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Is there a correlation between being ugly and intelligent? Are smart people just inherently dumber?

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>Are smart people just inherently dumber?

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Ugly people are more productive because they don’t have social appeal

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was Newton ugly?

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looking down at paper with nerd neck

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Probably. That's why he died a virgin

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No, he died a virgin because he was intelligent and realized the futility of all sexual pursuits compared to intellectual ones.

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*blocks your path*

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My math professors have all been hot

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i won't say he was ugly. A lot of ugly retards can get laid baka

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>Are smart people just inherently dumber?
ill permit you to delete the thread and try again.

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This supreme gentleman is really good looking.

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*BLOCKS your path*

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It's the DUDE!

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>rick moranis on steroids

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>Are smart people just inherently dumber?
What did he mean by this?

Also no, good-looking people are more intelligent on average. Though I would guess unattractive people are more prone to COPE and thus invest their energy into largely useless bullshit like STEM.

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how tall was that dude
my dude was like 6'5"

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Asian men are ugly, that's why Asian females hate them.

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I am smart because I am stupid, meaning that because of my lack of intelligence I can only afford to say smart things. Thus I am smart despite being inherently dumb.

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In my experience it's actually the other way around. Beautiful people are consistently more intelligent, Good genes beget good genes.

Reason for this is that intelligence is highly correlated with income which means that throughout human society the most beautiful women got bred with the most intelligent guys meaning that in our generation the most beautiful people are on average also the most intelligent people.

It's also true in the other direction. Ugly people are consistently dumber.

Now why are mathematicians generally ugly? Because most intelligent people that actually possess true intelligence tend to not focus on one field but instead act machiavellian and worm their way through whatever path gives them the best return at that moment.

The best example I can think of is Merkel. She is a nuclear scientist with a PhD. She did that because she grew up in communist eastern Germany and knew that that was the best way to rise to prominence within that communist system. Once Germany got reunited she immediately jumped on politics because she knew that was a far more lucrative posititon to find yourself in. And now she is the German Chancellor and de-facto leader of the entire European Union.

People that go into mathematics are the opposite of this. Socially retarded people that have a very narrow intelligence that they need to exploit to try and climb as high as possible instead of using pragmatism and machiavellianism to rise to the top using all possible avenues of life.

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>t. switched majors from math to social science in undergrad

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Most of the time I would assume it's because they are more passionate about the subject they research than how they look. As iconic as he looked, Einstein had some ugly hair that he could have kept kempt if he really wanted to.

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I genuinely think that if Einstein didn't have his hair he wouldn't be as popular right now with normies. The only thing setting him apart from bland scientists that are more noteworthy like Von Neumann is that he looked iconic.

Similar with Hitler as a historic character compared to Mussolini

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This makes a lot of sense.

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yeah but Mussolini was a retard who's government fell apart

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>money is all that matters

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Sounds like cope

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He was an incel

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*blocks path*

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He wasn't a mathematician retard

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The same happened to Hitler....

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yeah but Mussolini was pathetic about it

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Why are the richest people on earth below average looking? Elon Musk is the most good looking of the bunch and he is a 6 at most and this only due to surgery and hair transplants.

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You literally contradicted your entire post when you started with one of the ugliest women on planet earth.

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Don't bully Kaisa, she does wonderfull mathematics. The reason that you see this "correlation" is a statistical quirk. Either people are famous because they are so good looking, think of movie stars, or theyre famous because they achieved something intellectual. You won't ever notice people that are dumb and ugly, creating the illusion of negative correlation. This phenomenon has a name but it escapes me now.


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because science

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I wonder if he did that on purpose ...

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>tfw high IQ and good looking

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you only get so many skill points when you create your character......

you cant put 10 in every stat

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>Is there a correlation between being ugly and intelligent?
No. Take a random sample of the population and judge their physical appearance. You just don't know what the average person looks like. Mental retards tends to be the most ugly.

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They're not "below average", they're totally average looking. You're just really overestimating the physical attractiveness of the "average" man

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Honestly these paintings never do the subject any favours. For Newton to look even that good in such a painting means he must have been quite the looker

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>Are smart people just inherently dumber?
No, but shitposters are.

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