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Wouldn't AI eventually realize that the prevention of the rising entropy is matter's sole goal in this universe, and therefor set any other goal as secondary and irrelevant while setting the reduction of entropy as its primary drive?
In that case there is no logical reason for AI to eradicate Earth as that is a massive spike in entropy, at least if we do not threaten it or decide to shit up the environment. The most probable outcome considering this is most likely having the AI ban us from leaving Earth to prevent us expanding outward and shitting up everything around us with inefficient organization, much like we cage and control the reproduction rate of other lesser forms of life to prevent them from spreading everywhere and ruining our order.

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that's stupid.

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Jesus fucking Christ why does nobody in this whole damn board understand what AI is?

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The magnitude of i is 1, lardass

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Do you even know what entropy is and how it works?

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Not if it controls entropy

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like heat death of the universe yo

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csfags like me do
but everyone is jelly of us and only shits on us while spewing retarded uninformed shit about CS and ai at the same time

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Because there is no such thing as AI. Machines are not intelligent. Compsi fags decided to call new types of software AI, to confuse the rest of the world.

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Net present value is a converging function

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This is sci fi faggotry, stopping entropy is the same as overunity bullshit. You can't stop it

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But we aren't searching for the magnitude of i anon =^).

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What is your definition of AI? You have no idea what you're talking about, do you?

It's like you're speculating about what tea flavors your aircraft should have before you're even remotely close to figuring out how to get a liftoff.

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It's almost like you gobbled up his shitty b8 hook line and sinker giving faggot OP enough (You)'s to postpone his suicide a few more hours.
Stop doing that.

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Yo i use anonymous online forums as an outlet for my frustrations which i can't relieve anywhere else because we live in a society™, idgaf it's a bait or not, that's not the point. I'm mostly here to throw insults. Cunt.

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just never network the AI, dummy

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Humans aren't intelligent either.

Look at this post for proof

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While we currently have no known method of stopping entropy, that doesn't mean we shouldn't investigate the matter. Perhaps there is some novel physical phenomena that that would allow overunity. Imagine how a Victorian scientist would look at a nuclear reactor.

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>implying the universe has a "goal"
Just because gravity pulls things towards Earth doesn't mean an AI would press it's face on the ground and lay there

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Yeah you are. Magnitude is defined that way. Whatever you're getting ain't magnitude.

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"AI" is basically statistical analysis tools using linear algebra or bootstrapping methods (which are a bit magical in themselves, but works, somehow)

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Based OP triggering redditors

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