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why cant you use liquid hydrogen for cooling?
how short are we of helium?

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Isn't hydrogen like highly flammable

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>Get hydrogen.
>Put under pressure.
>Start increasing its energy level, as it draws heat away from whatever exothermic reaction you're trying to cool.
>Goes into plasma phase, then hydrogen fusion.
>Now you can power the exothermic reaction with his own waste heat.
You're welcome.

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More like get deuterium and learn differance between being exact and brute forcing.

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Joke ->
Your head

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IDK, but Indian school posters are the best.

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So shitting on the streets is ok habit huh

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No kite flying in the the street motherfucker.

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Stop playing with electricity, brainlet.

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Because it isn't a superfluid like He4 and He3.

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No flying kites?

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Every year in India, some number of people die flying fighter kites off of the rooftops -- paying attention to maneuvering the kite, and stepping off the edge.

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>”Why can’t we use gasoline for coolant anons? It doesn’t freeze in winter and is available at every gas station.”

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