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>engineers actually do shit
>99% of mathematicians and physicists just mull around all day solving weird problems that will never ever benefit mankind and have no use
>the sum of all positive integers is -1/12

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>be engineer
>some schizo autist ((scientist)) comes in to our electronics lab
>walks around like an idiot for a while
>"h-hey how do I u-use this p-printer?"
>mfw scientists cant even use a printer

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true desu

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absolutely based thread

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>"specialized much?"

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Without the formalities of pure math, physics - and by extension engineering - would of stagnated in the 20th century. Read some history for fuck sakes.

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>pure math

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>walk up to an engineer
>ask him to calculate a Fourier transform
>he says he can't because he doesn't have his Fourier transform table with him

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hence the 99%
some of you autists, albeit very few, come up with useful stuff

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Shut the fuck up.
t. Engineer

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>implying we dont have it memorized after using it for so long

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>it's that one 40 year old diabetic "mathematician" who posts basic shit on /jp/ to make himself seem smart
>he's a yukarifag too

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>walk up to a pure mathematician
>ask him to calculate stress in a beam
>goes on endless tirade about tensors and algebraic properties nobody cares about

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'Very useful' is an understatement. Regardless, would rather be an unemployed mathematician than a glorified calculator

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>ask engineer to prove basic property of the real line
>they shit their pants and cry on /sci/ about it

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>glorified calculator
Engineering is the stem major with the highest amount of creativity required

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>major in engineering
>get to do something practical with ones life, can get a decent job
>lots of opportunity to pursue math along the way

>major in mathematics
>have to gloat on the internet to feel accomplishment

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>open /sci/
>another engineer made a thread complaining about proof-based linear algebra

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>Engineering is the stem major with the highest amount of creativity required

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>open up /sci/
>there's a touhou secondary who will die of a heart attack before 50 spouting drivel everywhere he goes

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Congratz on your banal cookie cutter life, drone #759392

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>log onto cambodian hemp knitting blog
>another dumb weeb ((((mathematician)))) brags to me about enjoying an even more autistic version of what is literally the easiest course in the whole math department

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>ITT: engfags who failed baby's first discrete math

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t. drone #879202

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>taking discrete math
way to out yourself cs fag

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>t. has to pause a moment and think when little cousin asks "So what do you do in college, anon? :3"
>"Haha, can you calculate was 5975*126.2 is?"

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>99% of mathematicians and physicists
only half true. most physicists work on real-world problems

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>mathfags think december 1st marks an infinite progress into the next year

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>engineers give a single shit about discrete math

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Damage controll here is on max. Starting to sound like poor engdrone didn't get their work term this semester because Ching Chang Zhong sniped it off them.

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>be engineer
>literally the editor of the world.

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They are fags

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there are people that actually believe this

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imagine being THIS assblasted over your own inferiority and shortcomings

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Than why is it that only engineers on this board spend time disparaging the other STEM subjects?

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Now I know the math shitposter who ruins my /jp/

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there's nothing wrong with putting haughty assholes in their place

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true, but engdrones do it in a manner resembling preschool children yelling and screaming uncontrollably. Never ever is it ever a constructive critique or argument.

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shut up nerd

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>math dweeb cant take the bantz

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Kill you're self cs nigger.
If there's something that engineering, mathematicians and physicists agree is that cs is for brainlets.

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>personal insults after two replies

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t. thinks cs is all code monkey business

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Fuck nootropics

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>insult lin alg braggatry
>math weeb think I'm trashing his personality
>proof based lin alg is his personality
take the bantz m8

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hook, line, and sinker

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thanks for the (You)

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>he literally brags about his sophmore level math skills on the /jp/ Japan/General board
pffffty ohnononono
>"I-I-I was only p-pretending to be buttmad!!"

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>hook, line, and sinker

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Like clockwork.

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the bune pictures make this thread worse than it should be

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Who's applied physics masterrace here? Actually do some shit AND have proofs for them

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This board belongs to Judy, fag

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Mathematicians boast of their purity and intellect. But amongst my peers it is groups of EEs and CS students that are publishing the most lucrative math/physics related papers because they create wprks directly applicable to industry. Truly we are the master race, mathematicians should be left to calculate my grocery tabs.

Pic related its a mathematics phd that was hired to count the amount needed for desk repairs at a south east chinese sweatshop.

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now THIS is bait

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Nigger most engineers do not even have a discrete math course because it simply gets mentioned on the side in cs courses and can be easily picked up. Who the fuck can fail out on a field which literally is built up to teach mathematics to a slab of metal and polymers?

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well my nation cucked me from becoming an engineer because MUH WAHMEN IN STEM.
so now i will become a grant-monkey sucking the money out of their pocket.
sucks to be them.

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Actually it's mostly math cucks complaining about useful fields like engineering or CS

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They have to do it that way because they don't know enough math to respond on their level.

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Not its not.

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This is literally the first time I've seen her here.

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These types of threads have always existed on /sci/, but I'm sad that they've been more prevalent in the last 4-7 years. Math is fine. Physics is fine. Engineering is fine. (Theoretical) CS is fine. They all have their merits, good grad programs, and generally solve each others' problems. Once you grow up a bit (I'm assuming you're either an undergrad or postgrad who wanted to stir the pot), you'll realize that nobody lays claim to all the work done in their field. Humility is important

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God damn you for engineers

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Which nation?

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>Random mather inverted the complex numbers pure math bullshit
>Plepineers use the complex numbers everyday


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>t. Biofag
>both unemployable and a brainlet
I'm truly /sci/'s final form

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Too bad you guys haven’t invented the shower and deodorant yet.

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Gay post. Mathematicians make the tools physicists use to understand reality. Physicist supply the understanding that allows engineers to create things. Engineers create the structures and devices that maintain civilisation for the normies. Normies mindless use the inventions of the engineers to swipe right for upcummies.

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>doesn't understand what a sum is

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Buddy, pure mathtards are the ones who don't shower

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>benefit mankind
Guess how I can spot high schoolers posting on /sci/.

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imagine being such a dumb furry that you have dozens of images of judy hopps saved to your computer

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guess how I know you're a seething math undergrad?

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engineering is just a wagie tier job with no prestige. Health care and law are the real chads

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based and redpilled

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>be engineer working in my lab
>a smelly weirdo comes in
>it is obvious he hasn't showered in a week
>asks me to calculate something, can barely make out any words from his heavy stuttering
>apparently he wants me to calculate a fourier transform
>several different applications jump to my mind
>ask him "for what application" and "do you want it done real time in hardware?"
>he is pausing, it is clear he has no idea what I was asking
>ask it again, slowly this time
>he is visibly shaken, apparently he didn't even know it has real life uses
>stutters "y-you t-too" then storms out of my lab

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but physics has stagnated in the 20th century

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>>10359628 >>10362390
This. Physics stagnated in the 20th century

Last Physics Discoveries:

Higgs boson (God particle) confirmed in 2012 ... predicted in 1964

Gravitational waves confirmed in 2016 ... predicted in 1915 by Einstein

String theory research started in late 60s evolved into M-theory in late 90s and stuck since.

Hawking radiation theorized by Stephen Hawking in 1974

Quantum Electromagnetism by Richard Feynman in 1948

Neutrinos theorized by Wolfgang Pauli in 1930, 1st detected in 1956.

Same for Nanotechnology, Solid State Physics, Plasma Physics, BioPhysics you name it.
All Stagnated.

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yfw to stupid to understand the torment of pure math. Get off my board Dr. Inexac

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That's the number of jews killed in le holocaust

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>be mathematician
>make some great strides in obscure shit no one cares about
>die poor and obscure
>200 years later, we are much more advanced
>an engineer actually has use for your weird math and makes a fortune
How can mathematicians be this cucked?

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>bait thread gets 80 replies
the mean age of this board must be like 20

>> No.10362628

>a bunch of undergrads
Sounds about right

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Right. Engineers ARE the most intelligent and creative people of our time. They CREATE stuff. They know how to actually APPLY knowledge.

>> No.10362730

Engineers don't do anything. They just draw up plans there's no actual manual labor involved. People in the field have to turn their wild ideas into realistic expectations

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>b-but muh useless degree

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I was on the subway a few weeks ago. During my ride, I overheard a young man from Long Island ask two other young men which stop to get off of to get to some place that I don't recall. Anyway, they answered his question, "8th street, NYU".
The conversation turned into what their college majors were. one of the young men answered "Mechanical Engineering".
"Oh wow, so you're like a genius then?"
I was irate. I immediately stood up, walked over to their group, and yelled "ENGINEERS ARE FUCKING STUPID". I was so angry I believe I would have stabbed one of them in the eye with my compass, but then the train pulled into my stop, so I was able to collect myself and flee the scene.

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Damn why are geometers so fucking autistic

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useless CAD monkey. Mathematicians will make you obsolete. I'll bet you'll never even become a good enough engineer to work with mathematicians. When you work on the cutting edge and are trying to run advanced hypersonic CFD that shouldn't be possible, you need mathematicians to reformulate the problem using esoteric maths so that it can be solved at all. Your stupid CAD monkey work is gonna be automated when mathematicians eventually find out there's money in it.

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fucking LMAO at this schizophrenic rambling

>> No.10365568

What about computer engineering?

>> No.10365621

is it a law that all shit threads must also contain furries?

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Yes c;

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This kills mensa

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>thinks we're the brainlets when none of his people ever get past Calc II
Give me some Chinese Remainder Theorem right now, bitch

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Jeez lmao

>> No.10367816

eh, physicists are alright
mathematicians are inbreds though lol

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holy shit, im gonna get a polo shit with that emblem on it, like a lacoste polo

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>Mathematicians make the tools physicists use to understand reality.
Maybe a 100 years ago sure. Most of the abstract mathematics of the 20th century and today is completely useless garbage that will never see the light of day

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You mean
t. Satan

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bump lol

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So many people unironically mad on the internet itt. Pretty cringe 2bh

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>benefit mankind

stay spooked kiddo.

daily reminder my response is the only high test answer to engineerlet normfaggotry

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Silence subhumans. CS is always harder than engineering. You niggers are wat worse than CSlets. The top is pure mathematics. after that, one needs to slam their heads into the wall so they can perhaps tolerate Physics. You have to lose further intelligence in order to tolerate CS. By the time you have reached a mentally retarded level of intelligence (~120 IQ) you are finally at engineering. The realm of subhumans that only exist to fuck some succubus that would make more engineers.

The CS faggots that are only in it for the job are like you, but the difference is that they still have to learn far more advanced math than you will ever dream of.

The only people you beat are Medical School niggers. Untermensch.

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now thats bait

>> No.10369778

all of modern alebra is used in crytptography alone. Topolgy is extremely useful for physics and chemistry. What math are you talking about that is not useful?

>> No.10369785

Reminder calling things "spooked" isnt an argument

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>3 days later and math niggers are still SEETHING

>> No.10369797

Proof in physics.
Sure buddy.

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>> No.10369967

>mathematicians literally get replaced by CAD in real life right now
>"Mathematicians will replace CAD in the future"
yikes, its an oof from me, lets unpack this

>> No.10371392

>posts stirner
>talks about high test in the same breath

the ironing is delicious

>> No.10371406

He did say last 100 hours, no? and I'd argue even longer than that. Mathematics has basically been settled.

>> No.10371487

>but the difference is that they still have to learn far more advanced math than you will ever dream of.
Calc I & II, Algebra I & II, Numeric Methods, Discrete Math, Statistics, Physics 101, Various programming courses
EE: Calc I, II & III, Algebra I & II, Physics I, II, III, Experimental Physics I & II, Linear Systems I & II, Fourier Differential Equations (in depth), Electromagnetism, Complex Variable Functions (in depth).

The only "math" CSfags have that engineers don't is Discrete Mathematics. Prove me wrong.

>> No.10371816

>The realm of subhumans that only exist to fuck some succubus that would make more engineers.
Holy shit this is wildly accurate

>> No.10371821

its the price we pay for not being brainlets
pure autism

>> No.10373789

The people saying that recent math has no applications probably didn't do their research. Topology, 19th century math and a seemingly very abstract, inapplicable area, has very important applications all over.

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>Tfw mathematician
>Tfw computer scientist
>Mfw engineers panic as their systems crash left right and center because they forgot a looping function could be exploited by a baseline infraction.

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>mfw decoys go off and I bulli your little "ghost in the shell" remake.

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CS is basically math++, i.e. a CS graduate is considered elite, capable of mastering in 1 year what math graduates do in 2 years. Deal with it!

World's elite universities will tell you right away that as their CS student you are considered the best group they have and that math students go slower than you are, and increase your load to crazy levels As a CS student, you are expected to master (continuous) calculus, discrete calculus (discrete math proofs, hypercubes for parallel algorithms), optimization (machine/deep learning, compilers), category theory (functional programming), logic (up to automated proofs, i.e. including set theory), differential equations, topology (computational geometry, distributed algorithms), probability and statistics (reinforcement learning, queueing), number theory (cryptology), graph theory (almost everywhere)... There is no functional analysis needed yet, but it's heavily used for PhD degrees anyway. You need to know all this down to the level of proving theorems if you want to achieve anything in CS.

While pure math & physics progress slowed down, the advances in CS are fast and accelerating. CS is the major of future. Math jobs are shrinking; CS jobs will grow even more than today. The AI revolution is here, from Google search to Uber pool to auto correct to recommendation engines, mathematicians are being left in the dust by algorithms from the 90's and just sheer brute force.

>> No.10373886

>the literal 1800s

>> No.10373893

Try Abstract Algebra, Numerical Analysis, Computation Theory, Complexity Analysis, Randomized Algorithms, Graph Algorithms, Combinatoric Algorithms, Linear Programming, Computational Geometry, Simulation and Queuing Theory.

>> No.10373908

>takes 200 years for your work to become relevant
math is even more thankless than literature

>> No.10373918

99% of all engineer's will be designing the mundane shit other people only can't do themselves because they don't know how to use a few different softwares and haven't memorized regulations.

>> No.10373922

How retarded do you have to be to even send that. First you aknowledge that math in the past takes 100+ years to find its application, than you say that recent math hasn't done that yet? Yeah, no shit.

>> No.10373929

>Abstract Algebra
Fizzbuzz and RSA doesn't count.

>> No.10374239

19th century is when it was starting to become its own field and recognized, according to Wikipedia, so I consider it 19th century math.

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