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Mathematics, chemistry, life sciences, engineering, computer science and medicine are have some content threads from time to time.
But physics on here? There is nothing but meme threads and trolling. Why?

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>content threads from time to time
There aren't, your perception is skewed because physics is the only subject you actually know.

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I know math too. /mg/ is not terrible. At least the people shitposting there are actually enrolled in uni.

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I know several physics laboratry workers in real life. They are all hardcore reddit faggots using words like karma in thier speech. I once mentioned 4chan and they were like: "thats a neonaziwebsite"

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physics is just constant ass pulls once you start to get into it
only people really into it know all the conditions so no one else gets to keep up

t math guy who doesnt like phys

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they are not wrong though, kamerad

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That was my thinking a few years ago. But now I see that as a positive. Plus I could never see math as an end in itself.
That's just not true. Also reddit is now more of a cesspool than 4chan.

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yeah basically this, I think it's a personality thing. Physicists tend to be more of the normie type than mathematicians, etc. so they probably don't even see the need to engage in an online community. One friend of mine is a researcher in fluid mechanics and while he does know of /sci/, he's just a lurker
fuck you and your shameless astroturfing, /pol/

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not science or math

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There are tonnes of physics you're not paying attention newfag. There are even occasionally mechanics/thermodynamics problems posted. I wish mods didnt kill those so quick under homework rules because they're fun and interesting

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Stop trying to justify your homework threads, faggot.

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Because physics is hard

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I have a physics question that I feel might be appropriate for this thread.
When an airplane is on the runway taking off, exactly how do the lift forces work on it to let the pilot pitch the nose upwards?
Is there some kind of torque being applied to the wing plane?

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There's not many discussions here that are actually worth participating in here regarding physics. If I want to do some math, I'll head over the /mg/. I don't do labwork, and I'm pretty sure the techniques for labwork in physics are not as standardized as the ones in chemistry/bio. Discussing the typical 'popular' topics like astronomy/quantum physics just isn't worth it because we get threads about them everyday populated with retards, the signal to noise ratio isn't worth bothering.

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I think the question is why is there so many mathfaggs. Obviously these fields aren't all that popular, but there is plenty of pure math autists here.

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It's not Mathfags, it's brainlet students trying to get homework done

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/mg/ is always active and there's plenty of graduate students there. Obviously most of /sci/ , like most of 4chan, are larping 16 year olds, but taking away those, most of the proper students seem to be in math or in engineering. The latter is not so surprising.

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Elevator at rear of plane applies torque to plane, plane rotates up and because the plane goes basically in the same direction it's facing, plane starts going up, still going against gravitational force

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Okay, that makes a lot of sense now, but what about delta winged aircraft?

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They have elevators combined with ailerons, called elevons, pretty similar in mechanism

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Physics is too hard for the /sci/ brainlets.

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Why the homophobia?

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Physicist may be too intelligent to actually waste time here.

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Chemistry isn't represented at all aside from a few simulation threads. Life sciences and computer science generally get the butt of every joke for various reasons. Medicine gets a general here or there, but more or less has little presence among /sci/ except being reviled among many for being a sellout option.

Really only math and engineering have their generals / consistent conversations, so I'm pretty sure it's mostly insecure engineering undergrads and shitposting math majors.

This might also be true. When you study a particular subject, you tend to realize just how shallow conversations on /sci/ are pertaining to actual mathematics. Really this place is a counter culture popsci channel with freshman - sophomore level calculus and intro science classes being the only consistent knowledge among them.

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/pol/ has become larger than most of the boards on 4chan combined. /pol/ makes neo-nazi websites like stormfront seem reasonable. I used to laugh when mainstream media websites talked about 4chan being a hate website, but now it kind of lives up to that reputation. 4chan is no longer the toilet (or butthole) of the internet. It is a hate website.

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fuck bro, where do i go now?

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/sci/ is mostly filled with 14 year olds, pajeets, insects and flat earthers.

Who would waste too much of their time here when /sci/ is swamped with those humorless and ignorant cretins?

So the only intelligent posters who regularly visit do so purely for the entertainment value, for the shits and giggles.

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Physishits belong on >>>/toy/ because physics is not science or math. Please stay in your containment board.

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>t. computer """scientist"""

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Cool, so Reddit is a "hate" website too, right? Will you concede that?

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>Why is there virtually no physics on /sci/?
Most of the brainlets here find real science too challenging and they would rather masturbate to nonsense from Wired magazine and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

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>wanted cool stuf
me too

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>make your own?

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Because pure math is the purest form of logic, there is little to argue about other than perhaps axioms. And everything from those axioms that follows is true. Therefore, it lends itself to discussion much more easily than physics.

If I were to ask:
>find the oscillatory motion of a set of magnetic spheres suspended on a string with a sinusoidal magnetic field.

This question is not just hard, but it is extremely badly posed. Can we take approximations? What model do we use? Does relativity come into play? Does QM come into play? Can we assume point particles? Friction? Is the string taut? Is the string perfect?

You would most likely have to approximate a solution to get anything, and it will be an imperfect answer.

While if I asked:
>show that there exists an element of prime order p if p divides the order of the group

I immediately understand the assumptions and the conclusion, even if they're vague. No approximations will come here, and the answer will be perfect.

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4chan is for braincucks to watch as the ants scurry between the boards, stomping on their dreams to sustain themselves

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Physics is complete, mostly. Nothing to talk about except popular misconceptions.

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Wrong. Very wrong.

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