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>no cure for flu
>no cure for IBS
>no cure for mouth ulcers
>no cure depression
>no cure for cancer
>no cure for dementia/alzheimers
>no cure for motor neuron diseases
>no cure for aids/hiv
>no cure for blindness
>no cure for paralysis

And you call yourselves """""""""""scientists"""""""""""".


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>Most of these are iatrogenic or caused by science
>The rest have had viable solutions suppressed

This place is hell.

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>no cure depression
reminder that depression is a trend

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Medicine is not science.
It's just a bunch of scammers.

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>>no cure for flu
Blame the jews
>>no cure for IBS
Blame the jews
>>no cure for mouth ulcers
Blame the jews
>>no cure depression
Blame the jews
>>no cure for cancer
Blame the nukefags
>>no cure for dementia/alzheimers
Blame the jews
>>no cure for motor neuron diseases
Blame the jews
>>no cure for aids/hiv
Blame the cia niggers who created it
>>no cure for blindness
Blame the jews
>>no cure for paralysis
Blame the jews

Literally not our fault.

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>no cure for autism

I don't care what causes this shit. It needs a cure. My brother has it and it's destroying him. My parents are broken husks. We all have insomnia, constant raised adrenaline/cortisol and depression from living with a 26 year old man that will not stop screaming and destroying the house.

There's not a fucking thing any of us can do. He's high functioning so sticking him in some home with a bunch of low functioning autists will just lead to suicide by way of humiliation.

The police sectioned him once but it made him worse. The hospital won't hospitalise him until he actually attempts suicide and fails (what if he doesn't fail?)


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Although the sciences have been infiltrated by retarded leftists and are mostly dying a slow and painful death, the issue of notfinding cures is more related to predatory capitalism than anything else.


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>no cure for low iq

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>no cure for aids/hiv
Based medicine.

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There's no cure for HIV but you can live an effectively normal life with it as long as you take your meds. It's gone from a death sentence to a mild chronic disease. Now homos can have as much unprotected sex as they want, thanks science!

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>has high iq
>still can’t find any cures

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> cure depression
hit the gym and change your social circle

the rest i dunno, i blame that on the jews for wanting to make money off treatments rather than developing cures. They why im surprised hepitis c vaccine came out. some jew must have broke ranks and felt sorry for the goys

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Silica or zeolites to remove aluminum.
Get him away from wireless devices.
Get him exercising and doing symmetrical body movements.
All organic diet, remove gluten and gliadin just as a heuristic. His stomach acid production is probably low, use apple cider vinegar before meals. Whole foods. NAC, acetyl-l-carnitine, omega 3s, selenium, Co-Q10. Possibly probiotics, I don't know much about it.

Herbs can also help. Bacopa, ginkgo, many others.

Really just get away from the medical system. Believe nothing. Do a Descartes-like regression and re-evaluate everything you thought you knew, and everything you're told, including by me. Autism is, somewhat, reversible.

Post on wireless devices will follow.

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They clamped your umbilical cord. Why would they cure something they caused on many levels, and net benefit from. Ask questions.

There are some implications with autism. Along with birthing procedures, wireless devices likely have a causative role.

Pulsed microwave fields, ie the emissions from wireless devices, alter calcium flux in cells. This leads to chronically elevated intracellular Ca2+ and certain effects on Ca2+ domains in the extracellular space.

There is a genetic polymorphism of the gene encoding parts of the calcium channel, called Timothy Syndrome, which cause it to be overactive leading to the same chronically elevated intracellular Ca2+, and these individuals will near universally present with autism. So we know that the calcium aspect -alone- can produce autism. Further, calcium is involved in dendritic spine formation, axonal guidance, and myriad other processes particularly active during second trimester neurodevelopment. These devices also cause increased free radical generation, oxidative and nitrosative stress. This will also harm the brain of the developing fetus. Further microwave emissions increase the permeability of the blood brain barrier, so much that albumin staining is seen in experimental animals exposed to cell phones in use right now. This will let more toxic junk into the brain. They also tune the bacteria in the digestive system for virulence and selectively kill off some good bacteria. This will majorly mess with the developing brain and immune system.


There are also potential effects on the timing and mechanics of the hormonal surge required for proper synaptic pruning.

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I know im an anonymous poster but inside info:

Diets, oxygen chambers, exercise, its all awful snake oil filled with double blind and unconclusive studies funded by the people providing the services, and they make so much money. I have personally met people who created gluten-autism studies and refused to publish the results.

Behavioral therapy is your true hope but you were supposed to do it a lot sooner, not wait for them to turn 26, although its still possible to help, especially if he is high functioning. At minimum, ABA therapy can help him stop harming himself and others, your optimistic goals for him should be sustaining a job or building relationships.

>t. BCBA

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>>no cure for IBS
It's called tobacco smoke.

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i would like to add
>no cure for Lasik-induced higher order aberrations (theoretically you could use reverse geometry RGP lenses or scleral lenses. The operative word is 'theoretically')

also this
iatrogenic damage is best damage

t. victim of multiple surgeries

i would unironically be completely fine if i went the quack route, not a single one of the surgeries i had was necessary, they were all just recommended by money hungry doctors and i fell for the memes

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It's called a whole foods plant based diet along with regular prolonged water fasting to induce autophagy, and finally cold exposure. You should be having cold shower and sleeping inside a cold tube.

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At this point i can even uderstand that those you listed are difficult to cure, you forgot the most curable one that still "hasn't a cure"
And i mean a cure that doesn't fuck your hormones and isn't an hair transplant you have to do every now and then

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IBS isn't a real illness, retard.

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But do they glow in the dark?

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Based doctors

>not doing all your medical research yourself and cynically positioning yourself to navigate to a predetermined treatement you decided on before even visiting a GP
In all seriousness though, that sucks. Medicine is a joke, although some parts of it, like being able to treat appendicitis, and being able to do Caesarians and use calipers to pull big brain babies out are based.
A real mixed bag but with a nasty, scammy streak and faggy constrictions of supply at the cost of patients.

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Fuck doctors

Got told by two seperate GPs not to find out what diseases I had genetic susceptibilities for because people misinterpret the likelihood of whatever diseases pop up happening to them in the near future if at all
I.e. don’t improve your understanding of your health, that’s our jobs, but also we won’t do it

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This desu
t. Person in a family with multiple doctors
They do honourable work as pathologists diagnosing cancer and have, if I recall right, only fucked up one time out of thousands, if not tens of thousands

Doctors can be benevolent but medicine is a meme

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>no cure for aging

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I assume the big gay is part of it and diverts research to AIDS and STDs and sexually inflicted diseases like ass cancer

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Thank you based Hebrew

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>no cure for homosexuality or being a malesub

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>no cure for IBS
Yeah fuck that shit man. It makes your life hell, especially when dietary changes are ineffective.

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How about you make a list for the things people have cured. People only focus on the worst things but you will never see somebody with Polio or the Pox in within your lifetime

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Polio is almost eradicated but it's not exactly because we've found a very effective cure. What we've found is a very effective way of preventing it. Cure is something that is administered during a sickness.

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>Herbert and Sage
Reminder that Sage is NOT a scientist, has NOT gotten any paper through peer review, uses sources that AREN'T peer reviewed and/or MISREPRESENTS sources.


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>No breathing water
>No wings for flying
>No teleportation
>No Mr. Fusion like in Back to the Future
>No portal gun like in Rick & Morty
>No warp drive
>No time travel
>No shrink ray
>No telekinesis
>No quidditch brooms
>No water into wine

And you call yourselves """""""""""scientists"""""""""""".


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>Muh leftism

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Western medicine is a joke. It only treats the symptoms of the disease. It doesn't fix the disease itself.

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First post best post. I am actually starting to believe that only a microscopic amount of so-called "cancer deaths" are actually attributable to the cancer itself.

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It seems you don't have any actual criticism of the papers, nor the link to Timothy Syndrome.

I don't really care about that. I too was once trained into the "quack" mentality, and ran similar checks. The first person I ran into who was talking about this had a business going around and doing various kinds of readings, then fixing those problems. I found that and said "hurr durr, yep there we go, doesn't look good". The only time I ever talked to him we had quite an argument, because I saw him as causing problems I couldn't deal with at the time. Last I heard he left to the radio quiet zone.

Six years later I might well know more than he does. If you're an expert in something that's causing major problems, I don't blame someone for formulating and selling solutions. You have all the equipment, you know the literature, you know the science. Why wouldn't you? There are theoretical conflicts of interest everywhere, and much greater than that on the "other side".

As for misrepresenting sources, I take it you're the same guy that says that about any paper I post. You never demonstrate it, and you never will.

This is a pseudoscience site that peddles opinion pieces. I only use it for a lens into what the overall system is doing.

>Other paper
I'll read it later.

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You will never get through, these are the same people that would have claimed teflon is perfectly safe 20 years ago.

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They're time and energy sinks. They'll try to spur you into exhausting yourself.

Thanks for agreeing. You're right, this conversation is over.

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Can't profit of cures you idiot. Sick people = money

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>>no cure for autism
>I don't care what causes this shit. It needs a cure. My brother has it and it's destroying him. My parents are broken husks

Prevention for autism is no heavy metals in injections at infant and pregnancy stages.

Have you tried the keto diet apparently ketosis helps the body partially reset. It may help him.

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Doesn't a multi-type infection (like the one pozzers like to get) still have pretty high mortality?

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>Dismissing the source instead of the arguments.
Two can play that game.


Health council of the Netherlands review of the early Bioinitiative Report, as written by Sage.

They dismissed it because it contained statements which had no basis in science, and because sources were cherrypicked.
Sage is not a more credible source than that article.


Swedish stralsakerhetsmyndigheten study of the effects of radiowaves of different frequencies.
Summary available in both English and Swedish.
Tldr: They're harmless
Reason why I brought it up: It's a source I'd sooner trust than Marthas Blog. That isn't laughed at for having no basis in science.

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Addressed in:

The rest is an amount of reading I don't think you're willing to do.

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= mediafire

California Medical Association, resolution 107-14

^(This channel contains a lot of presentations from researchers who have been in this field for a long time. I recommend going through them.)

Mechanistic explanation:

White house disposition:

Literature sources:


Information on the physiological and pathophysiological pathways of NO. That covers Ca2+ overload, NO synthases, NO's reactions eg with superoxide at a rate 5x faster than the latter can be removed by superoxide dismutase (a reaction which yields H2O2 and relies on the glutathione system).

Effect Threshold Lists:

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1996 Telecommunications act, section 704 subsection II clause iv.
"No State or local government or instrumentality thereof may regulate the placement, construction, and modification of personal wireless service facilities on the basis of the environmental effects of radio frequency emissions to the extent that such facilities comply with the Commission's regulations concerning such emissions."

How we got here / control structure and mechanics:
Allan Frey (Microwave auditory effect, BBB permeability research)
Adey 2002 - Re NASNRC PAVE PAWS Committee Meeting, Woods Hole, Sept 9, 2002

WHO doesn't expose itself and its RF working group is industry captured:


Historical reviews, symposium proceedings, etc ^
These are not just trivia or now irrelevant intermediary stages of a scientific field. There's a lot of important stuff in here.

Irreversible infertility:

General theory:

In vivo DNA damage in humans:

Behavioral changes with prenatal exposure:

Other Talks:

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Why do I feel like this post was made by cryogenics shills to convince people to sign up for their dying service?

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The real redpill is realizing they have cures for all of these ailments but choose not to realease them because big pharma makes more money treating patients than curing them. The more you know.

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Why would they risk getting impaled on spikes on public squares and getting their children raped and eaten?

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ahhh yet again the dreaded EMS poster

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Mouths ulcers use alum. It dries it out the sore faster.

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I've heard that Suramin can help with autism. There is this strange phenomenon for which autistic symptoms seem to decrease if the person addected has a fever. Now, I've heard this as an aside in a CFS talk on youtube, so I've not researched the matter, I'm just leaving this information here if it can help.

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Never do an operation unless strictly necessary.

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Because they're psychopaths. That's what they do.

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Basically the Jews, got it.

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This is the biggest pseudoscience bullshit I've read in a long time.

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Don't worry, I'm working behind the scenes in your best interest. Even if you are an ignorant and arrogant little twat. So sit back and shut your mouth, you aren't capable of saying anything worthwhile.

Remains to be seen whether you'll inherit a world you don't even deserve. However it's up to you for now whether you're sterilized or not.

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15 minutes tops then you're good for life

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Is it just me or have the posts on here been more obnoxious than usual?

Like this retard here:
What was the point of this post? To ensure the person who got fucked up by Lasik that they didn't get fucked up by Lasik? I mean, what in the fuck is this?

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File: 92 KB, 850x400, quote-my-main-interest-right-now-is-to-expose-the-jews-this-is-a-lot-bigger-than-me-they-re-bobby-fischer-65-53-94.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based and redpilled

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>15 minutes tops then you're fucked for life

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Run me through this slowly, got a bitch of a mouth ulcer right now.

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>no cure for flu
Get flu shots. It works 60% of the time
>no cure depression
Cured my depression with a single psilocybin mushroom trip. I'm pretty sure we will fix depression very rapidly once research in the area becomes legal.
>no cure for cancer
This is like saying "cure for cough" cancer can be caused by a wide range of things and therefor there will never be a singular cure. There ARE cures for very specific types of cancer though where you just take a drug and you're guaranteed that it goes away 100% of the time
>no cure for dementia/alzheimers
Same as cancer and cough. It's a symptom of many different underlying problems there will never be a singular cure for it. There ARE however cures for very specific types of alzheimers
>motor neuron diseases
Exactly the same... There ARE cures for certain specific ones but they are all individual diseases
It's as good as cured. We can't completely annihilate the virus from your body but we can permanently disable the virus meaning you can't transmit it and have 0 symptoms forever.
Fucking hell, i'm starting to see a pattern. There ARE cures for specific types of blindness. There are multiple causes for different blindnesses.
same as all the other lines.

Also just a couple of diseases that got cured in recent years.

Hepatitis C
Bird flu strains
Pig flu strains.

We're making TREMENDOUS progress towards most of these individual diseases and everyone implying we aren't have no idea how fast we move.

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bobby fischer was p based

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That's the CIA niggers

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>no cure for IBS
>what is intestinal flora transplant
Take the poop pill anon

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>no cure for flu
>no cure for IBS
not when you refuse to take suppositories because you homophobic
>no cure for mouth ulcers
try changing your toothpaste
>no cure depression
the brain is complicated
>no cure for cancer
There are many cures for cancer, but there are many more cancers than cures.
>no cure for dementia/alzheimers
Working on it the brain is complicated.
>no cure for motor neuron diseases
nerves are complicated
>no cure for aids/hiv
there are pretty good treatments
>no cure for blindness
there are many types of blindness some of which have cures.
>no cure for paralysis
nerves are complicated.

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A vaccine gave me this:

I'd have rather just died. This life has not been worthwhile, and I managed through all those years for nothing. The torture never ends.

>> No.10407267

>A vaccine gave me this: CRPS
You think a vaccine gave you that.

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>2019 BC
>no cure for flu
>no cure for IBS
>no cure for mouth ulcers
>no cure depression
>no cure for cancer
>no cure for dementia/alzheimers
>no cure for motor neuron diseases
>no cure for aids/hiv
>no cure for blindness
>no cure for paralysis

And you call yourselves """""""""""scientists"""""""""""".


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>No cure for flu

Influenza affects animals as well.

When you wipe your car windows down in the morning once in a while because its all foggy, you can potentially expose yourself to a number of viral infections passed from animals, mostly birds and mostly variations of influenza.

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Your thinking is inverted. Nerves are governed by fairly simple rules. You should be looking at environment and global bodily state.

Seriously, what are you even thinking. Some guy writing on a window with super-dooper complex biophysics, oh by the jimminy he's gonna figure out those complex ol' nerves, modeling out the flux of ions, the binding of water to membrane anchored glycoproteins. Making equations to model out the fluid mosaic properties of their membranes! Gosh golly he's gonna figure it out! Hold on tiny text parkinsonian, help is on the way!

Meanwhile the actual source of the problem is on the same level as someone injecting formalin or taking a knife to the nerve. And huh, it dun work right. All viable avenues are ignored. Toxicology, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacology apparently aren't a thing unless you want them to be, 1+1+4+8 never seems to get added up to 14. Literature is spoken and read in fragment sentences, anyone who puts it together into paragraphs is ignored as money continues to be blindly poured into the research apparatus.

It sucks. It's all very disappointing to watch. Even something as simple as the observation that in parkinsons treatment use of mucuna pruriens doesn't seem to entail the neurodegenerative features of straight l-dopa. You see double blind placebo controlled followups? You see anything? No. 5 years, 10 years, 20 years.

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That's right.

>> No.10407296

Sorry to tell you this kiddo, but medicine is like the weather; Medicine is better at treating illness than preventing illness. Progress takes a lot longer than a few hundred years.

You should be extremely fucking appreciative that its not 1919 and you can still commonly die from shitting too much water or your appendix busts open, painfully leaking shit and body juice into your abdomen.

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So nerves cause all illness?

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Like the ebola virus, high intelligence is a problem which sorts itself out quickly enough, and for much the same reason.

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No. But their role in illness is often unrecognized.

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Like nutrition and cardiovascular disease and gut bacteria and so on?

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if this ain't the biggest bait /sci/ has ever fallen for

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>no cure for aging
>but there will be in about 15 years

get on the hype train, donata to sens

>> No.10407971

the is no general cure because there is no general sickness.

the moment we have the technology to make a therapy to cure every known disease individually, is also the moment we will not need our physical bodies anymore. this should give you a feeling of how far away your demands are

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>81 replies
The absolute state of this board

>> No.10408057

we got no better threads and OP made such a stupid point that nothing is OT here as u can see

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>This is like saying "cure for cough" cancer can be caused by a wide range of things and therefor there will never be a singular cure. There ARE cures for very specific types of cancer though where you just take a drug and you're guaranteed that it goes away 100% of the time
>There are many cures for cancer, but there are many more cancers than cures.
>actually believing the 5 year survival rate meme

>> No.10408185

We can kill all fucking pigeons then..

But jokes aside, in 20 years genetic engineering will be able to stop viral infections, but by that time we'll be wishing we were dead.

>government malware in you DNA
sign me out of that shit.

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>regurgitation: the post

>> No.10410113

This. I have respect for surgeons and specialists but fuck GPs.

>> No.10410115

Somebody fell hard for the memes.
It's not like we can really treat any illness in any meaningful sense, all doctors do is induce unnecessary stress and disfigure people.

>> No.10410406

>in 20 years genetic engineering will be able to stop viral infection
My GP told me 10 years ago that it'd be about 10 years for dna medicine treatments for androgenetic alopecia. Guess what?
I'll believe it when I see it.

>> No.10411460

What will be the price tag on that?

>> No.10411463

jewish heritage

>> No.10411481

How much Jewish heritage we talking?

>> No.10411488

not everything is caused by jews and black people you inbred hick

>> No.10411655

It's the white people version of
>it duh white man holden us down

>> No.10411683

You should sign up for cryonics though, deathist faggot.

>> No.10411698

>No cure for flu
As a biologist I can tell you this is way harder than you think. The very conserved region of a fly virus' surface proteins that you need to target to get a universal flu vaccine is very, very small, in fact it's so small that our bodies can't even produce antibodies capable of reaching it. Llamas can though and some biologists and biochemists are researching that but I doubt that will yield any information that's useful for a human vaccine.

>> No.10411705

What the fuck. Did he fake a fucking elsevier watermark? That's just low.

>> No.10411831

Baka, your nine is upside-down

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>no cure for cancer

>> No.10411896

>black people

Where was black people mentioned?

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So what? We cured masculinity. Better than all of that shit.

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>tfw just ate a slice of cheese so I'm immune to bullets now
How long does it lasts per slice?

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You may want to test it yourself and check

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Remember this? The tide is turning.

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