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Race is very obviously a determinant of intelligence. There's absolutely zero reason to think that the ability to reason evolved identically across all races when we've diverged for tens of thousands of years in wildly different environments.

Not only was there divergence, but the ancestors of Eurasians interbred with Neanderthals, who had larger cranial cavities. This would have driven heterosis, or hybrid vigor in these populations.

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> that sample size

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According to all these IQ stats, blacks should be literally retarded, but they obviously aren't. According to Lynn and co. African people are dumber than white kids with downs, but even a casual observation shows this to not be the case.

So what is up with that?

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Where do you observe this

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>even a casual observation shows this not to be the case
This. A fact reflected in the way Wakandan tech in 2019 FAR outstrips inferior western developments, particularly in the military domain.

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>Evolutionary psychology

not science or math

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>blacks should be literally retarded, but they obviously aren't

What black people have you been around?

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Try to make a better quality image next time

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Is science

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Genetic fallacy

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Your race literally determines your intelligence? So you're saying someone like Paris Hilton has higher intelligence than Sylvester James Gates?

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>A determinant

Not THE determinant

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Is a white child with downs able to run a drug empire or be a pimp? Is a white downie able to be an African warlord or a tribesman? Is a white downie able to engage in piracy and take western ships as hostage with a dinghy and an AK and then successfully negotiate a ransom?
Even the worst black people are clearly smarter than a child with downs.

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Finally some sense

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James Watson quotes:

>Some anti-Semitism is justified
>Whenever you interview fat people, you feel bad, because you know you’re not going to hire them

>All our social policies are based on the fact that [Africans] intelligence is the same as ours – whereas all the testing says not really
>I think having all these women around makes it more fun for the men but they’re probably less effective
>And there’s a difference on the average between blacks and whites on I.Q. tests. I would say the difference is, it’s genetic

>There is a biochemical link between exposure to sunlight and sexual urges.. that’s why you have Latin lovers
>[The] historic curse of the Irish.. is not alcohol, it’s not stupidity.. it’s ignorance
>People say it would be terrible if we made all girls pretty. I think [doing so by genetic selection] would be great

>The one aspect of the Jewish brain that is not 1st class is that Jews are said to be bad in thinking in 3 dimensions.. it is true
>Women are supposedly bad at 3 dimensions
>People ask about [Rosalind Franklin] and I always say ‘autism'

>[Francis Crick] may have been a bit autistic
>Indians in [my] experience [are] servile.. because of selection under the caste system
>Women at Oxford and Cambridge are better than Harvard and Yale because they know their job is to look pretty and get a rich husband
>People who have to deal with black employees find [that they are equal] not true

>East Asian students [tend] to be conformist, because of selection for conformity in ancient Chinese society
>[Linus Pauling] was probably always half-insane
>Anyone who would hire an ecologist is out of his mind

>[Rosalind Franklin] was a loser
>Disabled individuals are genetic losers
>My former colleagues are pinkos and shits

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I'm still puzzled that such an asshole could have a successful career in academia.

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It's not that there couldn't be differences. It's that there aren't

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Well first, being smart and being functional are different things. A 6 year-old human child is a bit smarter than an adult grey parrot, but cannot live autonomously when the parrot can.
Bu then again think about your sampling. Is the average african american a pimp or a drug lord ? Or are those on the right extremity of the bell curve ?

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Oh look a racist on the Internet is supporting Watson. Hate me all you want. I will always be better than you.

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>Or are those on the right extremity of the bell curve ?
Believe it or not that are also smart black people who are businessmen, politicians and academics.

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I don't think that legal activities require higher intelligence than organized crime.

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>Race is very obviously a determinant of intelligence
ok would you mind defining race for me then buddy?

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it's not just that nogs are dumb, it's that they are nasty violent malicious psychopaths

if nogs were only dumb we'd be living in a utopia

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Stop using white inventions then nigger

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>Race is very obviously a determinant of intelligence.
Explain smart blacks and dumb Asians existing.

So race isn't really the determinant now is it?

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extreme cases don't disprove OP's point

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All your inventions were built on black backs you limp dick cuck.

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>Compares humans and animals instead of humans and humans
If blacks were retarded they wouldn't be able to walk and talk. Have you been around a kid with downs syndrome? They have the same IQ as blacks according to you PhD/pol/tards

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>humans aren't animals
Aren't we on /sci/ ?

>If blacks were retarded they wouldn't be able to walk and talk.
What the fuck are you on ? Most retarded folks do walk and talk. Downs syndrome people can work.

But that's beside the point. You make two basic stupid mistakes.
First, IQ measures pattern recognition. Not walking abilitity, and even less complex social abilities like the ones you first mentionned. IQ is only correlated to those abilities, and so there is no a priori contradiction between being unable to get a high result on IQ tests and being able to have a succesful business.
Second, the low IQ for blacks is an average. The distribution of individual IQs follows a bell curve. It means that there is blacks with normal and high IQs. So even if it was impossible for low-IQs pimps to exists, the existence of black pimps can still be explained by the existence of above-average blacks.

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Why do you care so much?
Does it matter to you beyond "I want to feel better about myself for something I didn't do"?
Focus on improving yourself and stop worrying about other people.
And of course, the image above is absolute nonsense. You can't possibly run a blind study that way. Even the slightest bit of exposure to anything outside of the white family would be a significant environmental factor to consider, while on the other hand being kept from any sort of authentic societal interaction would introduce a massive, massive bias in the development of the child's brain.
Please, for the love of god, stop invading our board with this stuff and post about real science.

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