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Realisticly how would mankind survive a thing like this?

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>implying ito can into ending
We'll be fine.

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Mankind cannot survive weebism, sorry.

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what the hell is that?! I have no idea what that is an image of. I am guessing it is a picture of roche mass transfer from something to mars. Based on sizing we might be able to calculate the mass of that something else. I suspect that mass transfer between that something else could emit enough thermal radiation or eject to be fatal to life on earth.

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Is that Junji Ito?

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I haven't read this, but I know Ito, so let me guess:
>A giant planet shows up near mars suddenly.
>It's a spoopy mystery that causes society to fracture in weird cult bullshit
>One day it eats mars
>last panel is it heading towards earth
How did I do?

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Based Cthulhu

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Pretty good, the ending isn't quite right though. The spoopy mystery planet actually licks earth to death, but a random homeless person saves the day and ends up traveling through space in a capsule with the remaining hand full of humans.

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I actually felt bad for our Solar System's cute little planets. Remina is a cunt.

Also the second half of the story was shit.

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The Enigma of Amigara Fault gave me the spoopies, probably because I gave each panel time and read it as deeply as possible and didn't browse through it.

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bombs n rockets.

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>The spoopy mystery planet actually licks earth to death
The absolute madman.

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Ito always makes me think of storytime on oldschool /b/.
Waiting for OP to post the next page and re-reading everything up until then is my favorite way to read comics.

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>So... what happens now?
>uhhh, maybe aliens i guess
I forgot how much I hated Ito's endings.

It fluctuates in size wildly throughout the manga, but it's a bit big for most bombs.

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brainlet tier

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Flee to alpha centauri, but keep an eye on that thing in the rear view mirror. Over the centuries, build a Dyson swarm laser around alpha centauri and blast Ramina out of the sky.

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>that SCP about the evil planet headed towards earth

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Throw Godzilla at it. It would eat him, then Godzilla would permeate it from the inside, seize control of it and fuck off to another galaxy because he is 110% done with the Earth's shit.

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i like the ending of this. if you look at the final page close enough (pic related), you can see a cross around the bottom of it that they and apparently other surviving humans (inside the various floating rocks) are all headed towards. remember that the manga is called "hellstar remina"... the story is about the last judgment. remina is literally Hell.

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Go gookseven believe in christianity?
Dont japs worship some fat bold guy?

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The buddhism that made it to japan was heavily influenced by the influence it got in china from taoism, and fit well into shintoism which is animism and ancestor worship.

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By learning how to make O'Neill cylinders pretty fucking quick and getting as many people out of here as possible.

An interesting option might be to try colonizing Ramina. All the remnants of humanity will be either in orbit around it or inside of it and I imagine we could be a pretty effective planetary virus if we put our mind to it.

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>colonizing Ramina
That didn't go so well for the people in the story

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Got it. So we arent the only people on this planet jewed into worshiping other peoples gods

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Litteraly my assholeafter buying streetfood in europe

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Well buddhism isn't really about worshiping a god.
But in shintoism everything has a spirit. From rocks, to rivers, to animals, etc. and the spirit of your ancestors hang around and judge you for what you do. If you shame yourself, you shame them, if you do good, you venerate them. Buddhism fits with that because there is also an idea of a code of honor and that your spirit is forever bound to the earth in cycles with spiritual evolution.

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Rocks having spiritssounds like hyppie crap
The part about the ancestors sounds like those mountain savages that live on the south border of russia.
Still live in stone huts, sell thier women into marriege in exchange for cattle and murder each other to prove they are chads

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christian ideas are actually very ingrained into contemporary japanese culture because of american occupation and imperialism, even if most japanese aren't christian. i mean they celebrate fucking christmas for some reason lol. why do you think that is?

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It makes sense when you think about it. The japanese islands are very active geologically, and prone to many diasters. Earth quakes, volcano, tsunami, land slides, typhoons, and nuclear powered dinosaurs, and things like that leave their finger print on the people who develop there.
And things like mountains do have a bit of personality about them.

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idk man did they try penetrating nuclear missiles?

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yep, did nothing

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Remina literally slams though Jupiter at faster than light speed and absorbs it, and you think the energy released by a few piddly nukes would do anything?

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Did goku try a spirit bomb with the rest of the planet giving up their energy to him?

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who would win, remina or solaris?

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Solaris would summon all the planets Remina ate until Remina implodes emotionally. Then Solaris summons its version of Remina to roam the universe

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>hyppie crap
You do know that most of the "hyppie crap" you encounter is commercialized snippets of eastern religions, right?

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Next you will tell me what i call libtard commies is the western spin on the strong and proud warriors of the soviet motherland.
Case in point the people who are strong and you prosper are those who dont fuck around and fuck up others

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Did they try...
shooting it with lasers?
acid bombs?
a stern talking to?

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Hellstar Remina is Junji Ito's worst book-length story. Even Black Paradox was better.
You want to read his best stand-alone story? Get a hold of pic related.

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