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Guys i did it I aced my analysis exam!

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No one cares.

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I do ahaha lol

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feels good to be a gangsta

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Congratulations anon, I'm proud of you my boy. However this is just the beginning.

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Cute kid, come back when you ace PDEs (built on theory of distributions only, no bullshit)

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Good job, frog man

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That's great anon, hope you do just as well in your other courses. Don't listen to the memers, we love you

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Nice anon. You just aced an exam most engineers would be incapable of ever passing because we all know engineers are pseudointellectual retards and engineering is just a glorified diy profession.

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Congratulations you are smarter than 99.99% of all sub-saharan Africans alive today and that have ever lived.

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Congratulation fellow frogposter, remember not spending so much time in this shithole

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>>/tranny bathroom/

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What is analysis like? How smart do I need to be to do it?

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Cool, what did you analyze?

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Real functions

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Your future has no limit

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That's all well and good. Now get a job.

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Analysis is a technique to formalize every single intuition you may have had about the real and complex numbers. The thing is, formalizing everything requires rigorous set theory and topology, in order to make each statement as strong and applicable as possible, along with dozens of theorems to know inside and out. Every real question is a proof, although a particularly merciful professor may ask for a definition instead of a proof every now and again. The material is arguably not actually that difficult, but instead it's the expectation of rigor that, in most universities, is more demanding than any other course, and causes many to fail.

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Absolutely this, many of my peers failed because they were relying on "intuition" and "obviousness"

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i never took topology and did fine in both semesters of undergrad analysis

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Imagine being this mad about median salaries

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Oh yes, I wasn't trying to say topology was a prerequisite. There's just a decent portion of Analysis that would be considered topology, but it also depends on how much of the metric space stuff your university emphasizes in analysis, because I know some places have a whole separate class for that and only introduce some of the concepts in Analysis.

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Or you could refuse to get a job and go to grad school.

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part of undergraduate analysis is sort of an intro to topology, specifically to metric spaces. topology studies sets with a certain group of open sets prescribed, often from something other than a metric.

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