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How the heck is this acceptable to have pieces of your leg stitched to your face as plastic surgery operation????

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christ. that guy has courage. this ain't even funny, i would have hung myself immediately if i had this.

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Because medicine is primitive and there is no better option at this point.

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This so damn much. Though he might be glad to be alive though

We fucking stuck a piece of leg to a mans face

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This is some supervillain level shit.

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Hes lucky to be alive. On the good side if he produces something worthwhile scientifically he will get mad publicity.

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Would you rather an open wound instead?

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More like stupidity

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If a person would be in this position, killing yourself would not only be permissible but also seen as the best course of action by other people. Now, if you still cling at life because you're too scared to take control of your situation and die with a bit of dignity, then that would be the opposite of courage.

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>implying you wouldn't hold on life like the fucking coward you are
Don't cut yourself on that edge.

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This. They are even allowed to stitch my balls on my forehead. I don't have to look at it so i'm good.

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Yes, exactly.

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They had successful tests with kites on cargo ships to save lots of fuel. Never heard anything about it in a long time.

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> he has a girlfriend
> you don't

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Interesting, thank you for contributing

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You had to do it.

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>tfw girls find courage and heroism attractive
maybe I should go get half of my face destroyed in a car accident, then I might be thought of as courageous

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>t. triggered incel

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life is barely tolerable as a healthy young adult, I can't imagine having an injury like that and not killing myself

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Yeah, mankind


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Medicine is a trade its not academic. I'm surprised more bullshit like this doesn't get exposed.

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hello seneca
t. close minded brainlet

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But he had control of the situation and had the dignity and courage to fight against the odds.

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Whats the story?

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i would become a streamer or something. holy fuck.

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>i would have hung myself

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I think at that point I've have just made a few cool masks for myself and continued on as normal. No need for reconstructive surgery. Even natural looking prosthetic masks, which are uncanny valley, would look better than that. You can also get 3D printed prosthetic masks now.

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He had cancer. This is him pre-op

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yes giving up is always the most courageous thing to do

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"Tim was first diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma in February 2014 after complaining of severe jaw pain. An MRI revealed an egg sized tumour however Tim turned down surgery and spent the following 18 months seeking none surgical alternatives."

If he had just gotten it out asap he wouldn't have eventually lost half his face, yes?

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this, I would rather have died from the surgery than have a piece of my hairy leg stuck on my face

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>"Hey doc, my five pound face lump feels a little bigger than usual. Do you think it might be cancer?"

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>spent the following 18 months seeking none surgical alternatives
I'm currently caught somewhere between bewilderement, indifference and schadenfreude.

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>Heard you talking shit

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What's he eating? Nori?

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>"Bhey bdobg, bmy bive bounb bace bmumb beels a biddle bibba ban usual. Bdo you bink it bigh be cancer?"

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So it's completely his fault.

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you guys are such dumbasses getting triggered off a fuckin intermediate stage in a process. I would like to laugh when you get some minor surgery and when you see the immediate post op swelling you assess that your life is over commit le rational suicide. Actually the most ludicrous thing is that I know in 2 years or so when this guy looks more normal at least in silhouette, that because of his confidence he will probably have a normal romantic life, whereas you who think he should end his life, will probably never have one

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Being dead is better than being average looking, let alone deformed.

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>he will probably have a normal romantic life

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What if I'm fine living like that? Diffrent strokes and all that.

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To be fair the surgery was probably almost as invasive as what he got in the end. The trouble with tumors is you really have to get all pieces out and any tissue that was even tangentially related to the part where the thing was growing.

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Hey at least he got half his face. Believe it or not it could be worse. Warning: Cannot be unseen.


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Have you ever seen the pictures of people in poor countries where cancer treatment is sparse and their tumors are massive with no sedatives or painkillers. Shit is fucked up and horrific.

Offtopic soapboxing here but honestly if a person convinces/prevents another person/people to not seek an easy to prevent/mitigate or more life saving methods, that should be punishable with time or a fine varying based on position of authority and relationship to the victim.

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He probably meant using pieces of flesh from his leg to enlarge his dick

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why are you still around then?
just watch. not like, normal as in exactly the same as if he'd not had this shit, but within the 'normal range'

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How does it progress to this point before removing it!?

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This is the truth and you all know it.
Taking your own life is one of the hardest things a creature can do.
This guy is a burden to society and serves as a net negative on the whole. Him "sticking through it" is nothing more than being too scared to die, so he goes through the pain and suffering because it's way easier to follow doctors orders and post your progress online for fan support than actually taking your life into your own hands.

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Christ, if you cover the human side he looks like an SCP.
Absolutely deserved if the looking for alternatives meme is true, i had cancer and had to cut a ball down and be
left sterile, but i didnt think it twice considering the other option was for it to have a chance to spread and be left a monster like pic related.

Also he is probably going to marry and then going to divorce with an alymony worse than brendan fraser's

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suicide is "difficult"
but living is a lot harder than suicide in the first place because living is what draws people to suicide in the first place

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I may be ugly, but I'm not that ugly. What am I doing wrong bros?

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not at all true. You can't help but live. You don't have a choice. But suicide requires effort.

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I want to take a pick axe or something to that. I know it's a tumor, but what does it feel like? Is it hard and crusty like a bunch of scabs or jiggly and puss filled? How did he survive it getting so big? Surely it would have inhibited his eating and breathing long before that.

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How is that person alive

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Seriously, guys. How does it get to that point? It's not like it can grow that big overnight, right?

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through sheer willpower and ultra instinct goku concentration

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470 here i concur

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470 here, so im a dumbass because i have a different opinion then you? hmmmm good one. Thats definitely not fallacious anon xD. If you said that to everyone you'd be in question of your own intelligence.

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It's better than the old method.

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out you go >/lit/

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470 again also i never said he should end his life, I would never suggest such a thing as it is not my choice If you read carefully i said "I" would hang myself. If he chooses to live thats courage considering he is disfigured and now has to deal with people singling him out in public. As for some people this can be uncomfortable and depressing.

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>*record scratch* *freeze frame*
>you're probably wondering how I got into this situation...

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Jesus that's metal.

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What the fuck is that method. What's the thought process behind it wtf.

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Keeps the tissue connected and alive on one end minimizes risk of infection. Antibiotics had not been discovered yet.



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That image is pretty impressive considering.

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it's like getting fat, it just kinda happens

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Holy shit they fixed this dude. I am impressed

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Slavish dog devoid of spirit.

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What's the story behind that? The description and comments are in Vietnamese.

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look at this dude

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Flesh-eating bacteria

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I've seen how flies lay eggs and I can visualize the one that keeps landing on his scabs trying to deposit them. Might not be the case but yikes.

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That's before it was finished healing. All those kinds of procedures look awful when they're half-way done.
Later the swelling goes down and in some cases they do a final surgery to remove excess tissue and improve the appearance.

Pic related is him after the swelling dissipated. Not pretty but a hell of a lot better than having no lips.

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>lot better

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>Hitting yourself with a car for insurance fraud is more heroic than getting in a car crash and surviving

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.T Venom

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He won't be for long though, already looks starved.

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ugly lips is better than no lips

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why doesn't he wear a mask?
It would look cool like the phantom of the opera
imagine being to insecure to spare the eyes of everyone else

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If God exists he better be fucking good at apologising

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He missed his opportunity to look like Two-Face from Batman

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He missed his chance to look like Two-Face from Batman

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it wasnt funny

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Nah it was a pretty tame & unfunny LOL BATMAN GUISE xDD joke.
Something like this:
I wonder what his best side is?

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Well he actually did for a while.

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holy shit dude how is it even possible to live with that much exposed flesh

fuckin gus from breakin bad lookin ass

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Bandages, antibiotics and pain killers.

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Killing oneself is just a means of running away. In other words, an act of cowardice.

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Regenerative medicine when

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Buddy that’d be the only thing you’d be looking at.

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No because the thought of him existing in real life is funny you retard

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>"At first McGrath turned down surgery and spent 18 months seeking non-surgical alternatives "

Guy was a fucking moron. It's pretty much his own fault for letting it get that bad.

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