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According to Einstein, gravity comes from space not from the object with mass... it would be a force exerced by space when there is an object on space... sorry guys but gravity is a force exerced by the object not by space.

Space could make a difference since gravity could affect space too, so the routes of objects would be different, when something is attracted the route of colision would be different because space could be distorted, maybe.

But the source of gravity is the object not space.

Do I really need to refound Physics all alone?

I'm the force holder but you could try too.

Sorry guys your degrees are being revoked.

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Space is breathing. Gravity is caused by the fact, that object is present, due to that fact there is some dense shit on the side of matter ( from direction on 1 axis ) that lock shit down when it's there, then it contracs, it stay there, then expand next to more dense material, but dense shit is holding it there, therefore when it expands again it goes more into dense shit, not dense shit on the another non matter side of axis is not holding it in place, therefore it's allowed to move away from it on contraction and then expand into dense shit again.

What's wrong with this?

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