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If I have a master's in molecular biology or something similar can I get a comfy job in the middle east?
I've heard the white population of Dubai is like 12% of the total population. They probably love western degree holders. They pay nicely too.
Does anyone know if there's jobs for us who aren't getting hired in Europe?

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Apparently yeah. I don't know about biology but there are many job openings for mathematicians (at least nice postdocs and probably permanent positions next) in Abu Dhabi at the moment. I know of a couple of people there

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(cont.) Tbh my backup plan is becoming a teacher in the Emirates. I am currently a PhD student at a top tier institution, and I already have a teaching certification in my country. I am hoping to land a high paying private school of some sort

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Oh there's alot of those. Many Saudis send their kids to private schools because their public ones are shit.

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