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>he fell for the “you need a college degree to be a legitimate scientist” meme

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what is a legitimate scientist? are methamphetamine cooks scientists because they perform organic chemical synthesis and have laboratories?

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>Imagine killing yourself for a phd

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A scientist is someone who conducts research. Useful research.
So very few people actually.

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Well, what the fuck is the alternative? Doing dangerous scientific experiments in your shed?

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give the university president a firm handshake and demand a lab and funding

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Published scientific papers.
BIG kek
Also this. It helps to have at least started some of it on your own, though. When unis realize you’re doing some genius shit without them, they pull strings and make exceptions.

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>Published scientific papers.
So if someone makes a groundbreaking discovery but is not published is not a scientist?
And someone who just regularly publishes useless articles with 5 citations each, is?

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Right so explain to me why a legitimate scientist wouldn’t publish the findings of his “groundbreaking discovery”.

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You need some learning to get the skills to do research without making errors.

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People aren't killing themselves for the PhD. They are killing themselves for the increase in income that comes with a PhD

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No research institution in the world will give you lab space, or funding, if you don't have the right credentials. Even if you were autodidactically educated to the same extent, without that accreditation, there is no proof.

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Pretty much this, good luck getting a lab to work in without a PhD and something to show for your work at a job talk. Think about dudes doing this shit on their own, "biohackers" are pretty much a complete joke and will likely do more harm than good.

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>he is a NEET

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>They are killing themselves for the increase in income that comes with a PhD
I thought they were supposed to be smart

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