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What scares you about space?

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That I might not live long enough to actually get to fear space at all.

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That if some shit goes wrong you're fucked and isolated. But that feel also gives me a hard on.

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>he STILL believes in space

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just imagine you are somwhere completely alone on a desert. The sun in burning you and the only thing thats make you going is knowledge that humans are somewhere and the distance might be great but possible to go through.
Now same situation somewhere in space. The only thing you can see is stars. The distance is fucking humongous anywhere and you dont now where the fuck you are.

Pretty scary shit but you would have to be retarded to end up in a situation like this.

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how long would it take for you to take off your helmet in other words how much time you would need to lose any hope for help to come?

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The vacuum.

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The idea of getting stranded in space

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That no one can hear me scream.

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just gotta scream in radio

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Shoot him again, his souls still dancing

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I'll never go there

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that its fake

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Lack of hot english speaking aliens.
Somehow I'm not really confident about hollywood blockbusters.

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Finding out that determinism was right all along

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Its vastness shows how little the human race really matters, and therefore how insignificant my life is. I don't like thinking about that.

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>muh big space makes me insignificant
I've never understood this meme. Can anyone explain this shit to me?

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pseudointellectual popsci meme by rick and mortyfags and the like as some edgy atheist reaction to the equally retarded meme that humans are god's special creation.

that's it, really.

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I'm trapped paying off my family loans and my fears are that i'll never be able to go into space or have the opportunities to work near space related subjects or advancements because of said loans.

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