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Can't you go discuss religion somewhere else?

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>Can't you go discuss religion somewhere else?
What are you even talking about? Are you saying philosophy = religion?

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modern scientist do not respect philosophy because modern world is pretty technical and unphilosophycal itself. And because of it they aren't great scientist — they stuck in their fields cannot to see whole picture.

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Oh, this once more

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Nature isn't technical, its natural

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He never mentioned Nature for once.

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The modern world has nature in it.

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>The modern World has nature in it
So did the Ancient World. What's your point, brainlet?

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Whats your point? You are the one who is the brainlet, you are a nobody!

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I've always hated scientific journalists.

Real scientists are real humble, they tell you they don't understand the stuff, but when in reality they understand a great deal more than the presents. Who pretend that they know but irl they full of horse

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>has no points at all
Gee, you are pathetic. Kill yourself. Get out of my thread and die, brainlet.

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What makes you smart? Hmm?

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What makes me smart is that I didn't start making comments on others without having any point at all, you fucking brainlet. You made two posts without any single point. The burden of proof is in you to defend yourself from seeing you as stupid, not me, dumbass.

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I don't know anything about krauss really, but as for the rest of the right column:
I'm not surprised that people who mostly care about being liked by the masses also don't have any use for philosophy.
Unless you're some sort of special breed of attention whore, studying philosophy tends to be a personal endeavour that bridges the gap between the world as we talk about it, and the world as it is.
Needy attention whores like tyson don't actually care about understanding the world as it is, because most people in general don't care about that. they just want to see their pre-existing beliefs validated and reflected by celebrities.

As another example, the study of music and the study of math actually go quite well together, and i've met music students in my Analysis class.
but clearly justin bieber has no use for Analysis.

It almost pisses me off that you're contrasting these two columns of people - the left hand side is comprised of some of the most genuinely curious individuals i ever ever read about - the right (dunno kraus) is characterized by a mentally ill need to be validated by others.

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We all know that Idealism is superior to Materialism, that the true Big Brained Science Chads are Platonists (like their mathematician colleagues) and that stinky pseuds are the only people who think of philosophy as "useless" or some other such nonsense.

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rare quints

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left: scientists
right: meme e-celebs

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Left: learner
Right: know it all

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>state of /sci/
philosphy "students" are just people that cant use logic as well as scientists. the celebs on the right are shit, but its better then "god did it" bohr on the right. unreal. Philosophy is the equivalent of god of the gaps argument, you are claiming something is real that is beyond science.

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Bohr didnt say anything remotely related to, or about, god. Your bias is showing. You are either severely under or overweight

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in replying to Einstein "God dosen't play dice"
"dont tell god what to do"

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But there is a branch of philosophy that uses logic. Analytical philosophy

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Not science or math. Please relocate to /pol/ or /his/.

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the comments on the right are pretty much directed at analytical philosophers (phil of sci, language, etc.) i would assume
which says a lot about the ability of pop-pseuds to grasp basic logic.

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Are those all authentic quotes? If so saving the shit out of this.

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okay alot of the scientists on the left came up at the beginning or before
global cynicism of ideology and post modernism
the field of philiosophy was still booming ideas still talking about
philosophers talking about wittgensteins language games
and that one dudes chinese box
many other things that would influence technology and scientific advancement

the contemporary scientists on the right came up in a post modern highly cynical of ideology.
main philosophical problems were about ethics.
biggest issue for scientists was big bang vs creationism debate in school.
ever since then there has been a divorce between human spirituality and technological and scientific advancement
preferring to isolate their process of scientific method from any sort of spiritual practise.
consider how much scientists push the medical model of many mental health issues, opting to take a pill than to deal with problem on a more communal level.
sociology and psychology has largely become about manipulation and social control and coercion.
many of these scientists also say the same things
that many of the current questions in philosophy are to broad and vague and deal with too many abstracts, especially when it comes to explaining things.
this isnt the technical and concise terminology that scientists have been trained to recognize as more valid.

in short philosophy teaches people to be malliable in their thinking
and many current scientists are too rigid in their thinking that any philosophical questions make their head hurt, and just wait for their mid life crisis to breakdown, go crazy, and start to question reality their life and existence

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Philosophy is used to test our objectivism and is a useful toolset for a scientist, a real scientist that is. Those on the right fuckers have never published anything...

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>in short philosophy teaches people to be malliable in their thinking
>and many current scientists are too rigid in their thinking that any philosophical questions make their head hurt, and just wait for their mid life crisis to breakdown, go crazy, and start to question reality their life and existence

This it's a huge issue, considering that people look to them for objective answers, and something like creationism has to be with the way people was raised, conflicts with traditions so people always prioritize family and friends.

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Materialism is a dumb meme, if people can't accept this then there's no hope for humanity.

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>can only understand things in the most naive and literal way
Typical materialet.

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Superficial people have a superficial view of the world.

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Psychology should be limited to the objective study of the brain as an individual organ.
Philosophy should include all parts of current psychology that are not objective.
Metaphysics should be the new philosophy, the study of subjective law.

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If psychology is the study of behaviour, that's a really narrow view of what psychologists should do. Some of the most solid findings in psychology (behaviourist experiments) were done by people who didn't know or care all that much about the brain itself.
Also, cognitive neuroscience is already the field that focuses exclusively on the nervous system (which is what i think you meant by the brain).

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Quints of truth

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Most people accept this actually

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please explain me why would i refute materialism

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Unironically this.

Not to be cliche, but Nietzsche predicted the Last Man with frightening accuracy. I worry for a future that's in the hands of emotionally shallow man-children (especially those in my field, biology).

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Replace Dawkins with Hawking.

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>consider how much scientists push the medical model of many mental health issues, opting to take a pill than to deal with problems

This. I suffered with depression for years (really existential stuff) until I realised my problem was not merely biological and I started teaching myself philosophy and forging my own principles, value system, and ideals. The medicalisation of depression and divorce from its psychological/philosophical side is the most damaging aspect of modern psychology/psychiatry. In very few cases is it purely a biological phenomenon (nutrient deficiency, exercise, etc.), yet this approach has led to such a widespread prescription of medications that the medication of children with neurotoxic psychostimulants and SSRIs has become the norm. I've seen first-hand people's depression extended by the use of SSRIs, where they never unearth the root cause of their neuroses and instead, as their anxieties congregate in an amorphous, subconscious mess and their depression worsens, they are told that they should simply switch medications. (Aside: SSRIs can extend depression as the brain downregulates serotonin receptors to maintain homeostasis. While initially, they may boost moods, eventually as the brain adjusts to the presence of the drugs, depression returns, prompting the user to up the dose or switch medications. Worse, the withdrawal of getting off SSRIs usually makes the user more depressed than they were before using, so of course, they start using again. Similar story with other longterm psychotropics: dependency is almost inevitable.)

If the future of mental health is being determined by people who outright reject philosophical thought, we're fucked beyond belief.

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>in short philosophy teaches people to be malliable in their thinking
Uneducated are the most malleable, because they don't think at all and do what they are told by the authority.

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Malleable but not impressionable. He means malleable by one's own means, not by an external authority.

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If you mean USA, it's just big pharmaceutical lobby. Every pill you don't eat is their lost sales.

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The quints don't lie

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You mean they're not making those medications just for the betterment of humanity?

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Mathematics is a religion and sadly most mathematicians are extremists. That leaves very little room for philosophy

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Yes they are. All cited on Wikiquote, except for the Bill Nye one which was sourced from a Big Think video.

t. Person who made the image.

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I unironically agree with the right. Philosophy is pretty much a dead field. We haven't gotten any closer to the "truth" than the Greeks. Most of today's modern philosophers don't focus on the hard questions on logic and metaphysics like Bertrand Russell and Ludwig Wittgenstein. They just become verbose and pretentious leftist political/social commentators like Slavoj Zizek or Contrapoints, "We must support transgender rights because of metaphysical mambo jumbo, blah blah Hegelian Dialectics blah blah blah."

Reading Kant or Nietzsche won't allow me to think more critically or better. It won't allow me to do differential equations better, learn elementary particle physics better, code better. There is only some slight overlap between the analytical philosophy of logic and math, and that's it.

Nobody cares that you read some dead dude's opinions on morality and life. Lol, if you think that makes you intellectually superior than others. I would rather just cool off by watching anime or Netflix after a day of coding and studying math/physics.

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is that your philosophy

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I bet you read Brave New World and unironically thought it's a utopia. You're a pathetic, emotionally undeveloped man child and you will remain that way, forever pacified by mindless entertainment.

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Spoken like a true intellectual inferior.

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The actual state of west.

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this is either god tier bait, or you havent read philosphy past socrates

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Sorry, but I don't read meme books (or any books actually).

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This is pretty correct though it goes much deeper than you think anon

Continental philosophy is a complete waste and anyone that studies it seriously is pathetic

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t. pleb who can't even understand Hegel

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Okay, this is too good not to bait

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kek https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/08/health/world-health-breastfeeding-ecuador-trump.html

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>Your bias is showing
>You are either severely under or overweight

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