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>hey /sci/, i’m just stopping in from /lit/ or /his/ or /pol/ or /biz/ or /fit/ or /mlp/
>kek you guys suck, science and math are totally gay af
>cuz look at me, i’m larping as an average soulless sheep person; we have much better lives than you nerds with your “passion” for “knowledge” and research
>that’s so dumb, look at me i have a toyota and a mortgage and a mind numbing job that guarantees nobody will remember me, but hey, good money, that’s all i care about

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>kek you guys suck, science and math are totally gay af
this is not wrong though

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I mean if science and math weren't gay af, would we be as interested in them as we all are?

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Well its pretty gay desu.

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Mathfag genocide when? Retarded cunts shitting up the board with their imaginary number bullshit.

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How do people still manage to be "passionate" about knowledge and research? With the internet it feels like knowing things isn't much of an accomplishment or even as useful as it used to be

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Based brainlet

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90% of people in science/math fields are autistic

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the worst thing about /sci/ and /g/ is the constant need for everyone to call each other retards over the tiniest details and shortcomings

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I really don't appreciate how rude and obnoxious so many people on here are. Calling someone a 'retard' is offensive, and you should be ashamed.

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[math] \displaystyle \frac{1}{i}=-i [/math]
im sorry is there a problem here

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you fucking retard

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why? are you a brainlet?

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> we have much better lives than you nerds with your “passion” for “knowledge” and research

Nobody here researches or has passion for knowledge; race is a "social construct" according to recent threads.

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It isn't LARPing unless you are literally out in person actually roleplaying somewhere.
If you're not acting shit out like that in real life physically, you're categorically not LARPing, your just RPing. Which is even more gay.

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What kind of "I don't need to know how to add and subtract because calculators exist" kind of shit is this? Saying knowledge is worthless because the internet exists might be the dumbest thing ever said on /sci/*

*this year

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I've you're live action role playing as a guy on the internet with certain characteristics I still think that counts as live action because we've simply moved the medium to the internet all else being the same.

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Bottomless pit iq post

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okay I'm ashamed now but atleast I'm not a retard

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LARP requires you to physically act out your character of choice and the term only has useful meaning given that 'role-playing' generally refers to on paper or online or generally non-physical activities.
You're not technically right because it's technically a person playing a role, your changed definition makes the entire distinction between RP and LARP a pointless one and is an affront to effective communication.

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this but unironically

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