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I did something amazing one time. We had a national test in math and i was the only one getting an pure A out of 600 students. And that without prepairations which the other students had for 2 weeks beforehand. I came totally clueless to the test. Learned myself how to calculate and solve the answers in just 5 minutes or so. But it wad hard even for me. But it somehow went easy to. So that's what i wsnted to share. But i wonder damn i need to be a genius. I heard people with over 170 can do so. Just look at the question and figure out how it works in just a moment without having to learn all about it or ordinary. And i did this on the hardest math test they gave us that year. Amazing if you ask me. But i wanna know my maximum potential. That's why i wanna know my IQ. But somehow i also give a total shit about IQ too. But i think im actually closer to being a super genius than genius. So were talking over 200 here. I had spatial and logical tests and im through the roof and is imeasuarble high. And to say how that feels is just amazing. I done so many genius things up through time and had many magical moments with being like this. But im no prodegy or anything like they do to children over in US when they are gifted. I just had it normal. Went to normal school. Had normal friends and a nornal life sort of. I rather develop like that than anything else desu. But i think i have thr genius level of like Tesla to compaire me yo someone. But im far from as dedicated and good in school and so on. But I have the potential to it. I got straight A in electronics and in science class without homework. So maybe the next wireless transmitter is made by me. We'll see. All i can say is that im on it. Been for years. Studied and dwelled. Any questions?

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Nothing is more common than failed, unrewarded, or directionless genius. Discipline gets things done. You'll learn about that after high school.

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Thanks anon.

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Good luck anon

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With that lack of organization, I doubt it.

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you're a genius but even geniuses like einstein and tesla and newton had to spend all their time doing science.

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Trips speaketh the truth

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