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>Your uni
>How /sci/ is it

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Didn't even answer ur own question brainlet

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I don't go to uni, op is where I might be going next year

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It's trash but cheap

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7/10 I guess
us Oreniggers need to work on having research departments that actually do stuff

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Imperial College London
>pic related

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Stony Brook University
It's probably above average but it feels like a shithole when you're there t b h

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I just got accepted here

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Uni: University of Texas at Austin
How /sci/ is it: Very

If you aren't familiar with UT, its a fairly large and well funded university, so there's a ton of top tier research opportunities. It's one of the top state schools in the US, so it's pretty competitive (the science, engineering, and business colleges that is), and I would say it's comparable to an Ivy. Like every uni it has it's fair share of "bullshit studies" degrees, but other than those programs you can expect a fairly rigorous workload.

The weather fucking sucks though, unless you like sweating the moment you step outside during warmer months. All in all, not a bad uni though, a bit expensive if you aren't from Texas though, or even if you aren't from Austin for that matter.

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Hahahahaha reject
Mathmo here

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UT sounds comfy as a Canadian. I could at least ride my engine cycle all year happily without salt on the roads

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University : DeVry University

How /sci/ is it: Good

I was started undergrad at devry in 2017 in the college of engineering to major in software development. It is going well as a sophomore I am doing classes like advanced trig and starting to take upper level computer development classes. My plan after devry is hopefully to get into a grad program.

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7/10,It's ok, our more well known departments are the bio and chem schools.

Was deciding between doing CS at UC Irvine or being an Econ major at UC Berkeley. Kind of regret going with Irvine because I realized for the rest of my life nobody will really be impressed by my educational background.

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oh god

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it's very /sci/
but it's also fucking hard
oh well
consider yourself lucky honestly

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Idk man. Even if Berkeley is hard as shit you guys have access to professors like Reich, Doudna, etc..No big names like that at Irvine. What about Cal is so bad that I was lucky not to end up go there?

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it's a joke, mostly. cal is great. it's just tough to want to keep going here as i keep giving myself more and more work each semester, forgetting how hard it will end up, struggling through it for 4 months feeling like i'm being absolutely beaten to shreds, and finishing with just enough energy to want to keep going
to be fair, i'm not sure what econ is like, i'm math. it's an excellent experience but a surreal one.

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to add, the people are pretty amazing. i'll agree with that. and i'm sure people will like the name. irvines not exactly half bad either, though.

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>giving a fuck about research
Quality of teaching and availability of resources is all that matters

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>I just got accepted here
same, am second year maths ATM
cya around

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>What about Cal is so bad that I was lucky not to end up go there?
Berkeley goggles

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if by berkeley goggles you mean the thing where everyone's so ugly that none of us notice, this is also true

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here's your (you)

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it it ain't MIT, Harvard, Berkley GTFO my /sci/

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lol reject

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my E key got stuck

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cool man

Don't know if I will accept since I am also applying to UCL but we'll see

What are your honest thoughts about the school?

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Very /sci/ but full of normies

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I might be going there in the fall

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i went to durham for 4 years, did math and physics, ama

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UCLA, math is great but makes me feel like a brainlet. Engineering is meh, but that's not science or math.

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EXTREMELY cringe and babybearpilled

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When I ask my friends about Durham, they say it's a humanities school and I should go to a proper stem school like Manchester or Soton, I'm guessing you disagree?

What college did you stay at? did you like it? which ones would you recommend?

How often did you travel to Newcastle?

Were you originally from a city or a town? How did it feel moving to Durham?

Overall how did you like it there? Any regrets?

What are you doing now?

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found the pooley student

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Not them, but I've been at Durham 4 years in the Natural Sciences programme.
I think employers won't really give a fuck what particular uni you've gone to as long as it's decent and you can do your job.
Every college has a certain stereotype to it's members but there's obviously variety in the people there so it doesn't really matter in that regard. However I'd say Hatfield and University are good because of weekly formals.

Most people don't really go to Newcastle very often at all, that's only if you really like clubbing and all that shit, or a day out. For the most part you're in the 'Durham bubble', and it's pretty comfy.

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lol I'm actually jealous of y'all's weather. Even though I'm from Texas, the heat still wipes me out. Grass is always greener I suppose.

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Interesting. On my ucas, I've applied for an open application to all colleges. It'd be cool it I can get a University spot.

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Hey I study physics at UVA, nice

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Party school, not /sci/ at all, bored out of my fucking mind here.

Went to undergrad there, didn't appreciate it till after I left.

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>it's a humanities school and I should go to a proper stem school like Manchester or Soton, I'm guessing you disagree?
For physics (especially astronomy), Durham is one of the top in the world, which is what i applied for. Eventually i switched to math cos i detested physics, and yes, the math department isn't great. It's good for humanities and its shit for engineering. Otherwise, any of the top schools except oxbridge is gonna give you just about the same educational experience.

>What college did you stay at? did you like it? which ones would you recommend?
Aidan's. I chose open application since I didn't know anything about colleges. There are two types: Bailey and hill colleges, that is, colleges in the city centre (although they have locations outside) and outside. Durham is overall pretty posh, but the poshest will be at bailey colleges, in particular University college and hatfield, if you're into that. They also have the most funding for everything and a shitload of formals. Otherwise, if you're into sports Collingwood is the one to go to (Hill), and probably the next best Hill college is Aidans. You will NOT get into bailey colleges if you did an open app, since they are so requested. You don't lose anything by trying and you can always switch later if you don't like the "posh experience".

>How often did you travel to Newcastle?
5-6 times at most. No point in going out there, all the fun (and safety) is in durham, and you can't get back to durham on the train at night. It may be worthwhile to go there to a restaurant or movie but no point otherwise.

>Were you originally from a city or a town? How did it feel moving to Durham?
Big city. I liked it since it's so safe, and you always meet people you know randomly on a night out. There's not that many things to do outside of going out / pubs / sports / eating, but I didn't find myself needing it.


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Fucking garbage

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I'm very likely going here for CS in September, or maybe Imperial if I end up liking the idea of living in London.

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>Overall how did you like it there? Any regrets?
>What are you doing now?

I'm doing a PhD at Warwick right now, and 100% I'd tell you that the best experience you're going to have is at a collegiate university. Gives you much more diversity of people that you're going to meet, more chance at participating at casual or fun levels of sport, and make more tight-knit friends. At non-collegiate unis, most of your social interaction is going to be either people from your class or people from any society/sport you're into, and not much out of it, and since you're not living with them day-to-day it's not as great either.

My regrets are not getting into Cambridge, not befriending my classmates, and more relevant to you, not joining a university-level sport till my 3rd year (even if you're a beginner you should look around).

As I mentioned earlier, you won't get that spot in a million years. It's the most requested college, followed by Hatfield.

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As I mentioned, I'm doing a PhD at Warwick, so you can ask me anything if you want, but I can't speak entirely for the undergrad experience.

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Basically I live in a pretty small village right now in a shit city, I'm almost certainly getting rejected from Cambridge so it's either Warwick or Imperial.

However London is a bit of an expensive shit hole, and I have a mate doing 1st year CS at Warwick who is liking it.

What's the general life like for a student?

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Thank you for your time. I was planning on studying engineering but if its shit at Durham then I may go to Manchester or Bristol instead since they're the only ones who offer PhD programs for the specific course I want to do (AerospaceE) and are apparently really good at it.

I'm a pretty sporty guy, so Collingwood may be best for me. In fact, I live in Leicester I was seriously considering Loughborough Uni since it's only a 25 min drive from my parent's house but I decided to go to uni just for sport isn't the smartest move.

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The main 3 ways you will meet people is: they live in your corridor, they go to your class, or you do the same sport/society. Most societies have at least one social every week.

They have this weird-ass ritual at socials called "circling" where you sit in a circle and chug some sugary beer-currant mix called "purple". Two people lead the circle, to which there are rules which you drink if you fail. You won't be told the rules, so you will have to learn them by trial and error. I'm not the biggest fan, but perhaps it's because everyone there is an undergrad and I'm a postgrad.

Going out is pretty lame because need to pre-buy a ticket for all events weeks in advance, including to do this circling thing. You should try to buy the all-year pass in freshers week, since you can always resell the ticket later, and it's worth it. Otherwise you'll have to go around trying to get tickets from people, and you won't get into the busiest/best nights. Most of the events are in the students union, which gets a bit monotonous, or in Leamington spa, which is like 40 minutes away by bus, so it's a bit inconvenient, but most people live there outside of first year. However, I find that nights out are still pretty fun.

If you have some more specific question I can try answering. I don't know much about CS at Warwick, but the math department is top in the world, so their intersection must also be pretty good. Also there's tons of companies dumping truckloads of money here.

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Yeah it kinda sucks that it's not a student city, but I prefer house parties and stuff to clubs or pubs so I'd probably just host those instead.

What are you studying?

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Don't take too at heart my comment about shit at engineering, but I'd just say it's not at the same tier as the physics department. That said, it won't affect at all the quality of education. In fact, I thought my physics classes were terrible, despite having one of the best departments. The quality of the department is only really important for PhDs anyways. The curricula everywhere are probably all very similar and standard.

Hot tip from me: Don't do your undergraduate where you mean to do your postgrad if it's a small city (like durham). You will be extremely eager to leave by your 4th year, and most of your best friends will be gone anyways.

Second hot tip: Don't put as much emphasis on sport, to the point that it might hurt your social life and/or your grades. There are so many people in Durham that put ungodly amounts of their time into it, then completely quit after their final year and feel like they wasted their time. For example, the university rowing team trains 13 times a week, and have to wake up at 5 every day, and I've never heard some say they feel like it was not worth it at all. Don't do it unless you want to pursue olympic level.

It is kinda a student city at Leamington Spa, it just sucks that freshers are not close.

>What are you studying?

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> and I've never heard some say
>and I've heard some say

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What's so bad about UVA? A professor I like went there for a postdoc, and I am kind of thinking about transferring there.

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At least it's better than UVB

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yeah if I do do my undergrad at Durham, Id like to do my postgrad at Oxbridge.

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Don't get that idea too high up in your head. I graduated top of my class and I still didn't get into either (to be fair, I fucked up the interview). It's still an extremely selective process. To be fair, there's 1-2 positions for what I do since there's barely any funding/interest, while probably tens of positions in engineering, so it's not as bad.

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Can only study bachelor and master of science at this university.

Most people do engineering here. I do computer science.
A lot of students complain this university to be exceptionally hard, but I believe a lot of the professors are just bad at teaching.

It is also somewhat well known for two of the 9/11 terrorists having studied here.

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What about CalTech

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caltech is a meme

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Could you explain why?

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because everyone there has autism
exhibit a: you, unironically responding to a post that says "____ is a meme" on /sci/.

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It has one of the top material science graduate programs in the country. I'm doing biological science myself. Unfortunately, it is not top tier in that, but respectable. Its quite comfy out there desu.

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you don't have to be such an asshole bro. what if he was looking to apply

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I just got accepted here. Trying to decide between it and Stanford.

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if you got accepted to stanford, in 99.9% of cases you should DEFINITELY go to stanford.
don't be stupid.
is there a reason you're even deciding?

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well now he knows that caltech is full of autists.
visiting caltech was legitimately one of the most cringeworthy experiences of my life. anyone who didn't look miserable that they were forced to see the sun was quite literally an awkward, socially incapable dolt

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/sci/ heaven

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> tfw UCLA

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University of Toronto

Math degree, the school it hurts my soul.

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1 of 2 in the entire state.

Oregon is academically fucked.

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colorado school of mines. I know yall spergs go here don't lie

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By the bright shining light of the motherfucking moon

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What does that say?

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University at large: not very /sci/
For the program I'm in I find it challenging and rewarding. I'm not that smart though.

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P l i [math] \Gamma [/math]

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its alright, studying physics here

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ODU. Old Dominion University. Prob the least sci school in the nation.

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These kind of brainlet undergrad threads should be banned

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>going to clemson for anything other than civil

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where else would i go in state ?

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>but I believe a lot of the professors are just bad at teaching.
No, the students there are just stupid. I have yet to come across a professor who could reasonably excuse you for not passing.

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Not sci
STEM fags are mostly engineering and comsci
A lot of brainlets

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It's a good undergrad school but at surface-level its culture is parts Ivy pretentiousness, Southern posturing, and State School alcoholism. If you're not autistic you get past that though...

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Rutgers University

it's pretty good imo

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fuck uga

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is it full of negroids?

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Doing first year engr here. Does it get bad later or something

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/sci/ hasn't graduated in he last 10 years, wew

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miss u J

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what do you study there? undergrad or grad?

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hallå eller, är det bra? alla mina vänner ska gå där (går trean i gymnasiet).

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I'm a PhD student for the JQC. I'm based at Newcastle but am back and forth to Durham.

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I'm >>10268190 and just read further down the thread. If it's Applied Maths/ Physics you're interested in, don't go for Manchester. They're good at research but treat the students like absolute trash - the worst I've ever seen undergrads treated.

>> No.10268221

same. Which year/college?

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hallå hallå, jaså? Stor skillnad i tempo och hur mycket tid man måste lägga på plugg jämfört med gymnasiet men man vänjer sig efter något år

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pretty gud

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I'm an imperial grad
it's 100% /sci/

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ASU Barrett, Honors College
Well I intend to major in math but still need the associate's. I fucking hate it. They say that ASU is the largest student body in the US (over 75,000) but I find myself constantly surrounded by zombies. Even in the Honors College it is filled with pseudo-intellectuals. Have you ever been turned off by stupidity? It's extremely common here.

Mom and dad want me to go into computer science like a good goy but honestly engineering of any kind is not for me. They tell me I'm going to fail at math despite being homeschooled for most of my life due to having numerous medical conditions. Too bad ASU is good for one job in Arizona and no college looks at your transfer request. It's like I'm living in a blacklist. /sci/ is where I go to desensitize and get away from it all.

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First year and in engineering so i dont know how /sci/ it is but im trying to get in maths next year

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What about engineering?

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2nd year, college rules it down too much

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>how /sci/ it is

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hello orenigger

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Are you in a cult?

>> No.10268630

i fucking lol'd

>> No.10268634

which degree?

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double degree in gender studies and fine arts

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same but im a 69th year
ask me anything

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>ask me anything
you need to go back

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It's alright

>> No.10268675

thats not a question satan

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It's lonely here, but amazing research IMO

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how does one overcome wamfeels 2

>> No.10268748

what do you like about Stony Brook? I hear the academics/research is good but the quality of dorms and life in general for undergrads sucks because its primarily research focused. Am I right in thinking that's why you feel the way you do?

I know someone doing Aerospace Engineering at Imperial and he does all kinds of cool stuff and even spent a semester at MIT, but he does/did have the second-highest GPA in his major so it might just be him being smart. Still, the ability to spend time at somewhere like MIT is great for connections and research if you can set any up. London IS an expensive shitshow, he complains about it regularly. Just my opinion, but I don't think money should be (within reason) such as huge consideration for the place where you'll be making lifelong friends. Even a small improvement in the quality of people you meet will have a lifelong affect.

>Don't do your undergraduate where you mean to do your postgrad if it's a small city
Nice tip! One more reason why I'm looking at small liberal arts colleges for my undergrad education.

How much are you applying for tuition? You out of state? What's your major, and how hard is it for students to go from there to a top grad school?

they provide containment

hows the research for undergrads there?

I heard it has great relationships with the bio industry. Too expensive for out of state folks such as myself (mass)

why? I thought it was one of the best unis in the US for engineering.

skrattar du förlorar du

How much you paying?

sounds comfy. What lead you to apply? Where did you do your undegrad? (the website leads me to think its a grad-only institute)

>> No.10268785

i got to rutgers too, what year are you in?

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>> No.10268820

for eng it's fine. for most other things it's mediocre. go somewhere better.

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>> No.10268837

wamfeels 2 can only be defeated with 100 wam

>> No.10268838

Come to Imperial.

>> No.10268839


>> No.10268843

how is imperial? i almost went there

>> No.10268855

Pretty dope, no doubt the best graduate prospects in the UK - above Oxbridge I'd say. I chose to stay here for PhD after my undergrad instead of Cambridge and ETH Zurich. Don't get me wrong, Oxbridge etc are excellent but I don't regret being here one bit.

>> No.10268886

thats cool, i guess being in london and having a stem focus gives it an edge over oxbridge in that respect

>> No.10268915

Part III Maths at Cambridge is the world's best, but otherwise probably London has the advantage of connections

>> No.10268922

I wouldn't know, sorry!

>> No.10268926

Anon could always do three year at Imperial and then do the MSc Maths Tripos (I've forgotten the name). That was my plan but ended up doing an MRes instead.

>> No.10268929

I heard y'alls statistics department is god-tier, I'm the UT Austin poster from earlier and several of my math professors have talked it up.

>> No.10268968

I know there's a dude who went the UoM for Engineering on 4chan because he made a post on /eng/ but I can't find him
I hate TheStudentRoom but its the only way to find students doing the course you wanna do at the specific uni you wanna go to

>> No.10268990

How is your math department? For masters/phd, my uni got like an 'international' deal with ut austin for maths (im first year in europe just curious)

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The toughest non government school in the country.
How /sci/ is it? : Its kind of both really.
Spergs here just by heart and choke out during the exams, but the exams are pretty hard. Pajeets are just good at rote learning i guess. Sigh.

>> No.10268995

no, you lax right? hope you're doing well

>Don't do your undergraduate where you mean to do your postgrad if it's a small city
This feels kinda bad but even doing 4th year undergrad I get it, it gets a little lonely having so many of your friends and acquaintances go and you feel left behind.

>> No.10269056
File: 363 KB, 980x950, 1542573126306.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10269076
File: 383 KB, 1200x1195, 1200px-University_of_Houston_seal.svg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

University of Houston
It's a 7/10 concrete jungle, don't go here for STEM grad school unless you are chinese, undergrad STEM is better than grad STEM here unless you are chinese, go anywhere else for grad school though, school of architecture is dope though.

>> No.10269080
File: 10 KB, 530x125, cwru-formal-blue-tag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like it a lot. There's a lot of nerds and everyone's either autismo or chill.

>> No.10269303

a lot of companies I applied to would only take Oxbridge masters graduates, everyone else needed a PhD. They didn't mention anything about Imperial (I asked informally about the sorts of educational background (PhD vs masters) people had at the companies and that was the response).

t. Oxbridge graduate

>> No.10269337

Ist deine Universität in Deutschland? I ask because many of the math professors and Ph.d students go to a ton of conferences out there.

Anyways from what I gather its pretty good, many of the professors attended prestigious universities for the Ph.d, i.e. Cambridge, Oxford, etc. I'm in economics/statistics so while half of my classes are taught by the math department, I don't know all the details.

>> No.10269338

Hi not him, but what kind of industry are there actually jobs?

>> No.10269339
File: 6 KB, 1200x1520, MIT_Press_logo.svg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What does that say?
Literally baby tier to decode. This one would probably give you a stroke.

>> No.10269347



>> No.10269351

My boys, I'm a 2nd year mathmo as well. Also from a small central college so not gonna say which.
How are you finding it so far/ how's next term looking?

>> No.10269353

Is the London School of Geometry & Number theory any good? How selective is it for a PhD program?

>> No.10269365

It is extremely good. Also extremely selective, I'd say even more than oxbridge.

t. applied there

>> No.10269368

>Stony Brook University
I'm a graduate of another SUNY, somewhat north of you in the wastes of upstate. No big employers came to the job fairs, at least RIT showed at the grad school fair.

Was considering grad school at UVM for CS or Complex Systems, pricey school if you can't get a teaching assistantship.

>> No.10269373

Thanks for the tip

>> No.10269391

OSU or U of O?

>> No.10269415
File: 1.69 MB, 1920x1080, Eigencutie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Keating a cute. Last year went good, first term this year was a mess, but looking forward to GRM and this term

>> No.10269424

anything computer related, especially if computer science isn't your main background (programmers who can do science are desirable)

>> No.10269446

Based and Keatingpilled
My time here so far has been pretty much the same as yours - last year was good but michaelmas this year was absolutely horrendous
I see you are also a puremo, I personally prefer analysis but GRM should be pretty good too. Are you thinking about doing any of the applied stuff? I'm kinda interested in everything except for fluid dynamics but definitely want to drop at least one more as 7 would be suicide.
Kind of a random question but do you play any sports for your college/ the university?

>> No.10269467

Puremo yeah, sportmo no. Complex anal is sure to be good, but absolutely fuck stats and numerical analysis. I'm thinking of taking EM and Fluids out of interest, but if relativistic corrections and coriolis force come up every lecture I'm out. My appliedmo side has died with the shitshow that was QM. How fucked are we for CATAM? Just starting the second project now.

>> No.10269508
File: 101 KB, 678x811, Perla.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Complex anal material is awesome but Kovalev is pretty ass at lecturing so we'll see how it goes.
I attended a grand total of one QM lecture last term, the material in the notes was surprisingly nice though. I even wrote a whole rant in the lecturer review thing about how the guy was awful haha.
Numerical analysis will be shit but thinking about bearing with it as apparently the lecturer is good and it's a really easy course for exams.
As for catam, I still have to finish writing up the first project before starting the second. Dunno about you but I also have some leftover example sheets from last term so I'm probably screwed.

P.S. Sousi>Keating

>> No.10269543

Oh god I haven't done any fourth example sheets yet, there's still time though. Regardless of lecturers I guess Dexter is the real MVP getting me through this degree hahaha
I just want some alphas reeee

>> No.10269567

Nope, portugal, in my uni we have this 'doble degree program' where you do a year/semester of your masters at the other uni and then come back and finish it and youre awarded a degree by both unis.
Im asking about ut austin because of american options i can do maths at ut austin or math/cs/ee or something at carnegie mellon or some bio shit at MIT(sad only bio), im currently first year cs thinking of switching to cs with a more cs focus and possibly do some kind of research on that area

>> No.10269575

That is really nice im thinking of doing maths but try to make it applied to CS, sad if i go for erasmus in UK i can only take top26 math uni in UK or another one that is worse, sucks to be in an academically shitty country

>> No.10269581

Dexter is indeed bae.
I looked up most of our lecturers for this term and they don't seem to have any official lecture notes available so I guess we'll just have to attend the lectures like some subhumans.
I just decided I'll be wearing a grey hoodie with a blue and white T-shirt visible underneath on the first day of lectures and sitting on the leftmost side around the middle row I guess. I'll wait around for a bit after EM if you want to came chat, you seem like a chill dude.

>> No.10269683
File: 590 KB, 1536x2048, FB_IMG_1546637871481.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>leftmost side of the middle row
I'm usually around there too lol, I guess I'll see you there then

>> No.10269691


>> No.10269753

ayyy rutgers

>> No.10269761

my orgo prof is from durham. love the guy, found a new appreciation for orgo and chem, majoring in it now

>> No.10269818

Math + CS Spec here, I feel you

>> No.10269822
File: 8 KB, 309x163, images (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a bit too lefty but ok overall

>> No.10269924
File: 293 KB, 1200x1200, 1200px-University_of_Maryland_seal.svg (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm doing cs because I find tinkering with computers fun, however I have recently become more interested in math. So I'll probably take more math. What does /sci/ thing of umd?

>> No.10269928

hey, there's nothing that could go wrong by applying there. I think I was also unlucky, since I got an amazing offer by another uni with an extremely short deadline (not their fault), and I tried hurrying the LSGNT people into accepting me. So perhaps it's easier than I think

>> No.10269929

typo, think instead of thing

>> No.10269945

My dad went to A&M, went on to become a biostatistics professor 250k a year.

>> No.10269948

I heard it's a shit school.
Also how does being Chinese factor into anything?

>> No.10269956

Where at?
In the chemistry department here the lecturers are almost exclusively from oxbridge or homegrown, I know one from kcl, incidentally the best one I've had so far.

>> No.10269957

I might be going to there or Rennassler for gradschool

>> No.10269961

Cornell undergrad Duke PhD.

They're both 9/10 sci I'd say, or maybe Duke is an 8 due to research misconduct.

>> No.10269981
File: 41 KB, 400x416, 1498736008036.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>too poor to go out of state
>U of O is a fucking meme
>Get to go to university with a bunch of wavefags

>> No.10269984
File: 51 KB, 900x900, uoa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do not take physics at this place, the professors and labs are almost entirely shit

Math is top tier, full of either absolute autists or sound people

Quite a lefty student base but this can easily be ignored

>> No.10270009

wait so programmers who can do science are less desirable? Why is this?
question: do you plan on going into industry after your Masters/PhD or do you plan on researching indefinitely? Do you see classmates go into industry? If so, what does the recruiting scene look like? Any tips on getting into a prestigious grad program from a small college?

>> No.10270010

UMD is a good public uni, especially in CS

>> No.10270013

I said programmers who can do science are desirable.

Stand-alone programmers are less desirable.

>> No.10270026

ASU anon here it's dirt cheap just 50k for 4years or the equivalent of 12.5k per year not including scholarships. But you have to be an in-state resident to get this price and some of the charges make no sense (like the innovation fee). My parents won't even pay for my college if I get into an Ivy league because it's too expensive even though they make 250k+ a year combined. They both think it's a scam.

>> No.10270060
File: 49 KB, 1280x460, upmc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got my bachelor's degeree in Physics

Masters and labs are nice, undergrad is meh

>> No.10270061

I know of one company that has an Oxbridge fetish like that. However, I'd say Oxbridge/Imperial/Warwick are pretty even on STEM subjects when it comes to graduate prospects. Imperial is usually #1 in league tables. If you compare STEM subjects' graduate earnings at unistats.ac.uk (UK govt. website) you'll see they are quite even among the four.

>> No.10270065

Wow, good to hear I didn't fuck up with my choice

>> No.10270074
File: 49 KB, 589x600, avoid_these_horrid_haircuts_640_17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish UT had Materials Science and Engineering but I gotta settle for Gay & M

>> No.10270088
File: 138 KB, 750x750, 21FEA64C-9AFA-453B-BE45-7FA3637288B1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10270092

OSU, advanced biochemistry undergraduate

>> No.10270093

Imperial College Medicine

>> No.10270094

Well there's wasting everybody's time and looking extremely dumb and naive that can go wrong. I think you are right that this program is incredibly selective. I have the equivalent of a first but not at a prestigious university so I think I can forget about it. Thanks for the encouragement though. Perhaps I'll apply once I finish my master's degree but I don't think I'll get much better until then. I am already working very hard and don't seem to be particularly gifted. The reason I got my hopes up is that Oxbridge wasn't mentioned lmao

>> No.10270097

Yeah, Imperial and Warwick are the two that stand out to me other than Oxbridge from what I have seen

>> No.10270104

This for physics. I stayed for a PhD because Oxford rejected me and I didn't really apply elsewhere or have confidence that I'd get a similar offer elsewhere.

I'm pretty sick of it. I never really liked it here, but after ditching collegiate life postgrad is at least tolerable. I don't really like most people here enough to meet them if I don't have to. I certainly don't feel particularly accomplished or successful.

Fuck Cambridge.

>> No.10270105

That's an incredibly specific term, it has only been mentioned in the sci archive 3 times including your post.

>> No.10270138

My uni wasn't great and I still got interviewed at Oxford (where I blanked and completely embarrassed myself) to do algebraic geometry when I didn't even know the basics of AG (there was no AG at my uni). You should 100% apply to Part III though, even if you're already doing a masters at yours. I think like 50% of LSGNT guys have done Part III or Oxford equivalent.

>> No.10270143

Is Part III important even if I am not from the UK? I heard about it, but then again I am intimidated since even very bright students fail it despite being prepared, whereas I wouldn't even benefit from a specific preparation

>> No.10270144


Portland State

>How /sci/ is it?


>> No.10270152

What's your endgame here?

Part III is one of the most challenging courses in the world, yes, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. If you're want to follow a career in math, you should definitely attempt to go there. My masters adviser told me if I got in the top 15% I'd probably be offered to keep doing a PhD there, and although you may think that's unfeasible for you, top 100% of the graduating class is going to have better prospects than any master from any other uni in any country of the world.

>> No.10270160

UT Austin could be even better-regarded (it already is a top-tier school by any measurement), if Texas got rid of that stupid 10% rule. The quality of student would rise dramatically if they weren't forced to accept people in the top 7% at retarded high schools who have 3.2 GPAs, 1100 SATs, but are technically at the top of their class..

>> No.10270177

I'm not even sure I can manage it financially, I would also need to ditch a whole year, probably in vain. I get support from my parents who probably wouldn't want to shed $20k just for a year. Education is free in my country. I would need to find a way to get at least partially funded from other sources (won't happen) and then convince my parents that it's a good idea (they have incredible inertia, are extremely un-ambitious and discourage me from applying to anything that's the least bit selective, they don't understand that they will lose me by doing so. I'll legitimately kms if I can't get anywhere). You are lucky to have people in your life that give you "if" conditions even if those conditions are hard to satisfy. In my life there no "if", there's only "go to the easiest place and see from there" and "prestige is a social construct" (fucking kill leftists already, I hate them). In short, I am fucked in almost every possible way I can think of

>> No.10270181

Going to IST?

>> No.10270183

to be perfectly honest, we don't have any good schools in state. if you got some good scholarships then i can see the appeal but as far as top-tier /sci/ schools are concerned, georgia tech is fairly close geographically

>> No.10270184

HS senior with a q:
Am a brainlet and so I like computer science. My end goal is a an MSCS with a concentration in data-science/machine-learning because I find it facinating, (am already familiarized with basic ml through online courses and reading) and I like money.
Basically what college path is best?

Double CS and Math major, then MS in CS:4.5-5 years

Just BS in CS into a MSCS: 3.5-4 years

Math Major CS minor into MSCS: 3.5-4 years


>> No.10270201

How's that going m8? Good program?

>> No.10270244

That's exactly like my mother, always trying to prevent me from doing anything that has the slightest risk. You lose literally nothing by trying, other than some self-respect if you completely fuck up... so what? Fine, don't apply to Cambridge, but any other program is going to pay you at least 14k pounds a year in England without any required teaching duties. Applying is free everywhere but oxbridge. I don't know how it works in mainland Europe but probably similar (except the duties).

Literally just apply. Hard work will take you farther than you think. Don't listen to your complacent parents. Prestige matters, but not that much. What YOU do matters more.

>> No.10270249
File: 54 KB, 600x423, cal-golden-bears-logo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Cal Berkeley
>how /sci/ is it
CS is as /sci/ as it gets, total meme material
The rest of the stem stuff is good

Work on your spelling but otherwise based

peak autism

Pure math reporting in, take 105 (by Pugh) with me faggot, I'll be the only white guy there.

>Berkeley goggles
more like yellow goggles desu, you stop noticing how you're surrounded by asians every waking day

keep drinking your söy you palo alto niggers

Cal reject

Caltech is peak, unadulterated autism. It's tiny, and everyone is an engineering major, so the autism isn't diluted by biz/premed girls/lit majors. It ends up being literal concentrated, weaponized autism. They also sperg out about muh applied sciences.

>> No.10270257
File: 20 KB, 288x356, weirdo reg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

105 will be fucking based, pugh is legitimately one of the best professors at cal. I already took 202a though, so that's off the table. Sorry. Believe me, I'm sad I don't need to take 105.
Have fun.

>> No.10270276

God damn sounds good. Did you take 202A with Rieffel this fall? Because I heard it was absolute cancer with him.
I'm a junior, what are the go to grad classes?
right now I just wanna take 202A in the fall, idk if I wanna fall for the algebra meme with 250A, unless it's taught by Ken Ribet or someone god tier.

>> No.10270277

no it isn't good
This kid >>10270065 is under 18 and shouldn't even be posting here.

>> No.10270288

Fellow coog shitposter here
Undergrad is pretty nice for low tuition and chem/petro/mech engineering.

Grad school is saturated with chinks. Profs literally accept random students because they are identical on paper and know the gov't will pay for their tuition regardless.

For /med/ shit, this school is becoming heaven. Social Work, Nursing, Optometry, Pharmacy, and soon Medicine will attract all the Poos here for years to come.

>> No.10270352


Berkeley maths is good, but you need to be a real wizard or you'll be left in the dust.

I'm not a math major, but I was at office hours with one of my friends who is. He was schmoozing the professor, trying to get a letter of rec for grad school. This Asian girl walks in, starts talking about algebra, says she's self-studied like 3 textbooks and is taking 2 grad classes next semester. Professor is loving it. My friend shuts up, stops schmoozing, when we leave he just says "if that's my competition, I'm fucked". Probably realized he should have just done CS and become a code monkey, but it's too late now for him to switch, so he's dug himself deep into pure maths. A shame, really. Not everyone is a wizard.

>> No.10270434

But I'm not. I already go to the university you seething faggot.

>> No.10270449

I did take 202a with rieffel this fall, it was fun but a bit of a meme. Problem sets were great though. I don't know about cancer, sounds like someone who either did shit and wasn't prepared or someone who knew everything already. It was a proper topology and measure theory course and it ended at just the right spot.
It was a bit slow though. Sometimes that was warranted, sometimes not. He's an old guy, I cut him some slack. Excited for B.
I dont know about 250a. Seems useful but it was definitely a meme this semester. Heard it was basically all category theory. But I also heard Nadler was just not the best prof for it anyway, so I think it'll be okay next fall if it's someone else. I'll probably be taking it, if it seems okay. I'm in a similar boat, analysis is GOAT and algebra is shit but I also feel like I need to learn more of it before grad school. Gotta get those homology skills on lock.
I would highly recommend attempting 202a and 250a in the fall and maybe picking one to stick with if it's too much, then take the b course of one (if you like it) alongside something else you like. I'm not sure what to recommend there. Plenty of good classes, just pick something you think you'll like. Spectral theory, C* algebras, pdes, alg top, diff manifolds, dyn systems all good classes i've heard. Ideally pick something whose undergrad analogue you've taken.
Or just stick with the B class. Depending on your plans, you might want more though.

>> No.10270456

Kek, if that was recent there's a good chance I know that girl. I know two fitting the exact description. I would say that berkeley "math wizards" are probably tough competition, but it's also true that that's not the only way to connect with a professor and to succeed in math somewhat.
One of the problems I have with berkeley is the competition mentality people have here. So many people absolutely need to compare themselves to others and treat it like a joke. Just focus on yourself. That's what I do, and I've done pretty well for myself. I don't give a shit how anyone else is doing unless it affects a curve that I'm depending on. It can be easy to get distracted from that, especially in a situation like that, but what does your friend expect? Of course the competition is tough, it's usually just invisible.

>> No.10270476


>> No.10270479

It’s either this policy, or affirmative action. I honestly think that the top 7% rule is better, but my fingers are crossed for the SFFA v Harvard case to go to the Supreme Court and outlaw affirmative action.

>> No.10270484

Every techfag loses their shit over uga but we don't even think about you guys

>> No.10270496

The only way this could possibly be true is if UGA students are too dumb to know what Georgia Tech is.

>> No.10270506

I have a lot of friends that go to tech. The more socially apt are aware of it, especially the transfers.

>> No.10270593

thanks for the laugh

>> No.10270596

Look at this Harry Potter shit

>> No.10270599

How is University of Washington for PhD? I have a top percentile GRE but average GPA. Research/internship experience is standard. I'm an older student though and have a lot of work years. I'm debating about applying to that school because I feel my dream schools are out of reach. I'm still applying to them too because the worse is a no, but UW would be my backup.

>> No.10270603
File: 90 KB, 674x197, UMASSWhitelogo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my degree was in alcohol

>> No.10270604

I agree with all of this. I did engineering and it was alright and I had a pretty good time and made good friends and got a decent job and all that, but it definitely could've been a lot better and I would not have chosen it if not for all the scholarships.

The STEM grad programs are fucking awful, just a degree mill for fucking Chinese people. I'm consider applying to grad schools in a year or two, but I would never go back to UH for that.

It's an alright school with a really shit reputation. It's at least definitely improving. The grad students are like 99% chinese and taiwanese and they're terrible and the majority of the research is lame bullshit.

>> No.10270605

The answer is highly dependent on your field.

>> No.10270613

Would you two recommend it for geology? Or should I go to boulder?

>> No.10270636

Oh nice. How do you like the school and Corvallis? I'm applying to OSU for grad school for pure math.

>> No.10270638

I'm one quarter off my BSc in Biophys so it would be centered around that. I've already looked at their offerings and they have a lot of potential candidates. I'm interested in creating machines that can synthesize fossil fuels or even biofuels at the micro level. And our best example is the cell using ATP.

>> No.10270654

but you're an engineer so that's expected.

You must've never seen the demographics of grad schools at any of the top uni's.
If you're doing grad school in engineering, you're probably gonna end up surrounded by Indians instead unless you go to some random unknown uni.

>> No.10270758
File: 48 KB, 400x400, B8884F6E-0D7E-4844-9B11-BFC36C6289F1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Overworked, grade deflation, no social life, shithole neighborhood, no name recognition for normies. Very /sci/, /lit/, and /biz/ tho

>> No.10270764

Corvallis is pretty okay though it's small. If you have a car Mcdonald Forrest is close as well as Marry's Peak and some trails at the bottom of it too that are really beautiful. The cost is 40 miles away but Florence is nicer than Newport.

As for OSU? It is what it is, they post memes on their twitter. It's not MIT.. Decent school, lots of rich foreigners (Chinese, arabs, etc). They buy 40k mercedes as their first car and get it towed for parking in a handicap spot.

>> No.10270767

I'm not at OSU yet but will be soon, two family members completed degrees there. I can't say on the quality of their classes.

>> No.10270770

Not sure, I'd avoid their meme chemistry degrees though that arn't ACS certified.......

OSU does that meme degree shit a lot...

>> No.10270774


Go to the international student dorm and hit on freshman chinese girls who don't have BFs

>> No.10270799

Oh that's cool, good to know. Yeah Newport is pretty run-down, I've spent a little time on the Oregon coast. I liked Bandon. Do you ever spend time in Eugene? I've heard there are lots of (outdoorsy) things to do there.

>> No.10270803
File: 511 KB, 1200x1200, 1200px-CSU_Chico_seal.svg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10270823
File: 360 KB, 1200x1200, nd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>notre dame CS phd program
I don't know, you tell me

>> No.10270824

based and panther-pilled if you did math
otherwise, lord rest your soul

>> No.10270826

might go there for Entomology

>> No.10270829

>being an undergrad

>> No.10270838

i dropped out of a CS phd there because i hated living in chicago so much it gave me clinical depression
seriously, fuck that shithole city and fuck universities that condone literal violent gangster-infested ghettos surrounding their academic facilities
much happier now that i've started a PhD at another school where i don't fear for my life by simply commuting to campus

>> No.10270844

>fuck universities that condone literal violent gangster-infested ghettos surrounding their academic facilities
Yale is in the same position, in terms of being surrounded by ghetto. What can they do? 200 years ago the neighborhood was great. I suppose these schools could spend their billions of endowment to buy up ghetto.

>> No.10270860

>I suppose these schools could spend their billions of endowment to buy up ghetto.
it's not just uchicago and yale, it's Duke and plenty of other prestigious schools as well
i understand that, especially with chicago, often the school can't do anything about a deteriorating neighborhood other than buy it all up (which isn't feasible) or heavily increase its police presence (which is what uchicago did), but it pisses me off when schools like FSU and Duke would rather embrace the surrounding ghetto and pretend it isn't a problem than do something like build physical barriers isolating themselves from the ghetto

even if the university can't do anything about the ghetto directly, they can avoid doing stupid shit like placing GRADUATE STUDENT HOUSING on a street ADJACENT to gangland (i'm looking at you uchicago jesus christ fuck you). A kid got shot in the head at 3pm one day on the block right outside my apt building.

>> No.10270865

>Any tips on getting into a prestigious grad program from a small college?
Just b smart lmao
Seeing as you just asked two second year undergrads on tips to get into a PhD program that might be a bit of an issue for you though.
Also stop it with the tripfagging. You're not funny or interesting. You're an annoying, snotty high school brat who thinks tripfagging on a forum that's meant to be anonymous is cool. I recognize you and your autistic questions from other threads so I won't bother to reply to your trip anymore.

>> No.10270871

jesus christ you're almost as bad as he is
rip your IQ

>> No.10270876

The Uni got a wave generator and it made them too happy

>> No.10270887

In the UK, wavey refers to a sort of hipsterism (just not the onions latte and beard type of hipsterism). 'Wavey' people are pretentious pricks who jizz themselves over exclusivity and recoil at the thought of socialising with normal people who haven't somehow broken into their circle.

>> No.10270958

Eugene is fun sometimes, there are a lot of concerts and raves there put on for the public.

I don't like seeing all the street kids downtown though, not necessarily the best place to raise kids considering how astray they can get. I spent the night in the skatepark there once for fun and uh.... yeah Eugene has a drug problem lmao.

>> No.10270960

Ew, portland state?

>> No.10270964

this 7/10 meth girl was trying to trick me into taking care of her, sirens on the rocks quite literally. She played me music on her guitar.

>> No.10270987

I'm happy you brought this up because I may be applying to UH for grad school and don't really have other options. My GPA and GRE are not too great and I don't have much of any research experience. My reason for applying is because of one particular professor along with his research and because I think he'd be a good advisor. He's also a chink xD but seems very cool.

With that said, Im beginning to understand that grad schools in general are saturated with international students. I'm a fully southern white boy born and raised so does that have any impact in my chances in admission to other better schools? Have the diversity tables turned and top universities are now desperate for white students?

Also, why is it that schools like UH have a strongly foreign graduate school? Are white people just not interested in PhD level research? I'm coming from a CS perspective by the way.

>> No.10271018
File: 123 KB, 413x563, UBC-Logo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

UBC it's pretty /sci/ as far as Canadian unis go.

Just come to UBC bro. I've met a lot of Amerifriends who come here because it's cheap.

>> No.10271020

Just live in a state where you can bring a gun desu. Alternatively, wear 5 rings to make a bloody knuckles. You won't be charged with carrying a weapon.

>> No.10271041

Does anyone know how Italian undergraduate mathematics compare to that of other nations?

>> No.10271072
File: 31 KB, 350x131, logo-unito.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10271080

cant speak for math degrees but i had a friend here in italy that had a physics degree from some uni in america and he told me that it was shitty, pretty much a "fake degree". I guess it just follows the same stereotype about italian universities, very theory heavy, but lacking in getting you ready for a job. I still think that the last one is not true but we will see, im in first year of a cs degree. and any uni is basically good in italy, unless you stay in the north-centre of italy

>> No.10271116

Yes anon, im on my first year you?

>> No.10271252
File: 90 KB, 964x492, logo-small-outline.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone else study at this shit-tier nigger fuck of a University?

>> No.10271458

boulder is for pinkos and fuckwads, come to Mines. Our geo dept is nice

>> No.10271470

First year engineering student here. it rocks, apart from all the work.

>> No.10271471

what's wrong with it?

>> No.10271498
File: 60 KB, 250x250, Bath.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good at ME and sports, that's about it.

>> No.10271501


>> No.10271888

Not at IST, had a good enough average to enter most degrees there but didn't know what I wanted to follow so went to a meme tier school for the scholarship, might go study maths there next year though

>> No.10271949

What the fuck is "sports?"

>> No.10271950

He meant he's a diversity student

>> No.10271954

Whatever he is he's certainly not English.

>> No.10271961

Is the math program actually decent? I had a friend go there for undergrad and is now doing math at UChicago. I'm just an engineering pleb

>> No.10272056

I'm a first year engineer too! What college?

>> No.10272108

Just to add: the uni's reputation isn't as important as is your ability to do research with well known CS profs

>> No.10272111

Thank you for the advice

>> No.10272115

this but ironically

>> No.10272134


It's really funny seeing the Chinese in their 100k+ cars. They must be shit academically to end up at Oregon State with that kind of money.

>> No.10272231

something something fool and his money

>> No.10272289

"Princeling" offspring of powerful party members spending the pillaged wealth of a nation, derived from their corrupt parents. Some of these characters live in $1 million + apartments while going to school in places like NYC (fuck NYC recently completed a luxury tower mostly for such shit).

All the while, Long Wang the peasant in his rice paddy gets to drink milk made of plastic, food cooked in sewage oil, get beat by officials when they take his farm for development, and lose social credit points for failing to adequately grovel before his masters.

>> No.10272326

Agreed. If I remember correctly, they're actually lowering it to like 5-6%, but it should be scrapped all together. Most of the folks from shit high schools get JUSTed in the first two semesters though from what I've seen. While I went to one of the best high schools in Texas, I still did two years at a community college and transferred in so I didn't have to go through all that.

>> No.10272453

He means the sports facilities and teams, it’s not hard to understand

>> No.10272461

The nationalists losing the Chinese civil war was one of the most tragic things to ever happen in the 20th century.

>> No.10272478

I don't think a barrier would work for Duke. Too many staff go in and out at all times of the day, and the line to get through the checkpoints would be huge.

>> No.10272672
File: 21 KB, 360x180, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Carleton University for EE. I need group members for my third year project. I know you fags are here. I saw you on /r9k/ and /g/

>> No.10272940

I'm not comfortable getting too specific, but we gave JMA the submarine, whoch should tell you which college I am from if you are at Cambridge

>> No.10272999
File: 9 KB, 557x557, Oxford-University-ceremonial-crest.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>University of Oxford
>Alright if you avoid all politicians

How's life at incelbridge?

>> No.10273099

Fuck that autist lol

>> No.10273132

Did you get scholarship for entering with highest average? Im just a little worried about maths because it ISNT engineering, and the school basically produces engineers, so you wont have engineering acreditation which i heard can be a problem if you want to go to industry.
Also what/where are you studying now? Economics?

>> No.10273141

it still doesn't make me feel safe though
i would rather live in a place where i don't need to fear for confrontation at all
plus the fact that i don't know of a single college campus in the US that allows students and faculty to CC on campus, so state laws become irrelevant

>> No.10273148

their math program is secretly top-tier
the head of the department, Julian Edwards, is an MIT grad, there are a pair of Bulgarians who were top of their class at UMoscow (Miroslav Yotov is an algebraist and Gueo Garantcharov is a differential geometer) who are both incredible
there are two set theorists from Cal Tech, one of which is George Kafkoulis who is possibly the best professor at the university
and there is a topologist/analyst named Teddy Draghici who is amazing

it's a seriously underrated program for undergraduate mathematics. I went there for undergrad and got accepted to the theoretical CS phd at UChicago, and my gf at the time got accepted to the math phd at UWashington

time will tell how good their graduate program is. they just recently got approved to grant PhDs and they began their PhD program like last year or something

>> No.10273164

i mean honestly it's probably not realistic for almost any university. i'm just frustrated and there is likely no real solution except gentrification, deportation, or genocide.

>> No.10273168

forgot to mention that the department also has some good connections with programs at places like Notre Dame and Stony Brooke thanks to FIU students doing REUs at those places and also thanks to grads from FIU enrolling in lots of very nice colleges for grad math studies

>> No.10273183

>Place where incels we're literally invented

>> No.10273189
File: 29 KB, 370x122, 1518424358_Debrecen_logo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Applying here for maths

what can /sci/ say about this?

>> No.10273223

Same. What's your undergrad? EE here. Dunno why I decided to do EE here fuck should've gone to brainlet Concordia instead.

>> No.10273315

Makes me wish I would have done the math program with them. Hopefully, the engineering program isn't trash.

>> No.10273316

It's like all our other unis, you get half heartedly taught basic science in a class full of chinks and then graduate without a job unless you suck a professor's dick in which case you get to be his lacky for a year or two and maybe get a few grand out of it.

>> No.10273332

As a current umd student, math is an actual degree unlike cs.

t. cs major

>> No.10273333


>> No.10273416
File: 90 KB, 220x168, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10273433
File: 33 KB, 600x350, Bateman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10273448
File: 25 KB, 400x400, 130170314329_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10273734

one which is virtually useless

>> No.10273741


>> No.10273758

Can you tell me a bit more about the UoT and UBC ? For a future math and cs graduate?
And also
Does anyone have a opinion on the university of Waterloo ?

>> No.10273764
File: 52 KB, 515x596, images (16).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a Brazilian finishing my Bsc in applied mathematics at the University of São Paulo, if anyone want some info feel free to ask.

>> No.10273992

Well, that's why I just want to do a bit of math. Math builds on your understanding of cs. Obviously there are other things in cs that don't need math(mainly design choices) but that doesn't mean you should just be a brainlet and ignore math.

>> No.10274168 [DELETED] 

Yeah because of average, about engineering not really a problem most math majors there don't have a problem finding work they usually go do Economics or research and get paid fairly decently.

Currently studying MechE but going to change either to Med school Maths or Physics

Also have a friend in the same degree, heard it was filled with brainlets that couldn't even do Linear Algebra.

>> No.10274170

Yeah because of average, about engineering not really a problem most math majors there don't have a problem finding work they usually go do Economics, Statistics etc or do research and get paid fairly decently.

Currently studying MechE but going to change either to Med school Maths or Physics

Also have a friend in CS also, heard it was filled with brainlets that couldn't even do Linear Algebra.

>> No.10275164

Is it that hard there?

>> No.10275191
File: 7 KB, 220x220, 220px-University_of_Amsterdam_logo.svg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uni: pic related
How much /sci/: question ill-defined

>> No.10275196

wtf, probably have walked by you in Serin. What major?

>> No.10275214

im a junior, you?

>> No.10275424

If he did math he could have had 300k a year and any job he wanted.

>> No.10275482

What institution you study at means relatively little. Applying yourself matters around 2 orders of magnitude more, and getting your first job matters 3 orders of magnitude more. You will eventually hate your alma mater for being such a waste of your time when you realise you could have done this all yourself if you were not so lazy.

>> No.10275484

>What institution you study at means relatively little.
don't listen to this person please, get into the best university you can afford. when you have brainlet narcissists instructing you during crucial periods in your education you will wish you'd tried harder in highschool and/or community college.

t. did not try hard and has dumb teachers

>> No.10275488
File: 237 KB, 1200x1520, 1200px-McGill_University_CoA.svg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Too bad UBC is full of fags. The math department is also very shitty. Glad I transferred to Mcgill

>> No.10275497

graduated from there in 2015. Hope you like south Asian culture.

>> No.10276171

That is nice anon, seems like you/your parents want you to have a prestigious degree but if you like it then it will just make you hardworking.
Also well im in telecom not CS so its a lot of guys that couldnt enter CS, legit only 2-3 ppl actually care about the degree other than me

>> No.10277073

Parents don't really care as long as it isn't a meme tier degreee and narrowed it down to those three because Engineering just seems too much of a brainless desk job not to be ofensive, being a surgeon seems much more enticing

>> No.10277101

Surgeons are literally the brainlets of medicine

>> No.10277123

>Got higher scores than everyone else in the same exams
>Still get called brainlets

Just because they chose not to read slides all day and give everyone the medicine they have in a chart for any given disease doesn't make them brainlets, that's just other specialities trying to cope with being paid half for easier work, atleast they have to keep learning new procedures, everyone else just updates their medicine charts

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