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Do numbers exist in reality, or are they logical entities that we created (in the same way as words)?

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So concepts exist?

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Numbers are just the tool we utilize to understand and predict features of reality. Mathematics is effectively reality incarnate because as far as we know it, all laws of reality should be able to be predicted through mathematical modeling; 2+2 always equals 4.

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>being anything other than a Platonist

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all ideas originate in the mind of god

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and god is inside the mind of humans

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by the holy spirit

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They are necessary concepts: They're invented much like words, but they're discovered in the sense that, given the invented set of axioms, the results that follow are necessary and independent of opinion

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which is synonymous with god

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>because as far as we know it, all laws of reality should be able to be predicted through mathematical modeling
except wave functions for some reason, right?

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they are the result of space.
create numbers without primes

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that just creates the old chicken and the egg conundrum (aka does god exist because we thought of him or because he thought of us... its unanswerable).

as for whether maths is a true physical phenomenon, id say its not real in a physical sense.
My reasoning would be that all maths is simply a measurement of something, therefore it holds no physical pressence and doesn't exist in reality, but because the things we're measuring are real physical forces when we measure something and it predicts the behavior of those forces we can say its true and therefore exists

its a language we can can use to translate physical phenomenon into a written format so we can understand it level

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does the chicken needs the universe to exist or is the universe's existence dependant on the though of the chicken?

God does not need of our thoughts to exist for he exists outside the boundaries and limits of creation.

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is an egg a chicken's way of making more chickens, or is a chicken an egg's way of making more chickens?

we dont perceive reality, we perceive a simmulation (maybe not the best word to use with current trends) of reality based on the infomation we can experience, arguements are caused when our simmulation or the infomation we received differs wiith someone else.

by using this statement you could say the univese is gods mind and we are part of the simulation of his/its/her own reality

think of it like boxes in boxes

but this kind of reasoning is pointless its a abstract concept which has no testable components.
how would you ever prove the existance of something outside of our universe, impossible
but i will say many concepts of gods existed before cristian/orthidox religions. infact modern religions stemmed off these therefore thecurrent concept of god was created by countless iterations of different gods (who were created in the minds of humans.

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Considering chickens can lay unfertilized eggs I’m going with the chicken making more chickens.

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rationals and intigers certainly exist
operations on them might not be "real" in a sense but nature is consistent with the operations we use in math
there are some axioms we define that dont exists in a sense (I would think) but a lot of mathematics is just discovered properties of the logic nature follows

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But is the chicken just it's gut bacteria's way of making more gut bacteria?

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