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"Bees aren’t the stripey idiots we all thought – as scientists have shown that they can add and subtract, doing simple sums with 75% accuracy."

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They can also solve the traveling salesman problem making them smarter than CS majors.

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Despite being only 1% of the animal kingdom, Bees are responsible for 50% of animal attacks that are fatale

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Stop spreading lies, spider.

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Buzz off swarmnigga

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>Gorillas and bees are better at mathematics than blacks according to this IQ test
>Btw AIs are scoring 120 on the IQ tests also
Seems like your tests are shit if non-humans are scoring higher than humans.

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Bees are white.

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Bee wings can't actually produce enough downward force to lift the bee. The bee commits flight by ungulating upward faster than gravity's acceleration.

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Bees of course fly anyway because they don't care what humans think is impossible

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This is a measurement of how fast the subject can "re-think" a situation. There is usually only one critically thinking subject in an African tribe, and that is the patriarch. He has usually damaged the critically thinking parts of everybody else brains before they reach adulthood. In turn, most kids just stopped growing them.

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Still animals pale in comparison to the worst humans in all fields. These tests are shit.

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>lumping in bees with wasps and hornets
wasps and hornets are literally the niggers.
Bees are bros.

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This isn't a meme you dip, bees actually fly by using these bullshit physics pic related

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Animals trigger the SJWs.

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How can we close the IQ gap between blacks and bees?

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>can do math
>make honey
>pollinate stuff
>pretty harmless, rarely sting, and only if their life is threatened
>sort of cute
>feed themselves
>quiet and peaceful

>can't do math
>produce nothing
>loud, stinking, evil
>frequently harm others, for malice or for profit
>cost gibs
>can't feed themselves, always putting their greedy paw out for more gibs

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found the nigger

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>sci/pol/ being this retarded

I should have expected nothing less.

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Next: blacks vs. mosquitoes.

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