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>Why yes I majored in computer science. How could you tell?

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kek haha funneh post

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>tfw I earn more than any other major
>tfw mathfags, physicist, engies, etc. are seething with envy
Its a good feel. You guys wouldn't understand.

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kek that's right can confirm as a cs mahjor

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>How could you tell
Well, you are sucking my dick for money for one thing

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I know you're memeing, but this is actually true in some sense. Computer Science is decently-paying field that doesn't need very high IQ or much studying, hence it attracts Chads. In Physics/math/chemistry you need to be a nerd who studies all day.

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>How could you tell?

The smell of stale urine.

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>cs attracts chads now
Since fucking when lmao, the cs department at my uni is filled with weeb autistic virgins

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Generic lame wanna be r/programhumor quotes t-shirt and same whatsapp status.

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I can tell because you're the IT manager. I didn't call you over to have a chat, I called you over to fix my printer so get to it!

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Y-y-yes s-s-sir.

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>actually thinking women are attracted to this

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>implying men aren't attracted to this

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>implying they aren't
Do you want some salt with that cope?

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What university do you fucking go to? Have you really never heard of the term brogrammer? CS is the STEM version of a communications degree and attracts people who want a job but want to fuck around in college, therefore attracts chads- at the very least brads.

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Not all women are into this but the ones that are are really into it. Also, the girls that are super into /fit/ men are 90% hot/fit themselves. Actually. I would say almost all women want to be savagely fucked by guys like this and then go back to their beta cuck providers

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I make 145k doing devops stuff 100% remote.

Also make 120k doing architecture stuff with Google cloud in an office

TFW when I make over a quarter million by do two jobs at once.

The twist: my IQ is measured at 145 and all I have is CS degree. I did the whole thing while working full time as a programmer.

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I’ve been working as an associate dev at a bank for 6 months, how do I get a 100% remote job? I wanna live cheaply in the countryside or move to thailand or something badass

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He is in fact a digital composite created by a female digital artist as her sort of ideal man.

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Thing is, there is a lot of demand to get a CS degree because it pays so well, so academic requirements for entry are much higher than any other department, especially at schools with good CS departments.

And while a lot of the content may not be inherently particularly mathematically deep or difficult, a lot of good CS schools require a lot of crueling (easy but long) busywork for assignments and such.

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Oh, indeed I am a physics major. How could you guess?

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>one day, i will major in math

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Dumb chemist detected

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Is that the case in the US? CS has a failing rate above 70% and a drop out rate around 60% in Germany. It is treated like physics or any other STEM subject when it comes to the requirement.

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I would say CSfags are people who physical look like nerds but don't have the brains of a nerd so to cope with that they choose a subject that is """related""" to high IQ subjects. Engineers are the chad ones

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You just have to look for them. The thing is they may typically have much more intensive interviews over video and screen sharing and make you do things on the spot. I had to break into a server and get some data in 30 mins on my first interview out of 5 of them and it was a complete surprise. They said it would be an HR interview lol.

If you are a developer you'd probably have to code some program or algorithms on the spot. None of the whiteboarding or psuedocode stuff.

Usually they look for people that have 8 plus years experience and are very reliable.

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>CS degree because it pays so well
No, programming pays well and brainlets see cs as the easiest and laziest way of getting their foot in the door.

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Biomedical Engineering

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This bitch literally called me a "compy" when I said I'm a CS major. The fuck?

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There were several buff muscular chads in my c++ class.

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how did you learn devops? Do your employers know you're working two jobs at once? How do you plan on putting them on your resume once you decide to move on?

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Im glad its not just Engineering and CS that gets trashed on this subreddit

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not that dude, but ive seen people who did a job that could be considered 'remote' and office job (full time) putting them both on resumes
or you can just omit what you did on that job if its not related to your new job

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They're a pecking order

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Im very tempted to go live as a hermit priest after i finish my CS degree, sounds comfy

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Hey faggots delete this too selective cunts.

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Because you are fat unemployed and cannot do Basic math

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You have that picture stored on your computer, that's how.

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>>Why yes I majored in computer science. How could you tell?
you and everyone else, good luck getting that job with 85,000 other CS graduates this year

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Those were engineers.

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Nah, honestly there's a lot of shallow assholes who think compsci is a free ride to lots of money, so they hit the gym as much as possible and skirt by in comp. They are in for a rude awakening when they realize they are competing with autistic genius coders who have been programming since 10, and pajeets who made it out of the slums on sheer freak brainpower alone

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>How could you tell?
Being a filthy fraud was a tip-off

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cs is not the same in europe as it is in america, generally speaking (if this site is anything to go by)
the vast majority of critisms of cs people on this site make just aren't valid for uk/european cs courses assuming the uni is decent

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>Computer Science is decently-paying field that doesn't need very high IQ or much studying

please try to pass algorithms or data structures class without studying

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Algorithms was easy. I only went to the first lecture, had a single assignment where I had to implement jarvis march and graham scan, then did an all nighter before the final exam and scraped by.
>thinking grades matters in this field

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