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>Scientists have stated the dna percentages are too small for a human group to be classified as a subspecies. Do any of you anons know the exact DNA % between human races? We share 96% of our dna with chimps but chimps are classified as a separate species.

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>We share 96% of our dna with chimps
but only 50% with our siblings

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Therefore our siblings must be chimps

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Share =/= identical.

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You mean "not shared =/= "not identical"

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>96% of the coding DNA
No surprises that when you look at the junk dn- oh I mean the intergenic zones, we aren't similar. We also share some 70% with a banana, you wouldn't claim to be related to a banana

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we all live in a society

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Well, races don't exist, so I'm going to assume you mean "ethnic groups".

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Isn't the claim that we are related to everything on Earth?

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Same dna isn't enough, coding regions, regulatory networks etc. are more important. On a micro scale, 16sRNA is used because it's conserved more than DNA which changes easily and can be transferred through horizontal harlotry.

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Humans are already a subspecies.

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Yes, so it's a useless claim. That's like saying I'm related to everyone in England. What's the point?

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The point is creating a tree of life using genetic data and studying genetic drift in various species.

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Why is there different dog breeds but only one human species

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because there's only one dog species

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You share 50% inherited traits with your siblings not DNA similarity.

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Why dont we have different breeds of humans then?

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Races don't exist, but we have to eliminate the white race.

The Jewish race must be given a special status.

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we do.
There's gentiles and jews.

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there's a billion whites. When there's 200 million or so left, then you have my permission to play victim. Till then stop being a whiny bitch

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We do, human races are basically breeds adapted for certain geographies, that's pretty much as simple as it gets.

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