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>science is objective and meritocratic

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It's funny, the more they push back, the more evolutionary psychology will show them that no matter how hard you try, you faggot fight biology:
If you fix the nurture part of nature versus nature, nature is over-expressed in the result.

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I don't know why it got to be like this. Why are we doing this? Why do people have to get uppity about the underrepresentation of women and "minorities" in STEM subjects? Why does no one care about the underrepresentation of men as teachers or nurses? No one wants to do this shit anyway, besides us nerds, so who gives a fuck? Is there really a significant number of people legitimately concerned that our penises are going to bias the data? Are they afraid we'll get too much seamen on the papers we submit?

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Because Third Wave feminism is basically a doom cult. Their cult is like our economic system, it requires constant growth to sustain it. So they make problems from non-problems, to have something to still expand into.

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>Wearing a cap in the lab
That's one galaxy brain if I ever saw one

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Increasing blacks, asians, latinx, women, and LGBTQ will bring more perspectives = better science. How is making science better not science?

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It's very difficult to get into the mind of one of these badass womyn in STEAM bitches. To do so you have to have an immense inferiority complex because you know you're inferior, but at the same time be unable to cope with the horror of the truth because your entire life everyone has told you that you can do anything and all of your failures are caused by oppression.

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The more people in STEM the greater the labor supply and the lower companies have to pay. It's the same reason why there was a huge push for women to work in the 1950s.

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Lmao undergrad literally highschool ++, there's no faculty that would accept such memes into their process. And no one cares about articles just because some minority wrote them.

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>all of your failures are caused by oppression.
Snide try. Academic and other disparities have been shown repeatedly to be a product of systemic white supremacy. If you believe otherwise the onus is on YOU to prove it.

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Affirmative action based on race/sex/orientation was a mistake. Those factors are no longer barriers to entry in American academies. The more prominent barriers are income and family background in higher education. Low income students catch a break thanks to federal grants, but the first generation students at my undergrad alma mater got a pat on the back. I hope this changes in the future. It seems bigoted to assume that minorities need a boost in the academy simply because of their race/sex/orientation. It seems less bigoted to give aid to those who demonstrably need it.

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Anyone who has ever been in a science program already knows that they're full of non-white and female students. White males are a small minority in science programs. We actually need to increase the number of white men in science programs, especially from rural and underprivileged white areas.

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is there any evidence it actually helps?
also, why not increase diversity of political opinion? 80% of academia is far left

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These threads show how so many of you are faux nerds with no real intellectual curiosity, just biased arrogance and narrow worldviews. This isnt because of feminism or any "silliness" you fools are proposing - the groups that fund this push are trying to annihilate the economies and aspirations of young males of genetic competence (and hence pose a threat as competition) within the nations they are pushing it in as a form of warfare. Use your head, its not a "stupid accident theiyre gnA learn theiyr lesson11!!!!!"

They know what they are doing. Only you don't. Welcome to the Kalergi plan

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