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When and why did you unsubscribe to Veritasium? His last video was the last straw for me.

For those of you who haven't seen it, he takes a piece of salt with a light in it and investigates whether it causes chloride ions to evaporate into the air.

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I never subscribed. My disposition changed when he made a video about cell phone safety, but came to an uninformed and incorrect conclusion that "for now they're safe".

It's better to say nothing than to say the wrong thing.

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>have been subscribed to Veratasium

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I was never subscribed. He is browner than me. This means he is less intelligent than me and isnt worth my time.

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That's not what the video was about. He used the myth of ionizing salt lamps as a segue into discussing ions and health in general. It was a decent video.

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>shows how something is bunk and not worth the money because science

he's really gonna miss you op.

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It's a good anti-psuedoscience video, did you even watch till the end?

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I wish I was as strong as you are. I had to subscribe after his radioactivity stuff, and I thought he was so hot.. Oh well, done with hottie pseudoscience man for now.

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Wasn't able to. What happens?

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shut the fuck up you newage faggot

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... you serious

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He should do a video on birthing procedures, namely vaccination, vitamin K injection, and early umbilical clamping. Which added to a lack of breastfeeding will essentially destroy a child.

I've never gotten over that "luck of the draw". It's all about whether you'll be born somewhere pure evil or not, and to what degree you'll be acted upon by that evil. This stuff cripples intellectual ability deliberately.

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Scattered everywhere.
And a few others on vaccines. Definitely do your own research.

Early cord clamping is trivial to research. Just go on pubmed. this is a unique case because a) it's not yet publicly controversial, and b) it cannot be justified and no real attempt has been made to manufacture a need. The feeble old attempt was saying there was a higher rate of neonatal jaundice with delayed cord clamping. The problem with that is that the only data I found had a fairly large sample size and showed a rate of 3% with early, 5% with delayed. Regardless it's easily treatable with phototherapy. Literal statistical noise, so naturally they never directly cite such literature. Further, there's some evidence that hepatitis B vaccination at birth can cause jaundice. Assuming it isn't noise, it could be that the infant that wasn't deprived of 1/3 of its blood volume, its iron stores, deprived of oxygen before lung changeover, and tons of stem cells, would mount a more damaging immune response to the vaccine.

Breastfeeding can be trivially researched. Benefits are well known. What is less known is the toxic aspects of formula.

All this started in the late 40's and I can imagine it was more Rockefeller Institute evil. Anyway, not being dismissive but I need to allocate my time accordingly. I might make an actual thread on this one of these days.

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Debunking pseudosci with popsci is like passing a regulation bill on plastic straws to save the baby sea turtles.

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>do your own research
>conspiracy nonsense descending into ranting
>I don't have time to talk about this now

Dropped. Faggot.

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>Spoonfeed me
You're not worth the effort. I'm one person and I have my own life. Even if I ran around the internet to lead you through why I know what I know, reconstruct / build you a nice presentation, it wouldn't matter. Because you're not a demographic that'll be useful.

With people that act like you it must be assumed that you're nothing but a time sink, and all that energy is just going into a void. There will be whining. There will be accusations. There will be complaining and shitty argumentation. There will be no fruit. That's a very fair assumption.

Get over yourself.

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When I realized he was making videos for 13 year olds

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>if you don't get fooled into the same delusion I fooled myself into through pseudoscience, you are wrong

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Holy shit jon you're alive

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Wow! Now this is based!

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>he investigates a piece of salt to see if it emits ions
And his investigation finds...?

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Now this is based and redpilled

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How many homofaggots are there on this fucking board

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