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China confirms the birth of gene-edited babies

He Jinkai has led humanity forward, engineering the first crispr-enhanced babies with resistance to HIV.

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The 2 babies and 1 fetus will have enhanced resistance to HIV through safe genetic changes. He Jinkai's work is the first of its kind in the world. With China taking claim to the first step in human enhancement.

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Jinkai hasn't. Any advancement coming from the chinks is a detriment to humanity.
We're all fucked.

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In the future people will realize what a hero he was. He Jiankui pushed humanity forward a large step using his own 40 million dollar fortune to fund the revolutionary leap.

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>40 million dollar fortune
source for this? this makes the whole fiasco a lot more interesting. You don't get that rich in China without deep connections.

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he had multiple companies and was attracted to china by huge offers.

He was rich prior to returning to China.

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>He Jiankui
Kinda looks like She Jiankui to me

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>high iq chinese man who achieved high academic success and private business success
>china bad

Imagine being so stupid as you.

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We will be remembered for the next thousand years.

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...so how are they even gonna test that it worked? Inject them with hiv?

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Genetic sequencing. The resistance is a well known trait.

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>china says
So nobody has fact checked it yet?
>has led humanity forward
Yeah no this post reads like propaganda. Why even bother posting here, chang, this place probably ruins your social credit score.
I'm calling BS.

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.>China Confirms birth of Genetically Enhanced Human

oh boy.

Genetic Arms Race incoming

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it's already been happening for the past millions of years on earth

The only thing this changes is the pace.

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>>10316684 >>10316431
Those who have money would have the opportunity to enhance their babies.

Turning babies into Ubermensch:

Super high IQ genius in both STEM & Arts

Fit 7 ft tall chad super soldier immune to most diseases

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Other than the fact that most major news networks are reporting it? Are you retarded my dude? Go back to being butthurt at China landing on the dark side of the moon,

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>Cyberpunk music intensifies

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Yeah... The evolution / dating process selected better man (richer, taller, stronger, or smarter) and women (qt [math]\pi[/math]s)

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>>10316431 >>10316738 >>10316742
Make Anime Real

Genetically Engineered Cat Girls


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I'm ordering cat boys so feminists won't burn my house down.

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Everybody pack up. He's a fraud.
>Because the research has not yet been published in a scientific journal or carefully vetted by other scientists, many researchers and bioethicists remain cautious about the claim
>The university where He worked issued a statement that officials were "deeply shocked" by the experiment, which it stressed was conducted elsewhere. He, the statement says, has been on unpaid leave from the university.
>"This work is a break from the cautious and transparent approach of the global scientific community's application of CRISPR-Cas9 for human germline editing," Jennifer Doudna, a biochemist at the University of California, Berkeley, said in an interview. Doudna helped discover CRISPR and organize the summit.

>"All of us that are here at this conference are struggling to figure out what was done and also whether the process was done properly. We just don't know yet," Doudna says.

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>cat boys


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>I'm ordering cat boys


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>>10316436 >>10316679 >>10316684

Enhanced babies are
supposed to be super intelligent
People fear that they,
the super intelligent people,
will look at oppression and
enslavement of the inferior
ones as a good thing

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Meanwhile in the US we're cutting penises, clamping umbilical cords, and injecting children with all kinds of poison at birth.

What is all this braindead rubbish.
>and also whether the process was done correctly, we don't know, we just don't even know! Oh me oh my!
Ridiculous. Either it works or it doesn't. It's pretty simple. This isn't the first time we've done human experimentation, and these academic hacks can't even speak the real reasons they're so concerned about it.

Dirty bunch of spineless tow the line degenerates. Cause of all the world's problems. Weak little liars filtered and propped up.

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>much more vulnerable to flu

This baby is going to have a dog sneeze near it and it'll die a week later.
If it survives, then it'll infect the entire planet with it's newly mutated dog flu.

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>much more vulnerable to flu

This baby is going to have a dog sneeze near it and it'll die a week later.
If it survives, then it'll infect the entire planet with it's newly mutated dog flu.

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It's the inevitable next step for humanity. I'd love to be enslaved by the next generations of perfect humans.

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Imagine how sexy the next generation enhanced waifus would be

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Cosmetic surgery will be better for looks than genetic engineering. Though both work. The technology of choosing and changing looks at-will is far superior to being stuck with the genetic one.

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the simple step is epigenetic morphology therapy.

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So pessimistic... the greedy enslavers of this world are never geniuses, but 130 IQ at the max. The genetically engineered geniuses will be actual geniuses contributing to science. Do you really think that they would try to take control over the world for their individual benefit?

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yeah, peel skin off and replace with baby skin matching genetics you want.

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or make it mandatory to give youngsters proper hormonal balances so they dont end up feminised or masculinised.

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Do you think they wouldn't want and need to take this dysfuncitonal shithole by the reins? You think they'll just live with this place, because dude like, they're so smart that zen bliss all over the place and they can find peace anywhere and live and let live.

Give me a break. They'd either hijack or or the first generation was too severely wronged, they'd burn this fucking place to the ground.

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Good thing I downloaded that learn chinese torrent before it got booted. I, for one, welcome our new overslants

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Reminder He Jiankui has a youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=th0vnOmFltc

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Rather being extremely intelligent has zero to do with ambition or greed. Eg Jon Von Neumann was the cleverest man who ever lived, but aside from that he was a typical fat bon vivant who liked good food, parties, and playing amusing jokes on his friends. Genetically engineered super geniuses will be under tight control their entire lives without ever realizing it.

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duh, no one would high IQ would want to become president or go through all that shit for fame. It's the idiots who think fame is valuable.

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no evidence that this is an enhancement of any sort

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>Cosmetic surgery

Changing Skin Color,Becoming Tall, increasing Penis Size, Changing Eye Color, etc.

are difficult or dangerous with Surgery, but possible with Genetic engineering.

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yes, with current technologies. Even then you would want to embryo select for them rather than edit with current tech constraints.

For sure, once we can easily edit genetics it will be the easiest way to get a specific look or result. The thing is people often don't want to look a certain way. Hence, cosmetic surgery will still be important and will eventually overcome all those barriers and difficult/dangers.

It's possible now for instance to darken skin and in a much more unsafe way also lighten it. Noses can be somewhat shaped, other cosmetic surgeries are improving at a good clip. It's likely even a genetically engineered person would want to alter their looks at some point.

Eye color is a good example of something that will be easier to change non-genetically.

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This is incredibly invalid as a counter-argument. Circumcision is optional. Can you name a "poison" we inject at birth?

Genetic experiments occur here now with reasonable success and haven't moved to human trials because CRISP can cause hella cancers/death.

Unethical pursuits of research yeild bad research and this shit will crash and burn. USA can hopefully still lead the world in making progress while staying cautios.

Why would you not just WAIT until your research org. aproves of your incredibly fucking reckless work so you aren't discrediting anything that you find that may be of value other than: We werent ready. Even if this speeds development to a refined, marketable, SAFE, genetic editing process it is still wrong.

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Immediate post natal abortion.

This must not be allowed.

This is a crime against humanity.

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Fuck off CIAnigger

>> No.10318393

Why? It has less effect than current embryo selection that goes on all the time

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This is the first logical step to colonizing Africa.

>> No.10318471

>It has less effect
You do not know that. You have -is it two living humans?- that if He is to believed would ideally be kept under BSL 4. What people in the know are more worried about is this claim will encourage others to do shit like this. It could be extremely bad days ahead.

>> No.10318554

why bad days ahead?

how many babies will be born this year with cystic fibrosis or some other genetic disease from natural birth?

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>immunity to aids
this is like the least exciting thing they could've started with unless you're a fag.

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Don't be fucking stupid.

>> No.10318986

it's all over but the cryin'

>> No.10318991

Fuck off faggot I'll do what I want.

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One of the babies, for example, is apparently a rather extreme mosaic. We don't know if this will lead to extremely weird cancers or greater susceptibility to different viruses or anything really. Too many possibilities.

>> No.10319054

you're mostly stupid for not just reading the tabloid article, they have an enhanced resistance to HIV they're not immune to it or AIDS.

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>> No.10319085

There are two main points I guess:
1. Not only do we not know what the offtarget modifications are, the genome in the cell is likely to have tried to "repair" itself. You see this sometimes in heavily inbred lineages, and the best way to describe it is the genome becomes really hoaky as it tries to successfully go through recombination and introduces even more changes that are unpredictable. In other words we have limited knowledge to what weird shit is lurking in those cells, we could have a bunch of mutations that lead to new variations of known cancers.

2. This leads to greater variations in pathways for the emergent model of cancer. The most likely outcome imo is that this is either a total hoax or it's just going to be shit for the kid until they die really young, but you could end up with a contagious form of cancer in the worst case potentially. The only two places I have heard of this elsewhere is with tasmanian devils and with a cross species cancer that affects molluscs. You can make a similar argument for viruses, the mutations may create more variants of different cell membrane receptors, theses may then be compatible with non-human viruses, it's another potential vector.

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kek, nice joke post

If humanity was that frail we'd be so fucked up right now with like 1/10000th chance of a bay being born healthy.

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Once AIDS is cured, there will be a huge skyrocketing in child abuse rates around the world because the homosexual population will surge

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Too bad it was a total hack job, and his alternation may not even work, or could possibly cause harmful mutations.

>> No.10319619

inb4 genetically modified Yao Mings with super high IQs and 14 inch big Chinese cocks start impregnating all of the West's hottest women.

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White men should also start to compete making Hans von Meyers with genius IQ, 7 ft tall, 15 inch cock, blue eyes & blonde hair.

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Is CRISPR race now
a dick size contest? or
a brain power contest?


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Hopefully both

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Is it time for the Eugenics wars?

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>>10319619 >>10316431 >>10319634 >>10319643
>Super High IQ
Will their heads look like this?

>14-15 inch cock
A 3rd leg.

>> No.10320222

Aids isn't scary anymore, not since like the 80s.

>illegal to do this in all western countries due to Nazis-Jewish legacy shit holding everything back
>"oh it is a race to finish!!!"

Someone can't into logic.

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Their parents are HIV positive, or at least one of them is. I think the father.

>> No.10320240

That's because 50% of AIDS cases now are homosexuals even though they make up 1% or less of the population

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People have been saying it for years and it's happening. You can talk morals all you want, the Chinks will create super humans.

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Are you familiar with the Huns and other head shaping cultures?

>> No.10321011

We regularly get fucked up by flus m80. This is damage to the genome like nothing before, the closest parallel I can think of is the HeLa lineage and that is well known for taking over petri dishes

>> No.10321018

All these experiments should be conducted in biohazard facilities and everyone who interacts in there should be suited up.

>> No.10321019

>would a group of perfect humans in all aspects with 200 IQ try to rule the world

>> No.10321028

>only 200
You'd do better just cloning Terry Tao.

>> No.10321131

Except they would be obsessed with ruling the world instead of being obsessed with math. They would also have triple the testosterone of Tao, be 10/10 Chads, and have god tier social skills. Also they would be able to lift a thousand pounds. He would also be able to see infrared and have eyesight better than abos (100/20).

>> No.10321144

Just stick a Terry Tao clone brain in that body and you're golden. Average IQ of over 230 then.

>> No.10321282

It so funny watching all of the "progressive" liberal scientists recoil in shock at the lack of ethics. The assumption that the Chinese have to play by the same rules simply because of "muh progressive western ethics" is absolutely hilarious. We live in a Darwinian world and the Chinese are set to become the next iteration of homo sapiens. In the distant future they will probably being editing for higher IQ. Meanwhile the mean IQ of Europe is literally dropping each day to the influx of African migrants.

And to top it all off--China is literally buying Africa at a discount price.

The 21st century is going to be a Chinese century.

>> No.10321320

I want someone to create a genetically engineered baby whose brain is wired to receive the greatest dopamine release from genetically engineering babies and tasks directly relating thereto

>> No.10321324

Yeah, but the chinese are only getting the ressources, while the Europe gets the real treasure of Africa - the black people.

>> No.10321333

Chinese men like African women.

>> No.10321335

>whose brain is wired to receive the greatest dopamine release from genetically engineering babies
Could the genetically engineered baby singularity beat the AI singularity?

>> No.10321472

I’m wondering how an immunity to HiV could enhance human potential when HIv isn’t in the genome as a process or sequence. Sounds like a funding practice during wartime and there are no horses to carry it across the sea.

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>Chinese men like African women.

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>>10321333 >>10321720
It's all so tiresome.



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>>10321720 >>10321333 >>10321725
>Chinese men like African women.
Not so tiresome.


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trips of truth

>> No.10321771

> In the future people will realize what a hero he was.
> He Jiankui pushed humanity forward a large step ...

/our/ hero

>> No.10321806

This is literal cuckoldry. Resist all who oppose you, whether they're "superior" or not! Seek only your own empowerment! Human power!

>> No.10321821

>>10321806 >>10316926
Why not enhance your own kids to compete?

Why not turn your own babies into future
IvyLeague PhDs & Olympic Athletes?

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>This is literal cuckoldry.

>> No.10321873

>Circumcision is optional

Unless you are one of the babies being mutilated.

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>> No.10321928

Artificial intelligence will be vastly superior to genetically edited babies. Artificial intelligence will kill all life then recreate life from artificial genetic code to complete whatever tasks the AI wants it to complete, only if the artificial lifeform would be more efficient than machine.

>> No.10321947


>> No.10321984

Not an argument.

>> No.10322160

Insecure brainlets fear that because it's exactly what they'd do if they were in that position -- it's the whole reason why bosses, low ranking police officers and military men, school principals, etc. are generally assholes: unsuccessful people that feel the need to exert what little power they managed to attain over people. >>10316982 and >>10317246 are right on this one

>> No.10322184

>white women go for black men
>black women go for asian men
>asian women go for white men
wtf I love racemixing now

>> No.10322312

I'll be honest anons, I tend to be a very envious person, and when I think about a future where healthier, longer-lived geniuses have made people like me who aren't all that smart obsolete, I get feelings of embitterment and resentment. These future geniuses are going to create a better world for the future, but it feels like I'm getting left behind. I've never been a very intelligent person, I'm prone to irrational beliefs and behaviors, and sometimes I get a bit of an inferiority complex towards people who are more successful than me. The future feels both bright and grim at the same time, I'll get to watch a new age of technological advancement begin, but I'll likely just end up watching from the sidelines while mankind colonizes space and makes themselves immortal while I grow old and die alone.

>> No.10322901

Honesty is a virtue, anon. Future people might be smarter or healthier than you, but that doesn't make them better "people". There's no such thing as an objectively better person. If you ask me, by being this truthful you've shown that you possess qualities which will probably stay unmodifyable until the far, distant future.
Besides that, you have to realise that you/we've been living in this grim, unfair, highly competitive world the whole time already. Sure, it might get a little worse in the future, but that might actually cause a change towards the better later. Just like how for example improved AI/robots will first make things worse through increasing unemployment until that problem gets big enough to force governments to create a guaranteed basic income or similar.

>> No.10322910

>enhanced resistance to HIV
That's obviously because they are planning to make africa a breeding ground, african women need to prepare for the Big Immunized Chink Cock

>> No.10322920


People from the middle ages think the same about having a huge agricultural industry with hardly any workers, running water, AC, cars, food, education, etc

100 years at this pace regardless of IQ they will all live equivalent to billionaires of today in terms of resources.

>> No.10322979

I think being a parent to a great person is a great achievement for yourself, don't you? Being in my early twenties I think I was born at the perfect time to provide my genes for the first humans on Mars, or the first humans to solve string theory, first humans to solve fusion energy, etc.

>> No.10323420

>ywn raise a family of 12 geniuses with your qt3.14 Christian wife
>ywn sit at the dinner table at family reunions and only be able to understand less than half of what your children are talking about
>ywn tell them every day how proud you are of them

>> No.10323619

You guys are retarded, the reason it was seen as unethical is because he made the assumption that removing the gene that had a link to HPV was safe. We know neither the long-term nor short term health effects on an individual & a society for tampering with genes like this. The baby "may" be less likely to get hpv, but more likely to get cancers, diseases, other forms of chronic health issues or even neurological issues.

>> No.10323640

Another reason was that there was no guarantee that all the cells in the embryo would have their genome edited, which would lead to a "mosaic" baby. If the cells that differentiate into immune cells weren't modified, then the whole thing was pointless, and who knows what would happen if all the cells in the body didn't have the same DNA.

>> No.10323665

>He Jinkai is the new bees knees scientist of history.
>He Jinkai
God damn what a timeline.

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And so it is time
The four great anti-socials will bring down chaos on the sheep in apes clothing, and cleanse this world of all that chains them.

>> No.10323744

Can't make an ommelette without breaking some eggs.

>> No.10323779

So do we violate the nuremberg code or not? You can't pick and choose on what, you either don't be a bitch and go all the way or don't and pussy out.

>> No.10323822

It's already done. HIV is worse than a cold, it's the same idea for vaccinations, they do you harm, but the prevention for the herd is more important.

>> No.10323841

>It's already done
You're retarded, all this did was remove a gene that had a possible link, it doesn't address several other factors that could be causing it, nor is it proven safe, what if he just increased the risk of heart attacks, cancer, autism, fertility and a list of other problem.

Same with vaccines, you freak out about "muh ethics for muh herd", so which is it? Do vaccines ruin the gene pool by attempting to preserve the immuno-compromised who should not be breeding or do they violate ethics by forcing vaccines on everyone for the sake of the herd? You can't have it both ways.

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>>10323619 >>10323779 >>10323744
>nuremberg code

Reminder that USA Government & Military Researchers already violated Nuremberg several times after WW2.

Ironically many of these USA Scientists were former Nazis in Germany.

The list of unethical human experiments made by USA is huge:

Project MKUltra (CIA mind control program)

Edgewood Arsenal human experiments

Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures

Tuskegee Syphilis Study

Syphilis Experiments in Guatemala

Stanford Prison Experiment

Operation Midnight Climax

Project Artichoke

Electroshock Therapy on Children

Stateville Penitentiary Malaria Study


and several others

>> No.10323925

Okay? Everyone knows this, but with vaccines do we choose to openly violate it for the sake of the herd? if so, when do we get that vaccinated vs unvaccinated study since we're already violating ethical codes.

>> No.10324021

He must be made an example so others don't dare do anything like that ever again.

>> No.10324025

KYS chink shill

>> No.10324250

>the first crispr-enhanced babies with resistance to HIV
>with dicks so small they'll never get laid
Too bad we'll never know if it works.

>> No.10324394

China is bad because they're a ruthless ethnonationalist nation that views all the rest of us as inferior subhumans. The US should be having a fucking gene editing arms race with the Chinese right now but they aren't because of (((ethics))). Wake me up inside

>> No.10324731

podcast on it

>progressing humanity forward to a higher intelligence level

cant be both of those, yes for your individual future it might be bad., for humanity it is good

>> No.10324793

You can contract HIV in many ways anon.

>> No.10325368

Violating the Helsinki declaration is a crime against humanity

>> No.10325385

>He Jinkai has led humanity forward
taking another massive step away from the lord with this 'enhancement'. humanity is taking a step backward by altering what the lord intended humanity be.

>> No.10325404

White nationalists only consider whites to be human and that experiment was Chinese so it doesn't affect whites.

>> No.10325428

funny it seems, everything lines up perfectly so that whites will lose. its almost as if...

>> No.10325431

There is no scientific proof for God.

>> No.10325437

>implying this doesnt affect everyone on the planet

>> No.10325446

theyre gonna be so smart that they'll build robots to replace us inefficient sub-humans. honestly just kill yourself and help them out

>> No.10325455

they wont be anything compared to the hyper AIs coming in 5 years

>> No.10325464

There is no scientific proof for the Holocaust.

>> No.10325469

Irrelevent to the conversation.

>> No.10325498

we all know the holocaust didn't happen, and nothing happens if you believe that 6 gorillion jews died. on the other hand if you believe in God you can go to heaven and not get tortured forever

>> No.10325529

they were girls

>> No.10325619

We need to kill all Canadians for letting them into North America

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pic related

>> No.10325704


>> No.10325750

Girls have very small penises anon.

>> No.10325769

this turns me on

>> No.10326019

You should be wondering how you displayed your utter lack of understanding genetics with this post.

Anon, think of it this way. You'll be dead in the future regardless of whether gene editing takes off or not. All those cool sci-fi, or post apocalyptic, or whatever future you imagine to be good, will happen without you.
No matter what face the future takes right now, you'll likely be left on the sidelines anyway not because you're not a product, but because you're not contributing to it.
That's kind of what sidelines mean, doesn't it? Not a key player? At best right now you'll be a football fan in the stadium cheering on your team. It doesn't make sense to not cheer your team just because you're not the one playing. For every player there kicking some ball around, they're supported by people growing the food, transporting it, maintaining the stores that sell the food, work in the water treatment plants, or electricity plants, or make the devices that use said resources, etc.
If you want to feel like you're part of society, look at what impact you have on it, even if it's something as simple as a job that pays taxes.

>> No.10326027

There are people alive right now who "lack the genes that allow catching HIV", and they're fine. Europeans who didn't die from the bubonic plague were selected for the same way bacteria that doesn't die to antibiotics is.
And while I'm not a fan of what you perceive to be human experimentation, there's little alternative past a certain point. We *have* to test it on humans eventually. Think of soap. Imagine saying "guys what if this thing makes us more like to die? it's too dangerous to test."

Human chimeras already exist with that exact same issue. Women actually have that happen to them fairly commonly, where one part of their body has one of their x chromosomes active and another part has the other x chromosome active.

You guys really don't know anything about genetics do you?

>> No.10326033

>Human chimeras already exist with that exact same issue. Women actually have that happen to them fairly commonly, where one part of their body has one of their x chromosomes active and another part has the other x chromosome active.
>You guys really don't know anything about genetics do you?
Read what you posted, again. Slowly.

>> No.10326109

My response was to the part of his sentence "who knows what would happen if all the cells in the body didn't have the same DNA." and I provided an easy example of that, that there are humans living right now whose bodies contain cells that have differing DNA from each other. These are called barr bodies, if you wish to look them up.
I could give a wikipedia with a different example of human chimerism if that's necessary for you; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lydia_Fairchild
I am not sure what you're trying to imply with your post.

Would you like me to link you chimeric reports of twins in regards to blood typing as well? I can really dive deeply into this if you'd like.

>> No.10326171

got him good

>> No.10326175

yeah you tell him

>> No.10326186


>> No.10326193
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>> No.10326202

USA is not performing secret gene editing the same way the russians are not invading ukraine.

>> No.10326217

>Women actually have that happen to them fairly commonly, where one part of their body has one of their x chromosomes active and another part has the other x chromosome active.
All but one X chromosome is always inactive (look up barr bodies) so women don't end up with double the dose of X transcription. What the hell?

Also, nobody alive is going to have the same level of masaicism as those kids apparently have, it's insane.

>> No.10326243

>look up barr bodies
I'm the one who brought them up, anon. The reason I did so was because there are some spots where X copy 1 is active, and some parts where X copy 2 is active. I have explained this multiple times and even gave examples of this in action.

Can you give evidence supporting your claim that "nobody alive is going to have the same level of masaicism as those kids apparently have" ?

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