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Why does /sci/ likes this frog so much?

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2016 reddit invasion

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What a disgusting image >>>/trash/

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Because they're neonazis.

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I invaded from 9gag in 2012, what now?

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pepe is a neutral meme in general (with the exception of some overly-sensitive crybabies who think it is a hate symbol due to occasional use of it in that way on /pol/) so you see it a lot on boards that don’t have a lot of great visuals otherwise. /sci/ by nature of the subject doesn’t have the most flashy pictures (contrast with e.g. the photography board or /v/ or /out/) so pepe is a decent default image. the other default images for threads with no good topical image are usually anime, and honestly i’d rather see pepe than anime crap

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Just look at that face. It's great.

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Honestly better than being a shitty r*dditor imo
t. came to this shithole in 2010 from funnyjunk

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>i’d rather see pepe than anime crap

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Where do you think you are?

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Those are automated bot posts with automated replies or newfags who think such posts are legit and end up posting their own shit.

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>literal communist

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combined with an influx of stormfaggotry/literal FBI honeypot directly aimed at /pol/, with the ultimate objective of getting a certain corporate figure elected in burgerland

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