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Please don't tell me you /sci/fags are against believing in God.

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too bad there is no scientific evidence

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>fetishizing science

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Science doesn't concern itself with truth.

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there are plenty other boards for you guys, i’d assume for you two a good choice would be >>>/mlp/

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Science doesn't concern itself with truth though that has never been the purpose of Empiricist epistemology you fucking dunce. kys

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another dumb pseudoironic spamming trip to filter, thanks. sage, hide, and move on

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sorry godfag, not science, pick another board. >>>/x/

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I don't believe in god you fucking moron, I am speaking of the category of epistemology that is "empiricism" and that it does not, never has, and never will concern itself with "truth" that is not it's purpose you utter fucking ignorant moron.
Rationalism is the epistemic philosophy concerning itself with truth, Empiricism doesn't care at all about truth. Learn about the philosophies underlying your field of study or kys.

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would >>>/his/ work for you then? please stop off topic posting here

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No. "scientific evidence" is not the end all be all of research. In fact, it's way weaker than rational deductions. Meaning, if you could prove rationally that a God did/did not exist, you would not need a single shred of so called "scientific evidence" for "confirmation".
This board is for both Rationalist and Empiricist epistemology (it's science AND math) so threads like the OP do belong here.

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