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>philosophy is useless to science

science is literally a branch of philosophy


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name me one time in the last 50 years where one scientist has said "the answer came to me from philosophy!!!"?

pretty much non-existant

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>Psychology isn't science/is pseudoscience

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it was more than 50 years ago but Einstein literally got General Relativity from Kant

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You both fail to recognize that the genesis of your entire line of inquiry is philosophical in nature.

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I'm not OP, but you employ a strawman. Philosophy is, indeed, not answering any scientific questions. What it can do (and I need you to follow me vary carefully here so you won't bombard us with another strawman) is inform methodology and structure of the scientific process.

I am a mathematician who works in theor physics and the most I hear about philosophy is from people who have no connection to science whatsoever.

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Philosophy? Why not just theoretical physics?

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Math is an outgrowth of philosophical logic.

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Maths is much older than the first Greek philosopher, not to mention the logic of Aristotle.

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philosophers equate philosophy to thinking, which ironically makes their field completely useless either way

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Have you read any article of Bohr, Einstein, schrodinger, Heisenberg ... About quantum mechanics?
It's literally just philosophy and it was philosophy that helped creating quantum mechanics

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I consider philosophy closer to politics and law than to science as it can be useful for producing social policies but isn't measurable.

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Ethics is the bedrock of science

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Just because it was once considered a branch of philosophy it doesn't mean it depends on it anymore

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philosopyhy GOAT

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OP is right. Science is a branch in philosophy. So is math and physics. Many of the well known philosophers were also scientists and physicists and mathematicians

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Without science they would not be able to actually philosophising properly.

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What's wrong with a field being useless? I don't understand the irony here

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No one cares. Philosophy is extinct as a field, and only pseudointellectuals reading material written over fifty years ago remain in it. Science has made it obsolete.

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>He's never done graduate-tier theoretical physics or abstract mathematics in an academic setting.

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>And then post-modernism slaps your culture!

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