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When sufficiently focussed on anything i can eliminate
Annoying sounds externally intruding
Visuals or distracting thoughts
But my neighbours smoking just blatantly throws me off
And there is no way for me to not be interrupted from studying and driving me fucking in-sane!! it completely pulls me out of the moment without failure..
i haven't found a way for smell the way i have for basically Anything else
is there a way to ignore it all the same?

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You eventually accommodate to most smells when you primarily experience them through your olfactory bulb/nose (there are mechanism in the chemoreceptors themselves that cause them to deplete over time). But your experience of smell is also informed by the trigeminal system normally in response to irritants (capsaicin and ammonia, stuff like that). So certain unpleasant smells you don't accommodate to because of the trigeminal system's response.

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brain damage as well
don't forget that

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Start smoking, all your taste and smell will go basically away you will only feel some basics, but resolution will be really low.

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