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Mathematics MSc here.
Feels good to be on top.

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What's the use of being on top of field purity when you're at rock bottom of your life?

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Theology is more fundamental than math, and it makes a lot of money.

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copefags are already replying

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And engineering is applied everything. Humble up mathvirgin.

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cringe factorial

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There mere fact that you have to brag about an MSc in Math means your undergrad degree was beyond fucking useless. If I was wrong, you'd be on here bragging about your salary.

Have fun adjuncting for your ego while living on the egde of poverty lmao.

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What exactly are we coping with?

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highest paying college majors are:

1. Computer Science $70,000
2. Electrical Engineering $68,438
3. Mechanical Engineering $68,000
4. Chemical Engineering $65,000
5. Industrial Engineering $64,381
6. Information Technology $64,008
7. Civil Engineering $61,500
8. Statistics $60,000
9. Nursing $58,928
10. Management Information Systems $58,000
11. Finance $54,900

12. Mathematics $54,018
>Math fags BTFO

13. Biomedical Engineering $52,814
14. Accounting $52,000
15. Economics $52,000
16. Physics $50,000
>Physics fags BTFO

36. Chemistry $44,000
44. Biochemistry $42,672
50. Biology $41,250
>Premed who failed to get into Med School BTFO


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couple cs with the machine learning and ai meme and you can literally achieve millionaire tier in 15-20 years while math majors cope in their subway lmao

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mathematics is just applied neuroscience

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>college majors
as if any serious math/physics majors think it's a good idea to not get a masters or PhD

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Lmao this is how CompSci majors actually see themselves

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>mfw switched to Physics because I'm vain and I want people to give a shit about my work

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based and redpilled

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Math is just applied autism.

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reality hurts, doesn't it?

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>tfw math and cs double major doing math in grad school

Feels good to both be high iq and practically skilled desu

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Literally same lol. Why do people act like you have to choose? Just double major to get the “complete” degree while focusing on theory and systems. What’s your grad topic? I’m in mathematical physics.

>tfw most physics majors are horrendous at math where you have to think rather than just plug n chug

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Based and redpilled

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based and redpilled

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There are always some fags appearing out of nowhere when a mathematician appears. And their ONLY argument is MUH MONEY. Mathematicians are weird, they don't need money to be happy with their lives.
Good job OP, and it's hard to argue with your picture, but isn't phd the top?

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based and redpilled

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>math & cs double major
brainlet spotted

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exactly, how the fuck do they not know that Perelman turned down a million dollars for solving the Poincare conjecture

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>Mathematicians are weird, they don't need money to be happy with their lives.
Non-Mathematicians are weird, they need money to be happy with their lives.

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>tfw this lack of mathematical maturity is the cause of lack of understanding sophisticated physical theory
>they still shitpost here
Theoretical physicists eventually catch up, but in the meantime it’s fun to watch them struggle with basic group theory. It’s the same story with theoretical computer scientists who have no math background.

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How so? Do you think I skimped out on multiple semesters of topology, analysis, and algebra because I double majored?

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>muh 1 in a million example
by your logic cs still wins lmao, 5 out of the 10 richest people are csfags
no it isn't. no PhD will earn you more than a good cs career

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How do mathematicians not feel bitter when they are the intellectual elite, have a degree that indicates high intelligence, problem solving ability, and the ability to learn computer science better and more efficiently than CS students themselves, but none of that is taken into account by society and your left with wage opportunities lower than that of Engineering and CS drones that had to retake Calc 3.

How do you not get bitter and consider society a cancer? How do you not ever think that if you took some 2 year track or something for business that you would be more deserving of a high position in a company than the average wharton graduate? Instead you're either being an indentured slave in acedamia or your barely making decent pay at some job.

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>implying money isn't the only thing that matters in life
would you rather live your life as a billionaire but nobody knows you, or solving all of the millennial problems and dying a poor virgin living with your mum?

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Because you are getting even more in debt only because your insecurity. The math required for CS grad school is trivial. And going into math grad school is a waste of time, unless you are one of the geniuses that have a math phd before being 18 years old.

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>tfw actuary
>tfw mathfag but emone
>tfw at least 50k entry level

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They're unironically self-satisfied masturbatory intellectuals, and I mean that in the best way.
They're the modern day monks, content with uncovering their secrets of their imaginary world, uncaring of the world outside beyond what is needed for life.
True mathfags are litterally some of the most enlightened and virtuous people you will ever meet.

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>How do you not ever think that if you took some 2 year track or something for business that you would be more deserving of a high position in a company than the average wharton graduate?

Yeah no, no way these asperlords could ever think of running a company

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Nobody told you that you have to think in extremities.

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The world outside you get's ever more difficult to ignore, even if you're detached from the internet and political circus the aspects of the cultural outside inevitably manifests itself within the university. If that weren't the case i would find the academic route far more acceptable, but i'm really not sure what to do. maybe i'm just far too pessimistic and bitter.

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Based and redpilled.

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Math is just Applied Language.
Language is just Applied Symbolism
Symbolism is just Applied Art
Art is just Applied Sociology
Sociology is just Applied Psychology.

It's a Circle.

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>1. Computer Science $70,000
>2. Electrical Engineering $68,438

The CS guys are doing webdev shit while the EE guys do the real programming.

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>no PhD
>claims to be on top
Thanks for the hearty chortle.
While you're masturbating at your faux pinnacle, others are passing you.

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>real programming
like what lmao

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literally the only argument when talking about any other degree, so why should math be exempt?

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>more in debt
I don’t have any debts from undergrad. All my financial aid was in grants/scholarships, and I never had to pay a lot out of pocket
>he math required for CS grad school is trivial. And going into math grad school is a waste of
Not every field is machine learning. My subfield uses a lot of analysis. Theory CS is unironically one of the most fun mathematics fields out there
>And going into math grad school is a waste of time, unless you are one of the geniuses that have a math phd before being 18 years old

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>management information systems is number 10

excuse me what the FUCK I thought that was a college of business major for plebians

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Backend, application, system, algorithms, firmware, simulation, etc

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based and redpilled

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EE guys do Embeded systems, Arduino & Hardware only

CS can do that plus a lot of more stuff
such as AI/ML, DataSci, Crypto, AppDev, CGI, GameDev, etc.

WebDev shit is for Self taught fags from lliberal arts majors & designers.

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Every EE I've met has been abysmal at turning solutions into code, even with VHDL. Unironically the best systems/embedded code came out of the CS department while all the EE and ECE people were Matlab/Cadence monkeys who thought their intro to C++ class was all CS ever was.

Also, you do know there's a wealth of other jobs out there that do need qualifications right? Webdev is what you get a degree to avoid doing.

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that's not much, but at least you won't be forced into early retirement at 30 due to CS ageism. Actuary salaries keep growing as you get more experienced since a lot of the day-today work requires intuition that comes with experience.

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No, engineering is just really gay

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the ageism problem in CS is not the age per se.
It's that Older devs stick to obsolete tech.

Older devs that update their knowledge keep atractive to employers.

Because in Tech:
Innovation+Experience > Innovation alone > Experience alone.

Math or Physics progress is slow.
A more stable job by one hand
But less innovative & exciting than CS.

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This as well
Mathematicians rise up!

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>such as AI/ML, DataSci, Crypto

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if you discover or push something new in your field, congrats if not, you are just average pal.

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read the comments too

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What are you smoking?
AI/ML, DataSci, Crypto are full of CS grads

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>Mathematicians are weird, they don't need money to be happy with their lives.

But they always need to brag about how superior they are.

>I'm a mathfag
>I've nothing besides math
>Pls, worship me

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>mathematicians don't care about money
>by your logic, cs is better because it makes more money
>by your logic
Well, I guess we now know why you're a CSfag.

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Check this CS paper on ArXiv.org

The paper applies Differential Geometry, Topology & Analysis on Manifolds to Deep learning.

Most undergrads are brainlets in any major.

CS PhDs are top tier & use a lot more math than Engineers or Chemists.

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>logician smoking weed where rightspace goes to null

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what the fuck is up with that Buddha model

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yes, but blaming older people for sticking to something is easy until you actually become old and realize how tiring it is to constantly reinvent your skillset despite your decreasing NGF/fluid intelligence/neuroplasticity Compare this to fields like public policy, management, or even research where intuition grown with age thanks to the core aspects of the field staying somewhat constant throughout your career. In these fields, the top level of achievement (president, CEO, Nobel laureate) is much older than the age of top developers, although this might just be a reflection of how new software engineering as a common occupation is.

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>yes but constantly learning and adapting is hard
fuck off brainlet

>> No.10323873

I said it gets harder as you grow older. Why do you think the average age of a google engineer is 29, while over 60% of government employees are over the age of 45?

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Pure sciences pay well if you get an advanced degree. That is what people do if they are serious about it.

>> No.10323888

CS is literally more pure than physics or chemistry

>> No.10323889

>he thinks a blog post is a credible source

found the engineer

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based and redpilled

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Pretty much engineers in general tbqh. Mathfags and physishits in absolute damage control.

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Source is not scholarly or credible, try again, CS brainlet

>> No.10325969

>I don't like it so it doesn't count
well, Glassdoor is more credible than you since it's a fucking job search engine, you know?

>> No.10326030

It’s actually closer to some cyber security jobs. Obviously not like pentesting or reverse engineering, but on the hr side of things with developing company policy and communicating good computer hygiene practices etc

>> No.10326042

This is funnier if you read it right to left

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I don't see engineers, it must be out of scale

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I agree that Computer Science is lower than chemistry but why did you put it so high?

>> No.10326433

because Computer scientists earn the most and nobody cares about "muh purity", dummy

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why is medicine and biology labelled as winter

>> No.10326678

Have fun being CS fags and competing for jobs with H1B indians who will code for minimum wage

Math PhD

>> No.10326704

This is true really

>> No.10326722


This is really true

>> No.10326728

More like a willing victim of treacherous tautological teaching.
>Teacher teacher, how do I do X?
>What's an MRes?

>> No.10326775

>muh indians
retard who can't differentiate between webshits and computer scientists No. 2342

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> On top of worst paid jobs and hardest career path with no permanent job ever...


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The seasons were one of the newer additions as generalities, and the position of things changes slightly and evolves over time as the logic involved improves. The seasons being where they are is a byproduct of the 8 elemental categories that were already determined. That is the 4 primary elements dictate that, Earth is cold, the definition of a solid, material, ie earth, water is wet, fire is hot, and air is dry. That makes the secondary elements Life, which is water and earth, mud, how you grow plants, organisms, etc is wet and cold, oil, or alcohol, which is fire water is wet and hot, light is fire air, and dust is airy earth.
Then, when contemplating where the seasons go, you get 2 main choices. You do single association and say winter is cold, summer is hot, spring is wet, and fall is dry, which works ok, and put winter by chemistry and earth, spring at water and psych., summer at fire, and fall at air. However, it was deemed slightly more accurate to do double associations and note that winter is the cold, wet season, spring the warming wet season, summer warm and dry, and fall, dry and cooling. That shifts all the seasons by 1 position clock wise compared to the single associations.
It may evolve back over time or if enough people argue for better positions. As it stands, the seasons take up the quarter of the circle where they are placed, and it is understood that their position denotes the middle of the season. It means the beginning of winter, the Dec. solstice at Chemistry, which corresponds to the middle of the cold portion of the circle, that is the coldest position according to the orbit, even though the atmospheric delay and conductive delay cause it to still gets colder into January and February. So it's true that life needs warmth and energy to grow, but what does it grow out of? The cold and wet. Also, while life thrives in the spring and summer, it often starts its seeds in the middle of winter so that it can "be born" in spring.

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Math is just applied logic; and logic is branch of philosophy.

>> No.10327530

You do know that the idea of thinking about your surroundings is philosophy right? Philosophy is the idea of thinking and is the most pure science of them all.

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Hey, Math/Compsci anon - I'm considering applying for the same but I also want to know quantum physics/mechanics at a physicists' level as well as topology and compsci stuff.
Which uni are you doing this at? Asking so I can look at the modules you're doing cuz it sounds good.

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Wtf? My grandpa makes 200k a year cutting down trees and plowing snow. Can't believe no engineer job averages at 100k

>> No.10330104

This, but you make one huge mistake.
The continuum is both physically real as well as existing in an idealized form. Mathematicians understand the "real world" better than all other people, including physicists.

>> No.10330114

honestly /sci/ is not science at all
you guys are just wanking over who is the smartest and who makes the most money

>> No.10330123

I kek'd

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based, and dare I SAY IT RRED PILLED

>> No.10330566

I would take a poverty line income if it meant being smart, my brainletness kills me everyday

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>having sex with a female

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I don't know why /sci/ doesn't consider computer sciences a real science, I know that there's a lot of fat virgos with video game t shirts who makes shitty apps and games that can barely do arithmetic problems but if you really take this career so seriously you could develop new technologies that can benefit other scientific fields like medicine, chemistry, physics, etc.

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>being THIS delusional

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you don't even know the result of 2^0,5 and wanna tell me about your degree?

demonstrate it to me with algebra

>> No.10333089

A good'ish (say top 25%) car salesman make 85k+/yr. FUCKING LMAO AT WASTING 4 YEARS OF YOUR LIFE TO BECOME A ENGIKEK AND MAKE EVEN LESS.

>> No.10334803

Get off my board, username fag. REEEEEE

>> No.10334972

based and redpilled

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How is math applied language? Math isn't just about MUH SYMBOLS, it's just that you need notation.

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successful compscis literally fuck more than the rest of the stem fields combined. the only semi stem people who fuck more than that are finance chads

>> No.10335276

Unironically theology is the purest field by definition.

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