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What is /sci/'s overall opinion on psychology? Even googling it, there's debate on whether or not the field is bullshit. Took an Intro course in HS for ez credits, and the teacher kept drilling into us that the field was "scientific," but is it actually /sci/-worthy or is it all pseudo-science?

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not science or math

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Yet you believe IQ tests are valid

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i slightly exhaled through my nose and half-smiled at this

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Psychology is the queen of the sciences. All our knowledge is filtered through our psychology. No knowledge is unconditioned by who we are, that is, by our quirks and limitations. Even “pure math” and Platonic forms are inescapably anthropocentric.

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hate this meme
>mathematicians define the axioms
>it somehow related to god or platonism
fuck yourselves

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>Denying The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences

Pleb plz

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>Yet you believe IQ tests are valid
What makes you think that?

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>not being a Platonist

infidel out

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>why do the axioms we chose to reflect reality, reflect reality?
>there must be something else at play

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>not science or math
Medicine is a science in every sense, retard.

Psychology, as a field, is most definitely a meme. The pay is some of the worst in medicine, if you can even get a good job with the degree.

There are certain specializations that aren't memes, though, i.e., clinical psychology, where you study the chemical effects of the brain, specifically mental illnesses. This is heavily related to pharmacology, as well as psych.

Basically, psychology is only if you plan to get a more specialized PhD or something, getting a bachelors in it is retarded and meme-tier.

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What do you think is not scientific about it?

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Psychoanalysis is complete garbage. Freud was a liar and a hack. Jung was literally schizophrenic. Synchronicity is the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life. Some modern psychology is better. CBT is very helpful for OCD; but it is a total overhaul of the psychoanalytic tradition. Furthermore, because psychology is not based on measurable and empirical qualities, even the best of it cannot be considered a science. I don't think that it is useless at all. It just really shouldn't be considered science

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It is scientific. Just easily accessible, largely unfalsifiable, and prone to confirmed biases and mostly just abused to defend philosophical assumptions. But it is scientific.

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Yeah it's possible. At least ur not the religious type who thinks everything is fake besides what was written in the Bible.

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why does noone on this science board know what science is

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>Synchronicity is the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life
ah so youre retarded

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Pick one.

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Psychology is in it's infancy but has the potential to be /sci/. If you want to do serious research on humans and how they think/behave, go ahead. If you want to be a youth counselor kindly fuck off, you and your brainlet friends are spoiling a potentially valuable field.

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