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Why the constant attacks amongst ourselves because of our majors and professions? Why can’t we all be frens?

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anybody who is not a theologian is retarded

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Cuz CS is the supreme subject. Everything else is just an abstraction or application of computation.

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mathfags are too retarded realize this

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>we live among an infinite regression of simulations
xD Woah that’s like so crazy rick, I’m just a morty I’m so dumb that’s crazy

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>>we live among an infinite regression of simulations
Who are you quoting?

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>only cs can afford to pay for food

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you dumbass. You are either saying that or flat out wrong, take your pick

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I'm not the author of that post
It is a fact that math is a subset of logic which is a subset of CS

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>applied physics and chemistry is more pure than physics and chemistry

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This is 100% true I am afraid.
Math, which is the basis of every science, is ultimately based on faith.
Faith that our axioms are true.
Faith is what religion is all about.
Christianity, the most based religion, equates God with reason.
God does not possess reason. He is the actual embodiment of reason.
So if you believe in logic and believe in math, you believe in God. Whether you actually like it or not.
Everyone who says otherwise is either a schizo or in denial.

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Engineering invents what it needs
Physics uses it and steals credit for it

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Christianity is not logical. Till now it's a been a tool used by Europeans who don't actually believe it, to make others turn their cheeks so they can be colonized

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So you disprove the validity of a religion because people have misused it?
This is completely illogical. It's like saying physics is bad because people build nuclear weapons and kill each other.
It's not Christianity's fault, if people are morons and can't understand shit.

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Scientists and engineers tend to be arrogant

Why? That might be the consecuence of social isolation

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>Christianity is not logical
Nah, you're just retarded.
>Till now it's a been a tool used by Europeans who don't actually believe it
"Look at me mommy, I'm unknowingly quoting Plato third-hand and think I'm like so smarter than humanity for being woke"

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Cus engineers are faggets lel

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