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>when you meet a girl who is probably smarter (and slightly younger) than you
what's the most /sci/ way to commit suicide

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Fcuk her
Make super smart but cripplingly autistic (man)children.

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Just get over it. Life is shit like that.

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she's my coworker tho

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dumb neet

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That's a side you don't have to show her Right-away

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Why aren't you trying to get her to breed with you? Mixing your genes with superior genes enhances the odds of your genes surviving and spreading.

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I see no problem with this if you're planning on killing yourself

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>Anon can't into natural selection.

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Stop making threads you autistic german

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cross boarder detected

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Doing math for a living, it's sort of prolonged suicide in all spheres of life.

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Fuck her brain out: two birds, one stone.

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How is that a reason to kys? You must be so fucking insecure. Get your shit together

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Marry her

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>when you meet a girl who is probably smarter (and slightly younger) than you
my penis becomes fully erect

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>oh no, a feeeeeemale made me feel small
>they're not supposed to be smart!

/r9k/ was a mistake and is why people nowhere near the left laugh at 4chan

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Maybe /r9k/ exaggerates a bit, but come on: do you think it's a coincidence that anything wortwhile has been discovered by some fucking (white) male?
>inb4 muh oppression
The fact that men managed to oppress women for centuries is just more proof of the fact that women are inferior; if they weren't, it wouldn't have taken them so long to obtain nominal "equality".

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I don't think it's a coincidence, but I don't think it has to do with inherent inferiority. Call leftie all you want, but given the role of women in the house and workforce throughout history, it's not unreasonable to expect that there are fewer women in the history of math and science, especially when even the most educated women in history were done so because education had always been associated with wealth and high class. Many educated women were educated only enough to be appropriately high class.

>The fact that men managed to oppress women
No, it really had to do with the rapid change in society following industrialization and more global wars. I firmly believe women possessed all the necessary faculties for success in walks of life, but the fact change came so late is more that the conditions for social change followed the needs of the economy. It goes to show you the scary power of wealth and how it can literally shape societal structure.

>wortwhile has been discovered by some fucking (white) male
Okay, now I know you're meming. One of my friends double majored in Sanskrit and math, and after grad school, his job is translating texts and rigorously reproving old mathematics knowledge. The Egyptians predate greeks in integration, Hell, Leibniz got a lot of his shit in analysis from the Indians (particularly, Madhava was one of the first to talk about Taylor series and infinite expansion forms). The lingua franca and delay in exchange of information determines who got credit.

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based and fempilled

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Make her depressed and then she might sudoku (just kidding thats mean)

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don't be a pussy, git gud

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There is no woman in the universe as smart as a village alcoholic. Reason why they are over represented in academia is due them living life on tutorial mode, getting help for free and have the tits bonus throughout their life.

Back then people were smarter, they knew that women are the root of all evil and didn't allow them entering universities or give them rights they don't deserve. If we can learn one thing from muslims, it's their treatment of women.

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>anything wortwhile has been discovered by some fucking (white) male

1. Algebra -Persian
2. Einstein - Jew
3. Civilization - sommers (Iraqis)
These alone are more than enough

Good bait

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Great comment, you've managed to be consistently wrong as well as reprehensible throughout the entirety of your post.

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Persians are Indo-European or "white".

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No, they're non-Europid Caucasoid.

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Fuck off white knight roastie cuck.

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asperger syndrom virgins
let me guess, not academically successful either?

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It's not true that white men invented everything but it is almost true that men invented everything.

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for now

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we wuz Persians n shiet

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Nuclear annihilation.

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I'm sure your idiocy will feel more at home there.

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>tfw gf is slightly older
>tfw she's a bit smarter too

ultimate comfyness

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that's pretty stupid of her

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she thinks I'm smarter but I know I'm not

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Didn't you just make this thread on /lit/

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No, men were able to oppress women because of religious institutions and greater physical strength. Are you one of those retards that only cares about physical strength despite having noodle arms?

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and other boards!

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>being this retarded

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>when every girl can build more muscle than you

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>being weak and having noodle arms means I must be smart and everybody else must be retarded jocks

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>and slightly younger

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Old age, go for great-grand children.

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You know those aren't really common, right? I'd literally marry the first chick who manages to make me feel/look like a retard

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Ive never met a gril irl worth fucking who was smarter than me. The one’s with better grades study 2-3x as much as I do and have extremely vapid understandings of subjects outside their major.

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you don’t know what Indoeuropeans are
He’s talking about Aryans

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You act like she'll marry a retard like you.

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Why would you commit suicide when you can use this kind of psychological discomfort to better yourself, strenghten your mind and learn to get rid of crippling attachments like the need for consideration?

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Persians are not white. Not even all Europeans are white.

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Probably like a little bitch including a note how you're better at everything than everyone and then make sure you show you're really not and just part of the problem

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Thumbs up.

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>when you meet a girl who is probably smarter (and slightly younger) than you
when you meet a trans guy

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The very concept of civilization itself began in the Middle East. Whites have been barbaric animals for most of human history until the last 1000 years.

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