i can find this later dont mind me

niggers pol gas the kikes st.jerome ass fuck

>> No.10429344

is it true pic related only helps people who need it?
as in, if i take it and do not see positive benefits i am smart

>> No.10429464

You'll get too many results

>> No.10429478

i meant you have to wait until its pretty much over to work out so you only have a small window of gym time

>> No.10429500

>tfw don't have rich daddy to buy my Atlius, get me into Harvard, and buy me a private tutor.

>> No.10429666

ITT People without ADD talk about not being able to focus on useful shit after taking god damn speed
No shit you retards it's not magic

>> No.10429949

> 36.2%

Are yu challenging me?

>> No.10429952


>> No.10430783
File: 218 KB, 1280x1084, 1538995462598.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is microdosing amphetamines for dopamine sensitization bullshit? I tried it before and thought it was working but I am wondering if that was just a placebo effect.

>> No.10430787

it does work but you'll soon regret it. ignoring the primate study i actually asked a lot of people on reddit if they did it or not and if they enjoyed it. literally everyone who went through with it regretted it. one of their regrets was the lack of sleep and other associated negatives

>> No.10430833

Another retarded question, I don't pretend to know anything about neuroscience but couldn't it cause psychosis? (Ignoring psychosis caused by sleep deprivation)

>> No.10430869

>Is microdosing amphetamines for dopamine sensitization bullshit?

probably. it varies, but imo the ideal dosage for amphetamine and MPH is probably the "max" daily dose of around 60mg plus or minus 50%. too low a dose just doesn't get you over the threshold where you want to do things and concentrate, but going over 100mg seems to give me diminishing returns as far as productivity and memory enhancement.

so doctors seem to have figured out the sweet spot, but for a full grown adult male, the max dose is a little low. wish they'd prescribe a bit more.

>> No.10430884

>Isn't working out on stimulates is dangerous for your heart?

kind of a waste of stimulants if you're just using them to work out. but i take them daily for studying and do exercise.

just take it easy if you're feeling over-stimulated and keep an eye on your blood pressure. stay cool so you don't overheat. i would usually try to go exercise earlier or later in the day if it was hot out. the few times i chugged along through blistering heat i felt fuzzy afterwards and had to take a cold shower.

>> No.10430892

yes if you continue it enough it does make you quite literally schizophrenic. specifically catatonic schizophrenia too which may be permanent

>> No.10431028


>> No.10431159


>> No.10431208
File: 40 KB, 551x402, Screenshot_20190302-195245_Clover.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What a faggot.

>pic related

>> No.10431415

I am asian, but south asian. But I got that quote from whiteboi Tim Ferriss, whom I have met and spoken to.

I'm the med student who has written about adderall. now that I have gotten sleep, I can give you a real explanation as to how it works:


The more you take adderall, thereby introducing an exogenous source of neurotransmitters (by blocking re-uptake), you will have receptors die off because they simply aren’t needed.

When I am 23, I'll have finished medical school, and I would prescribe adderall like this:

>I’d prescribe it for particular ‘bursts’ for particular times for my patients depending on who they are as individuals.
>I’d have no problem prescribing like 5–10mg IR pills for someone to use prn (as needed), but I’m also aware that this isn’t really how prescribing medications work as far as insurance is concerned (I’d have to diagnose them with ADHD and go through some bullshit bureaucracy probably involving prior authorization).
>I digress, but yes, I’d say it’d improve your IQ by like 10 points probably. It is a powerful stimulant and unlike other stimulants (coffee, modafinil, cocaine) it does make you generally smarter (sharper and quicker) - enough to improve your score on any exam or test really.
>I find for me personally, I would take an anxiolytic (like klonopin) with any stimulant, as that allows me to have the advantages of the stimulant without the jitters or anxiousness.

>> No.10431468
File: 31 KB, 204x704, Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 2.35.32 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It does make you smarter if you know how it works. I have the privilege of working at a top research institution so that allows me to have the WAIS-IV given to me whenever I want. When I took it after 24 hours of no sleep, I got a 145IQ. With sleep, 155. With adderall, 160.

This is because it enhances your working memory, reaction time, and other neurophysiological effects that enable you to do well in tasks involving working memory (arithmetic portion), etc.

Yes, it causes tachycardia. I wear this fitbit-like instrument on my chest, forgot the name, that is 99.4% accurate to an EKG. I calibrate it because I can get EKG's whenever I want. So I am always aware of those effects. A doctor is unethical unless he orders a drug test and an EKG before prescribing adderall. I would require those to my patients when I graduate.

Either way, yes it is dangerous and I do not recommend working out on stimulants.

This is not true. pic related.

garbage, stay away from it. look at my post: >>10428566

>the max dosage is way too weak. it can't wake me up all the way.
this is how the brain works, bro. sorry to say, but you need to stay off stims for at least 6 months. Maybe longer.

i did in a post up there somewhere. honestly, if you want i could skype tutor you. i charge $300/hr., but i've been on 4chan since I was 15 and still go on it so I'll help you out for far less.

>did you mostly do adderall when studying for the mcat or were you taking other nootrolics? I know certain ones help with short/long term memory.
I did all the nootropics in that excel screenshot i took. It's just that adderall is exponentially more effective and powerful that I didn't notice any effects from the nootropics. Yes, I did adderall while studying and during the test. I would take immediate release.

Depends on how close you know the material.

>> No.10431474

>this is how the brain works, bro. sorry to say, but you need to stay off stims for at least 6 months. Maybe longer.

can't afford to. wish i could, but i just don't feel like doing anything without them. my body and mind feel very heavy. it was always like that until i started taking them.

>> No.10431481

>what are image editing programs

>> No.10431483

>Altius (which is VERY expensive)
It isn't. you're looking at tutoring. The material itself isn't too expensive. Besides you can always screenshot it after buying it and refund it.

I tutor on a sliding scale, we can do skype sessions if you are interested.

no. it's good. don't take too much. less is better.

no. my focus is neuro-psych. i published on neural circuits, particularly dopamine, neuron ensembles, anhedonia, addiction and mood disorders.

it doesn't cause psychosis.

stims + working out = bad.

no. if you are not genetically predisposed to schizophrenia, you can't get it.

>> No.10431490

alright, just stay off addies and that shit. coffee, tea, etc will work.

if you absolutely must use the addies, microdose it.

i take 40mg MAX. on days where i have minor activities to do, i cut it into 5mg.

>> No.10431494

If i ever end up at hospital i can only pray that i get a doctor like you, godspeed Medbro

>> No.10431497

Just read through all the posts, really appreciated especially as I am looking to go into medicine too, although in Austria where the entrance exam is a little bit different.

>> No.10431499

thank you, that honestly means a lot to me.

i go to nyu med, and don't know where i'll be doing a residency. my dream residency only accepts two people: https://med.nyu.edu/psych/education/residency-program/neurology-psychiatry-combined-training-program

but i hope to make a difference. i really do care for my patients.

>> No.10431509
File: 363 KB, 2044x1480, Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 2.31.28 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck posted wrong pic:

>> No.10431510

martin shkreli is pharmabro
anon 4chan genius with 160IQ is medbro

I like it

>> No.10431513

You seem incredibly intelligent and caring i'm sure they will see that.
I currently do Investment Banking in London and if i ever get an NY position and have a mental breakdown (most likely) i hope to see a fellow anon like yourself in the psych ward

>> No.10431514

Is there a difference between adderall and ritalin?

>> No.10431519

You get one blotter tab and cut it. Modern doses are much smaller than in the 1960s, usually between 100-200 micrograms. You slice the tab into sections, so if it's a 100 microgram tab, for example, and you get 4 equal sections, it's 25 micrograms each. You can split those sections in half so they're 12.5 micrograms, etc.

Nobody's dealing with LSD crystal or even aqueous solutions who are microdosers. It's even easier than mushrooms, where you'd have to break of pieces of mushrooms and weigh them with a mg scale and/or crush them and put them into capsules. Probably easier to just buy a good sized amount of 4-aco-DMT and a digital scale online, for convenience, given that it's quasi-legal, easier to weigh out, easily purchasable, and essentially identical to mushrooms (prodrug of psilocin)

>> No.10431526

Is amphetamine hepatitoxic

>> No.10431532


i know what works for me and what doesn't. appreciate the advice but microdosing isn't going to get my mind up and running.

>> No.10431540

> i used moleskines. drew shit out used colored pencils

Are you with Moleskines refering to a Notebook or smart pen or some other product of the company?

>> No.10431541

Read "Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind" by Shunryu Suzuki. It's a really short, light, easy read but a really good introduction to meditation/mindfulness

>> No.10431542


you can cringe all you like, but price gouging is price gouging. the patent has long since expired and it's not hard to make. $400.00 is unreasonable. even generics are pricey.

>> No.10431548

thank you anon. i'm asian though. so i highly doubt i'll get in. but i'm trying.

yes. one is mixed amphetamine salts, the other is methylphenidate. things work differently for different people. there's even one with just the L enantiomer for adderall called ... name escapes me. but that's so dummies dont' try to snort it.

in my experience, nothing comes close to addies.

everything is, really. but not too bad. it isn't like anadrol. just try not to take too much. maybe throw in some milk thistle lol.

i'd be more concerned about neurotoxicity and tolerance.

what dosage do you take? and how often do you take it?

>> No.10431549

since the overall theme of this thread seemes to be 'life optimization' I might as well ask what other things you do for optimal performance (e.g. regarding sleep)

>> No.10431552

what does the shkeli have to do with this

>> No.10431560

>"Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind"
funny you mention this. before i took my mcat i walked into my idol. his name is joshua waitzkin. from him i learned 'beginner's mind' and it is the way i both teach and learn.

i'll get that book right now, anon. but you are on the right track.

fall in love with and focus on the PROCESS not the result.

i'd recommend 'the art of learning' by waitzkin.

>> No.10431562

>how about that free market capitalism, right? maybe socialized medicine wouldn't be so appealing if insurance companies weren't allowed to rape you up the ass charging $400.00+ for a few visits to a psychiatrist who graduated med-school decades ago and should by all rights cost around $0.50.

>> No.10431583

I randomly inserted him in this conversation

>> No.10431590

You need 15-25% REM, 40-60% light sleep, 12-23% deep sleep.

My fitbit monitors this.

A sleep cycle lasts 1.5 hours.

You should be getting 5-6 sleep cycles, so 7.5-9 hours.

On average it takes 14 minutes to fall asleep.


I personally don't sleep as much as I should. But 6 hours getting enough sleep types (REM, etc.) is better than 12 hours and not getting them.

I warm up by doing mental math here: https://lizardpoint.com/math/

I smoke weed everyday, and have been for 7 years hahaha.

I lift and do cardio, HIIT and LISS.

I downloaded all of the TTC lectures (look em up on torrent sites) and listen to them when I go to bed. Nothing about science though. Mostly about history, civilizations, etc.

I tutor, which probably gives me the biggest edge. It was funny tutoring MCAT topics while prepping for the MCAT.

Hmm.. not sure what else. I used to meditate, but I don't as much anymore. I just try to reach flow states in everything I do.

>> No.10431598

>On average it takes 14 minutes to fall asleep.
It takes me more than 1 hour on average you're lucky. It's like everybody can get nice stuff quickly while I can't. I can't build muscle either when it takes on average a few months

>> No.10431600

thanks alot, this is much apprecciated


>> No.10431616

That's average. I have insomnia. So my advice is often very different from what I do.

Just like I would have my students start practice MCAT exams a month before the test. I only took them two days before the test, and I would take three in a row.

Re: muscle, it takes years not months. Months are noob gains.

It's a marathon, man. just keep at it. It takes me over 2 hours to fall asleep, and I often stay up 2-3 days at a time.

I'd suggest you see a doctor and take something for sleep. I've taken every sleep med. Even was addicted to one for a point. I take seroquel 200mg. It knocks me the fuck out.

>> No.10431621

Well months for noob gains, but I can't even get there after years of strength training and eating on a surplus. My muscles just won't grow.

Meds don't help me to sleep except benzos but they're nasty (they knock me out and I wake up unrested, the only advantage is that I turn in bed all night bored to tears)

>> No.10431627

is that I don't* turn in bed all night

>> No.10431638


> and I often stay up 2-3 days at a time

I gotta say I am impressed, you are pretty much an outlier of mankind

>born with IQ of 160
>actually uses it
>enrolls in college with age 15
>actually uses his gifted intelligence
>further enhances his cognitive ability via Adderall
>med student soon entering recidency
>amazing work ethic - can easily study 12 hours a day or more
>OFTEN stays up 2-3 days at a time
>cares about fitness
>smokes weed everyday

well played bro

>> No.10431639

>I used Kaplan and got a 520.
BTW congrats on the 520. That is a very good score. Where are you applying? That's 98th percentile, so out of the 250k who took the exam I'm guessing, only 4999 others are like you.

>> No.10431656

>Meds don't help me to sleep
what have you tried, anonbro?

i've tried everything. i can help you find something that works for you.

I am also diagnosed bipolar disorder.

Thanks for all of that, but the most important trait is character and will. I genuinely want to help, that's what I'm here for.

The 2-3 days thing isn't something to be proud of. By the 3rd day I become delirious. I'm really trying to reign that in.

of those to whom much is given, much is required.


it's funny, my name is shane. i was named after the cowboy. so i've always felt like that character. i can do things that others can't. i don't even get sick. no injuries. never a cold or flu. no allergies. i almost WANT to feel these things so i can understand my patients more, but i feel beholden to those who are suffering.


don't stay up 2-3 days. seriously. i can do it. but don't do it.

>> No.10431660
File: 328 KB, 2214x1292, Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 3.44.24 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

BTW, i use excel a lot. This is an old daily habit tracker i'd use.

>> No.10431668

>what have you tried, anonbro?
I've tried most of the shit you can get without a prescription (doctors are insufferable in France), i.e. mostly valerian-root-based products and stuff like that (that I personally call pure placebo)

and then benzo, the benzos worked (knocks me out in minutes, it's crazy) but the next day I feel like my iq just dropped by 30 points. Also, I heard it's pretty addictive so...

I'd like something that helps for real and that makes me sleep instead of simply knocking me out. Unfortunately even if you have something in mind I'll have a hard time obtaining it, the French are (dumb) nazis. But this is fine with me actually, sleep is only a minor problem, as opposed to not being able to build muscle

>> No.10431670 [DELETED] 

fuck it, here it is for you guys. be sure to make a copy to your drive and edit it as you please. the colors enable you to see long term trends. that's important because

let's say you have a bad week and slip up and are off schedule. be gentle with yourself, because a week is just a week in the grand scale. just get back on the proverbial horse and back to your routine.


>> No.10431673

>I've tried most of the shit you can get without a prescription (doctors are insufferable in France), i.e. mostly valerian-root-based products and stuff like that (that I personally call pure placebo)

that shit doesn't do shit and i get triggered when i hear it.

something like temazepam may help you. there's also trazodone.

seroquel is what i take.

>> No.10431684

I have one last question before I'm out, could you please expand on good learning methodology?

I have ANKI installed but never actually used it, beccause it seemed time intensive to make all the flash cards. I guess ANKI is not good for cramming but very good for longterm retention?

Well thanks for all the information you have given in this thread, now I seriously consider to buy Adderall on the darkweb and incorporate it in my study efforts for the Austrian entrance exam of the Med University.

>> No.10431706

Thanks for the tips, I wish I were surrounded by real med people in my garbage muslim country

>> No.10431711

>I have ANKI installed but never actually used it, beccause it seemed time intensive to make all the flash cards. I guess ANKI is not good for cramming but very good for longterm retention?

There's plenty of shared decks that you can download that are excellent.

when taking notes, i would just make anki cards. i prefer to use occlusion, so if i type out like a paragraph i can make certain words blank sometimese, other words blank other times.

i have it on my phone, so i go through the cards when i'm on the subway and definitely cram it on the way to the exams.

simply no better way to memorize shit. bar none. two jeopardy winners won because they used anki. (i was on teen jeopardy btw, but you guys'll never find me. i lost cause there was an entire section i knew nothing about).

about the adderall, remember what i said. don't take too much and don't rely on it too much. maybe this analogy will help.

a normal bikebro takes EPO and improves 30%
lance armstrong takes EPO (or his own blood from high altitude) and improves 0.2%.

you want to be the lance armstrong. it's counterintuitive. but you want to go natty as much as you can before you start addy (rhymes). the addy should be something that will take you from 95% to 99% if you get what i am saying.

ANKI is great for cramming and longterm retention. but the magic in it is that you can go through cards fast and easy cards show at a lower frequency. so you may have a deck with 1000 cards, but you're not going through 1000 each time. you're going through the harder ones.

anki is what gave me the biggest edge for the mcat. i would have so much memorized and internalized that i was never in the dark and always had time to spare.

>> No.10431736 [DELETED] 

hahaa, my family is muslim bruh. but yeah, i wouldn't want to be in a muslim country by any fucking means.

i remember being like 5 and listening to an imam come bless the house cause we had just moved in, and he said some nonsense about how the moon was cut in half. i was like "nope, wtf are you talking about" and just laughed at him.

i'm grateful my parents are liberal as fuck about that. my dad is atheist and reads bertrand russell. i'm lucky for that.

my older bro is muslim, and somehow red pilled as fuck for some reason. he studied theology, and btfo people who say women need to wear the hijab. he says 99% of shit that muslims do have nothing to do with the religion, and that it's really just a product of judaism+christianity that mohammad used to unite arab tribes and to join him in war. i just spoke to him last night about how it parallels the story of TE Lawrence.

>> No.10431749

Damn, sorry bro, I just had pretty bad experiences with them but it's also the case for nigs, kikes, religious nuts of any kind, guilt-tripping, nonsense-spewing leftists, etc

>> No.10431752

In Austria a large percentage of the entrance exam is cognitive shit (completing a number sequence, what is the missing piece of a split up geometric shape, memorizing 8 allergy passes in 8 minutes and awensering questions 30 minutes later, letters mixed and finding the word, reading retention and comprehension, what decisions you would make in a paticular social situation and how a person described in a scenario most likely feels etc.) only 40 percent is bio, chem, physics and math.

Is it possible through repetition to excel at those particular tasks or are u simply fucked if you are too dumb? basically can you train for an IQ test

>> No.10431757

Probably you would just end up in the toilet.

>> No.10431773

How often do you go out and drink beer? What do you feel about the way alcohol interacts with your learning efforts?

>> No.10431783

You fail drug tests.

>> No.10431821
File: 215 KB, 390x2080, 9c7ncJr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what's the name of the test. i frequently tutor exams that i have not taken before. did that with the LSAT, GRE, etc.

yes, i tutor IQ tests too. here's a list of subjects i am approved to tutor through an agency.

>> No.10431825
File: 285 KB, 472x2224, 2fI7lWx.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


yes. i didn't start coffee until i was in college, and i'm not a morning person, so it did give me a major boost.

>> No.10431832

>How often do you go out and drink beer? What do you feel about the way alcohol interacts with your learning efforts?

I go out every night I study. I go out alone. I talk to everybody. I do it for stimulation. I always have the things I've studied in the back of my head mixing around and I always have tremendous insights through this process.

I go out 5x nights a week, 2-3 beers each time.

I only drink when I go out, I don't when I study, so can't say how it has interacted with my learning efforts.

When I'm done learning/studying/working, I switch gears completely.

>> No.10431851

is amphetamine neurotoxic or not?

what if you start using it when you're 18, can anything bad happen with your neurodevelopment ?

also: i took adderall for a logical reasoning and problem solving exam and i feel that it made me perform worse and I could've performed better without it. is that possible or am i just trying to make excuses for fucking up?

>> No.10431865

>is amphetamine neurotoxic or not?
son, yes. that is why i keep saying there is no biological free lunch. neurotoxic doesn't mean it lowers your IQ. it means it has an adverse effect on your brain.

any introduction of exogenous material to your body over time results in your body producing less of it.

something, anything, cigarettes, amphetamines, krokodil. they all block re-uptake and keep NT's in the synaptic cleft. your brain responds to this overabundance of NT's by believing there's no need to produce more receptors because every receptor present is saturated already by the extra neurotransmitters.

for the other questions, i've answered them above.

and yeah, you could do worse on adderall it's a stimulant. i offset it with klonopin.

>> No.10431869 [DELETED] 
File: 646 KB, 424x712, dfsdsfdfs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this is the 160 iq life-maxxing slayer of /sci/

>> No.10431883

>met and spoken to Tim ferris
How did you meet him? What was he like?

>> No.10431886

haha, you asshole. how'd you find me? i put enough red herrings i had hoped. can you be a bro and delete the image tho

>> No.10431891

The excel you shared had your google username. I could find your youtube and linkedin, and your websites etc etc.

>> No.10431900

yeah, i had noticed that so i deleted that post. but you were too fast4me.

>> No.10431909

Actually I have this nifty add-on which shows deleted posts long after the fact, sorry brah posts are in most cases forever on archives, I'll find the excel useful though since right now I only have this free phone app with a max of 5 tracked habits, I'm cheap when it comes to some things

>> No.10431912

Yes, that is the whole point/message of the book. It's a good message.

The TM book by Maharishi is also a good, less basic introduction to (transcendental) meditation

You may also want to research "vissapana" (spelling?), a different form of meditation that is also very popular and helpful/therapeutic in my experience

Try to do it everyday, if even for just a little bit, or else it slips away from you with just the stress of everyday life. Ideally a little longer each time. Also you don't have to sit in lotus/half-lotus, you can do it in a chair, or even standing if need be, though there are added benefits to lotus-style sitting and it's good for your spine/breath. At the end of the day, it's just breathing and being still. Focus on your breathing and let any thoughts that come into your mind come, acknowledge them and any other stimulus, and let them pass. For the longest time I had this hang up of how to completely quiet your mind fully. Which I thought was the whole goal. I know now that this obviously isn't true.

Maybe look into yoga too, which you usually follow with mediation after you do it. They're closely related

Thank you very much for the book recommendation. I will look for it

>> No.10431919

t. druggie/substance abuser
Enjoy your addiction and/or permanent heart arrythmia, NOTHING PERSONAL KID

>> No.10431926

yeah, i know of archives. but you better make a copy quick cause i just turned off link sharing.

>> No.10431962

Some questions:
How did the Doctor who started at 32 get in to med school if he spent his 20s partying? (was he South Asian?)
Why do you smoke weed?
Do you always do at least 5 mg adderall? Do you have a prescription? Opinion on dextroamphetamine?
How were you able to tutor mcat before even taking it?
How did you meet Joshua Waitzkin?
How do you balance amphetamine days with exercise days (since both is bad)?
Do you listen to the ttc lectures *in* bed and turn them off right before you fall asleep or are they part of your "wind-down" ritual?

>> No.10431991

>How did the Doctor who started at 32 get in to med school if he spent his 20s partying? (was he South Asian?)

he was white. there's no age limit for med school.

>Why do you smoke weed?

it allows everything i studied to metaphorically enter a gaseous state where thoughts and ideas can mix around freely and settle slowly. kind of like how you want a perfect crystal, you slowly cool it rather than flash freeze it. it provides me insight. doesn't damage my memory. i hope to be able to prescribe it to my patients in the future.

>Do you always do at least 5 mg adderall? Do you have a prescription? Opinion on dextroamphetamine?

adderall is a mix of the two enantiomers. i take 40mg, less or more depending on the time of day and if i had sleep or not.

>How were you able to tutor mcat before even taking it?

i do this a lot, and it is a common question. i study before i meet the student. if a session is 2 hours, and i know the material before hand, i can teach it easily.

>How did you meet Joshua Waitzkin?

when i was at nyu. he lives in the same area. it was at the nyu gym.

>How do you balance amphetamine days with exercise days (since both is bad)?

i exercise before i take the addy.

>Do you listen to the ttc lectures *in* bed and turn them off right before you fall asleep or are they part of your "wind-down" ritual?

i have insomnia, so i leave them on and fall asleep to them. i don't listen to anything about science. mostly about civilizations and such. i like to close my eyes and imagine myself in bronze age mesopotamia or something.

>> No.10432047

>there's no age limit for med school
I know, but wouldn't someone who partied through college not have a competitive gpa/research/volunteer/whatever on their application? Speaking of, what was your med school application like? Why tf aren't you at Harvard?
Do you tutor through a company or by yourself? If a company, how did you get hired, if yourself, how do you find customers?
>i take 40mg, less or more depending on the time of day and if i had sleep or not.
So you take it regularly? How so you avoid tolerance?
Are you in the part of med school where you're doing rotations? How are you able to work with multiple world leaders to that point where you can comment on their character?
How does being part of nyu give you an all-you-can-take buffet of IQ tests?
You didn't speak about dextroamphetamine. Some people say or works better than adderall. Is this true or is this "true" inasmuch Meth is stronger than adderall?

>> No.10432059

Adderall isn't a nootropic.... It's literally 50% methamphetamine and 50% something very similar to speed.

>> No.10432065

based and monsterpilled

>> No.10432077

I drink the black and blue one because I like the chemical taste, but I don't want any sugar.

>> No.10432083


>I know, but wouldn't someone who partied through college not have a competitive gpa/research/volunteer/whatever on their application?

Nah, he partied AFTER college. He majored in music. took a decade off to party and do whatever. came back, took the mcat, and then went to Mt. Sinai.

>Speaking of, what was your med school application like? Why tf aren't you at Harvard?

my GPA was a 3.5. I was young, which worked against me. NYU is top 3 though, so it's a dream cause I love NYC. Harvard also hates Asians.

>Do you tutor through a company or by yourself? If a company, how did you get hired, if yourself, how do you find customers?

both. company and private students.

finding customers myself is hard, which is the only reason i use a company as well. but my students love me and recommend me to their friends, and i'm really the go-to guy for lots of these rich manhattanites.

>So you take it regularly? How so you avoid tolerance?

i posted this way up there where i talk about half lifes and tyrosine.

>Are you in the part of med school where you're doing rotations? How are you able to work with multiple world leaders to that point where you can comment on their character?

no world leaders. i just worked with world renowned physicians in undergrad. rotations, yes.

i can comment on their character cause i worked with them for 4 years and they really liked me. i even used to go out to bars with one to meet girls. it's really chill.

>How does being part of nyu give you an all-you-can-take buffet of IQ tests?

i contacted psychologists who do IQ tests and tell them my background how i'm doing research on the brain etc. they're fascinated and curious as well, so they let me do it for free.

>> No.10432090

>You didn't speak about dextroamphetamine. Some people say or works better than adderall. Is this true or is this "true" inasmuch Meth is stronger than adderall?

okay, chemistry lesson.

adderall = 1/4 levoamphetamine and 3/4 dextroamphetamine.

levo and dextro are simply left and right handed enantiomers. meaning they rotate counter clockwise and clockwise respectively when you shine plane-polarized light through them.

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