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ITT containment for all topics that fall under the common "/sci/ bad threads" umbrella:

>poorly defined scientifically, go to >>>/his/
>doesn't actually measure anything besides aptitude for brainteasers by innumerate psychologists
.999... = 1
>it's true by definition, there are a million proofs
flat earth and/or NASA is CGI
race realism
i think i revolutionized physics and/or math so i post it here!
5G is bad, vaccines are bad, riemann hypothesis proof, CTMU, infinity doesn't exist, da jooz, evolution is fake, etc.etc.
>you get the drift. containment thread.

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I wonder who is behind this post...

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Someone tired of seeing the same garbage low effort dull shitposts day after day is my guess.

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>>doesn't actually measure anything besides aptitude for brainteasers by innumerate psychologists

And success in life

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global warming >>>/x/

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How about you kys you fucking nigger kike shill. I bet you think IQ is a good measure when niggers score decent, don't you

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oh crap, how did you know?!?!?

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this is a good idea, but I fear reasonable threads will be sent here to die simply because the challenge something /sci/ holds to be true.

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5G and vaccines are obviously bad.

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Correct, we shouldn't be developing faster long distance comms technology or preserving human life. We already have too much of both.

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somebody posted this yesterday saying *women* can actually be good at physics? what in the name of Allah?!?!

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Unabomber was right.

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Is that Lubos Motl in the middle?

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My dick can't handle this.

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maybe you should leave

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>>doesn't actually measure anything

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wow this thread was made for me

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Just wanted to tell y'all that I'm out. I got a life to live. Bye.

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You'll be back

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Oh look you summarised /sci/ in a single thread.

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Shit I'm back

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I am not white, I don't even belong on this neo nazi site. I am trying hard to quit. But it has not been fruitful

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>Race is a myth! If Jahmal was born and raised in China he sould have 100+ IQ too!

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Just because you don't agree with a scientific conclusion doesn't automarically make it a "bad thread"

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hey OP i found a bad thread to put in here >>10315193

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>*segmentation fault* : core dumped

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shit youtube says

if you choose to pull something out of your ass that goes on forever, or being endless, it may have the semblance of being infinite but it does have a starting point where one could say it does not exist, therefore NOT infinite.
as noted in this reply that starting point would be up your ass. if you need third grade visual aids think of a circle and a straight line, unless you assign some arbitrary starting point the circle could be said to be infinite, without beginning or end. the straight line, no matter how long, would have at least one end, therefore not infinite. all too often the word infinite is used improperly.

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w-why is this wrong?

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>tfw brainlet
Why even live?

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It's a shitty attempt at containing legitimate scientific questions. By trying to lump any issue related to IQ into this trash thread along with stupid shit, you deny the statistical results and predictive power of IQ testing and what this might say about the distribution of intellectual capability. If you really just want to contain /pol/tards, I won't object, but there are ways to discuss this shit and still ignore full on "send the blacks back to Africa" retards.

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That's pretty good bro. I got 124 although my room wasn't properly ventilated like they advised so I would probaly score higher.

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Top fucking lel

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>lets load tests with math instead of verbal shit so whites outperform blacks
IQ tests are bullshit at present

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good thread

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>retards coming in to argue OP are effectively fulfilling the purpose for his thread
Loving Very Lel.

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glad to see that confirmation bias anon has blessed us with his presence

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bump since I already saw someone post a consciousness thread

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>.999... = 1
holy fuck you are retarded
They are practically the same. there is no gap between them, they are the closest possible between two numbers. but they aren't fucking equal you legitimate retard
next you'll tell me some bullshit about probability being a real thing

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>closest possible between two numbers
has nigger ever heard of nonstandard analysis before

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>but they aren't fucking equal

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alas, /sci/ has like 5 consciousness threads and 3 race realism threads. fucking UNDERGRADS

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What the fuck, I KNOW I’ve seen this pic before, SOMEWHERE. Where the hell is it from? It feels so familiar. I feel like I saw it on where years and years ago.

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math is verbal, anon. if your IQ was higher, you would see it.

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Any two real numbers A and B that are not equal have an average that is between A and B.
If .999... =/= 1, then average(.9999..., 1) would have to be closer to 1 than .999... So your statement about .999... being "the closest possible" to 1 is false. Therefore .999.... = 1.

Alternate proof:
1/3 = .333...
3*1/3 = 3*.333...
3/3 = .999...
1 = .999...

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>da jooz
Well, found the (((merchant)))

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OP your shitty thread isn't working. A hurricane of /pol/tards has completely overtaken the board.

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>Any two real numbers A and B that are not equal have an average that is between A and B

Justify this.

>Alternate proof:
>1/3 = .333...
>3*1/3 = 3*.333...
>3/3 = .999...
>1 = .999...

How do you know that 0.333... REALLY equals 1/3? Maybe it's just a infinitely close approximation the works out close enough in practice. How could you rule this out given Newton used tools like this to establish calculus?


You can establish all of these things through appropriate definition of agreed axioms and analysis of course. But acting like these are all just obviously true facts about the number system you happen to have been using without establishing this is dishonest and a good reason as to why many people who don't know any better but otherwise have sound reasoning skills either stay away from mathematics or end up as cranks.

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hey look: >>10326514

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Unfortunately for denialtards, evidence is a stubborn thing so they have to resort to counter-signaling tactics like "go back to /x/." Climatology, AGW and climate change are all clearly science related, though it always turns a bit political when policy is brought up, usually by denialists trying to attack from every angle, not only scientific ones.

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>always turns a bit political when policy is brought up
No one will admit it, but even hardline greens advocating for fighting climate change are selfish, we all just want to maintain our current quality of life, changing as little as possible, and most of all, making someone else do it, that's why it turns to policy. On /sci/ half of it is shitposting and half of it is people who legitimately don't believe in climate change, but in the real world it's
>Climate change is not real [read: I don't want to change anything about the way I live my life]
>Climate change is real [read: I also don't want to change anything about my life but I believe in climate change so really I'd like someone else to do something about it for me, here is some policy, please approve #savetheplanet]

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sad but true. i might add
>>Climate change is not real [read: I don't want to change anything about the fossil fuel megacorporation that brings me and my buddies/country hundreds of billions of dollars per year]

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that pic was posted very frequently

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>what is reverse image search

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Low IQ sci-niggers just can't accept a constantly proved statistically valid measure of intelligence

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can we roll nonmathematical AI threads into this too?

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There will be no threads left then

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IQ tests aren't filled with "math". It's pattern matching and pattern recognition, which is a skill often used in math, but it's also the skill most often used in literally fucking everything you do in day to day life.

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>Justify this.

Is the average <=.999...? That would suggest that average between two numbers "leans slightly" towards the smaller number. But the formula for the average (A+B)/2 treats A and B symmetrically.
Is the average >=1? That would suggest that average between two numbers "leans slightly" towards the larger number. But the formula for the average (A+B)/2 treats A and B symmetrically.

>How do you know that 0.333... REALLY equals 1/3?
Well, do you believe in proof by induction? If so, I hope I don't have to spell out for you how to do this.

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