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I do not believe in intelligent extra-terrestrial life.

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yeah me neither 2bh

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bold of you to conclude based on a sample size of 0.

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>intelligent extra-terrestrial life.

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They believe in you.

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I don't think it matters too much anyway.

Ants are technically intelligent. Dolphins are the second most intelligent on Earth and yet we still can't communicate with them. Most people (even if you speak English or Mandarin) can't communicate with the majority of the population on Earth.

This means that if there is life more intelligent than us, then we probably won't be able to communicate with them unless they are so advanced that they'll be able to create a translator, but what would be the point?

They would be so much more advanced than us that we would be like bacteria to them.

We also wouldn't be able to reach them due to them being multi-million lightyears away from us at best.

Seriously when/if we find life (intelligent or not) shit would go down but after a decade or so it would just be a part of normal life. It would be like the moon landing, most people were born after it so it would be all they know. No one today is ecstatic about the moon landing.

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I don’t even believe in intelligent terrestial life.

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Humans are the first intelligent life in the universe. We are the aliens, brah.

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I agree. Aliens are only slightly smarter than humans.

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