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Does this board even have any fun inside jokes and memes like the other boards? You're all presumably 100+ IQ posters, so I expect you should have some to share in this thread.

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Honestly it's all just CS hate and IQ threads at this point

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This entire board is a joke

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And chosen major threads and hating on engineers, can't forget that

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There's in fact a number of good inside jokes in this board that this post is too short to contain

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>IQ threads, hating on engineers, majors

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there is this guy who says he can't build muscle

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This >>10372821

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In almost every thread. This >>10372822

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link to thread?

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>7 posts in an no PHENOTYPE
you fags disappoint me

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We like to pretend we are all climate change denying anti-VAX conspiracy tards.

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Anon ...

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>hating on people who make money and feeling superior because your numbers (defined by psychologists) are so big
It's almost as if people on this board were nerdy losers.

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>he doesn't know

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Is writing an answer to a simple question, filling it with TQFT terminology and then attaching a Yukari image board culture?
Based Fermatposter.
Please have mercy.
There's literally a thread up right now.

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Memes are things that only sub-80 IQ people enjoy.

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Are they too complex for you to understand? That's sad

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Why the homophobia?

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>Does this board even have any fun inside jokes and memes like the other boards?
why don't you lurk moar and find out?

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