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So we have 0d which is just a point existing.
Then we have 1d which is a line and point travels through it linearly. You can't show it travelling non linearly, because it's just a point on a line, there's no reason for it to go backwards, speed up or slow down or anything.
So we get another dimention to make it go nonlinear: now we have 2d. In it X(point on a line) is nonlinear, while Y is linear. When Y goes from 0 to 1, X is not necessarily going to do the same.
How do we make Y go nonlinear? We add 3rd dimention. Now it's 3d and now Z is linear and Y is not. Example is spiral where X and Y go from 0 to 1 to 0 in a sycle(nonlinearly), while Z goes from 0 to 1 only once(linearly)
So by that logic 4th dimention, time, is just making Z(basically X, Y and Z) go nonlinear, while being linear.
Basically that means 2d is just linear travel through nonlinear 1d, 3d is linear travel through nonlinear 2d, time is linear travel through nonlinear (movement in) space and 5d is linear travel through nonlinear time=timetravel
so am i retarded?

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>conflating spacial dimensions with time

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Your line of reasoning breaks down at the second dimension. In reality, every displacement on an axis is to be treated linearly. If you have a two-dimensional coordinate system both dimensions are linear. Combined, however, they are approximating nonlinearity. This works on higher dimensions as well. If you imagine time as a spatial dimension such that every t is a snapshot of the universe of one instance in time (where one end is the big bang and the other a hypothetical end of time), you could say it is linear because it is just one dimension (line), where every point corresponds to a 3D universe at one point in time.

Thus, the term linear can be applied to any single dimension and at least partially to combinations of n dimensions.

t. drunk retard

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