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Anyone watch this? PBS documentary on James Watson that aired last night. Goes over his discoveries and controversies, and features Watson (his current 90 year old self) talking a lot.


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No. But I read a bit about Watson's controversies and far from an unjust persecution, I got the impression that Watson is a century behind when it comes to prejudice of all kinds. None of his claims are in any way supported by science. He's also an arrogant asshole who shits on his former colleagues.

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Watson has done nothing wrong. His views are within the mainstream among the biologists, anthropologists, and psychologists who specialize in human evolution and race. The arguments against him are hopelessly weak, and invariably come from know-nothing "journalists" and a smattering of non-white activists.

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He claimed that Indians and Chinese behave in a certain manner because of genes. Pretty sure that is not mainstream science of science at all for that matter.

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Guy is off his rocker. He's a collection of the shit he says.

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does not every humn behave in certain manner because of genes?

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That's like saying your whole family behaves in a certain manner because of genes

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>y-youd want your family to have free will, right?
>its totally logical to bring this up and not just trying to be emotionally manipulative.

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Many personality traits are hereditary. Children do inherit some of their personality from their parents through their genes. Of course due to genetic recombination each child has a distinct personality, a mix of disparate personality traits from each parent.

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>specialize in human evolution and race
Thats where the controversy comes from. Idk I feel like we need to be more general so we can be more objective. Idk the biology all that well but it really seem like you're making it the way it was. It like a big "we dindu nuffin". This shit's not even hard or anyhing, i had no idea Watson was such a dick. I learned about the discovery of dna as just like another fact, i don't remember anyone sucking Watson's dick over it. Plus every pioneer actually sucks and gets btfo later on so there's no reason to believe he's the definitive authority on all things genetic. Darwin said a lot of shit that was wrong, everything Newton did for physics was completely wrong, even Einstein got BTFO. Basically shit starts out shitty and gets better.

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Astoundingly low IQ post. Cringed.

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Literally everything he has said here is 100% justified
In all seriousness though you should be able to seperate his casual theory crafting from rigorous science.
But maybe I’m just soft on him cause I like a bit of prejudice :)

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This post is absolutely ignorant of the purpose of laying a solid foundation in any area of research. Science is not presented as fact, it is presented as the best explanation of observed phenomena given the limitations of technology, established methods, etc. and are invaluable in moving their respective fields forward as developments are made. Are you in highschool? This is not an insult; highschool is a good time to drop these kinds of views to prevent yourself from growing up and becoming a pseud. For example:
>Idk the biology all that well but
It's never a good idea to begin an argument with admission of ignorance, how am I supposed to care about your opinion now?

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No but see, "everything Newton did for physics was completely wrong", therefore niggers are just as smart as ashkenazi jews. QED

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>Science is not presented as fact
Stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Fuck man I don't know shit but my gut feeling is telling me a lot of shit is fucked. I clearly remember a time when science was like the opposite of what it is now. Like back in the day when science supported not being racist and not destroying the planet, not being an asshole. Good shit. I really thought my whole life growing up that's the way it was.

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His crime is using the word race instead of "population groups". The latter is how the scientific community talks about race without letting outsiders know they're talking about race.

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>using the word "race"
If only it was just that, he got his Nobel taken away for being racist. I've got nothing against him, I don't give a shit if he racist, it's making it a scientific thing is what's wrong. Like everything academic puts a bad taste in my mouth now and that's really shitty because I used to love learning and school and shit. Literally fuck all of you.

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Watching now. Watson is based as fuck talking like he's in a locker room. And lol at them playing DNA by Kendrick Lamar at 51:50


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>t. someone who is not purusing or in possession of a degree in an actual field of scientific study
Whatever shit is currently popular to argue about on your given media platform of choice is NOT science.

There is no romantic golden age of science that has ended. People still objectively investigate physical and applied sciences and present their results with the intent of explaining natural phenomena and manipulating it to our benefit. That's why your fucking phone and computer work. Jesus christ it gets me all heated when people go on about how science is dead when things are moving forward faster than they ever have before.

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I'm not saying science ended, I'm saying it didn't used to be racist. I know people "political correctness is bad" but those are normie NPCs. I've never heard an intelligent person say that shit.

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PBS should be defunded because it's communism. Trump said so.

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I'm assuming you are >>10265758, but your other post I was replying to made no mention of racism. I don't really understand the problem. If you're feeling disenfranchised about a field that seems to be influenced by questionable motives, false/poor reporting, find something else, especially if it's the thing you're studying. If you're not studying it, then it's even less of a problem, akin to not listening to a genre of music that you don't enjoy.

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>>10265451 >>10265800 >>10265776 >>10265772 >>10265764 >>10265762 >>10265758 >>10265752

Watson is Based and Redpilled

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No it's not, important people are gonna make serious decisions based on scientific evidence. I can't reconcile a scientific justification for racism. You know what I don't fucking know, it's just a chip on my shoulder. It feels like a posthumous vitory for Hitler though, like if I was a Jew (just not nearly as bad).

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Hey it's fine to worry about that, but the reality of the situation is the scientific community will always exist outside of the discussions that surround it. Real world racists, the kind you picture when people bitch about trump, are not citing scientific articles.

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Every living thing behaves in a certain manner because of its genetics, every single one. Behaviour is always a product of genetics and environment, neither one independently.

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what the fucking hell are you blabbering on about?

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He was the dumber half of Crick and Watson and spent a lot of time stealing but not really understanding the ideas he stole from other people.

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The scientific community shouldn't be insular, it's actually a problem. The minister of science in Canada had to threaten to take away funding from universities for diversity reasons. And that's bad but I fully support her decision because there's a long-standing view that only a certain kind of person is capable of science and math and engineering. Now they're saying they're saying there's a genetic basis for that view. That's pretty shitty man.

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He did not say, "genes can influence behavior". He said, "Indians do this because of genes and Chinese do this because of genes and Africans do this because of genes and Latinos do this because of genes...etc".
These are all baseless claims. You cannot just invent shit out of your ass just because it might technically be possible. Technically you might be a pedo. So should I claim that you are, just like that without evidence?
He also has an absolutist view about populations. He seems to think that if there is a correlation between a certain something and a certain population, then all individuals without exception must conform to that stereotype. Again, trivially false.

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>there's a long-standing view that only a certain kind of person is capable of science and math and engineering
oh such as women and nigs?

i wonder who's responsible for that view? could it perhaps be the groups themselves?

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>He said, "Indians do this because of genes and Chinese do this because of genes and Africans do this because of genes and Latinos do this because of genes...etc".
No he didn't; that's not a quote.

>These are all baseless claims.
It's true of every other lifeform though.

>He seems to think that if there is a correlation between a certain something and a certain population, then all individuals without exception must conform to that stereotype.
Now you are inventing shit.

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Maybe but that's irrelevent, that view alone is gonna perpetuate itself then what? You can't get a right from a wrong like that. And then on the flip side maybe not and you're all just shitty people. Also this thing goes goes really far back in history, it's not like the scientific community was like "hmm we tried out these minority groups and they're really shitty". From the start it was a separation type deal.

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You have no argument. What you said is false.

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>reee the only difference between humans is skin color
>prosecute watson!!!

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But forced diversity is literally the opposite of diversity. A true solution would be to take names and personal information out of every application to anything. ID numbers only, faceless barcoded applications, and if the potential is truly universal, all fields will gravitate toward equally diverse populations. I'm not saying efforts should not be made to ensure equality, I'm saying, coming from a completely racism-free viewpoint, programs like affirmative action are unsustainable because they encourage people to enroll in fields specifically due to their own superficial characteristics and not their interests or affinities. Ex. person is native american and decides to enroll in physics when they find out their acceptance will be almost guaranteed because we need to fill some quota on native americans in STEM. This can easily be misconstrued as "anon does not want native americans in STEM", when the reality is I have been through the rigors of thinking you want to (or HAVE to) do something in a certain field you are not capable of. It is very damaging and takes a lot out of you. In the long term, heightened failure rates of minorities who should not have been accepted in the first place, who enrolled only because they were heavily encouraged to, will skew peoples perception into thinking the fields are even more racist because they disproportionately fail minorities.

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He should be stripped off his medal. First and foremost for being an asshole to all of his colleagues and for going out in public and talking shit about them.
And secondly for saying this trivially false shit. He knows it's false. He is just enjoying himself. It's some kind of twisted game he is playing. Basically bullying, but on a grand scale. Fuck this guy.

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If women tend to be uninterested in practicing STEM then there's nothing wrong with that.
If blacks tend to be uninterested in practicing STEM then there's nothing wrong with that.
There is not, nor has there ever been, a global Whiteman Committee On Who Is Allowed To Be Interested In Science And That Sort Of Thing.

Furthermore, there is no inherent benefit to "diversity in science". Surely a woman's scientific work is no different from a man's, scientists of differing demographics being entirely fungible.

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>That's like saying your whole family behaves in a certain manner because of genes

Yes, partially.

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>And secondly for saying this trivially false shit.
What "shit"? Also stop samefagging.

>but on a grand scale
He's one person.

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No the current situation is good at unis, anyone who wants to apply can apply. The problem is in actual science and professional shit. I swear our differences aren't as much as you think they are. If the KKK shares your views tour views are just wrong man. Idk like I said it's just a chip on my shoulder. It really feels unjust though.

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Should take away funding from universities for being highly disproportionately Jewish.

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>You cannot just invent shit out of your ass just because it might technically be possible.

It is not just invented out of his ass, there are reasons to believe it might be true. And you dont need proof positive to state a mere hypothesis.

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>He's one person
Hes the most acclaimed biologist alive and he uses his status and platform to say over the line shit about race that goes outside science.

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Niggers rock!

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It was for not having diverse staff i think. Anyway I met her and she's fuckin so smart. And white ofc, not that im racist. I'm really not racist, it's just shitty that people are racist. Yeah I admit I'm stupid and a minority. But for the developmental argument I've done a lot of bushit in my life too.

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Low-IQ posting.

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Yeah, anyone who wants to apply can apply and quotas are allocated for superficial characteristics not based on merit. Just because the KKK hates blacks and I hate non-merit based acceptances doesn't mean my views align with the KKK, that's quite a leap you've made there.

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Yeah but if you check they're website and shit they don't say they hate blacks they say "people are different" and "they don't support racial mixing". They sound just like you guys.

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So you're saying university applicants should be given preferential treatment based on their ethnic background.

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>"Is the Father of modern genetics wrong about genetics?"

Memes aside you simply cannot deny the fact that any form of research into proving him wrong about race/IQ genetics are all being pre-emptively denied (or as journalists put it : "debunked").

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No i said that part is fine the way it is.

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>the way it is
So, preferential treatment.

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Well in Canada applications are based on the grades only so idk about you

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>Is the Father of modern genetics
James Watson? No, it's everyone else he rode the coat tails of.

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No. The difference is I neither support nor despise race mixing. Interracial couples are fine, but we've gone too far in the wrong direction. A perfect example is you; we were talking about university acceptances and have somehow devolved into talking about race mixing. Tell me: is race mixing a GOOD thing? Because if your answer is yes then have a think about the political climate of today and how it came to be: NORMAL people are being construed as racist because they have not rode along with the gigantic paradigm shift in racial equity. Benefits of diversity are published in low impact journals that just use hand-waving and qualitative explanations to describe why diversity somehow makes things better. I hold the opinion that it neither makes things worse nor better, and welcome you to convince me otherwise.

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I'm not saying diversity is good I'm saying the opposite is bad. Its like a human right.

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Yeah yeah it should be merit-based but who's to say it was more merit-based before. Plus that just looks like a monitor plan rather than forcing anyone to do anything.

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The scenes with his sons lamenting not making any big accomplishments was painful.

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>Its like a human right.

changing your tune already

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They should just contact other people that make actual contributions and repackage their ideas as their own.

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Watson's genes are royally fucked looking at his sons. One, a fat low IQ schizophrenic (I liked his quote about Dad being a monkey who did better for himself than the average monkey), and the other a pretty dull appearing stoner/burnout type himself.

For those two, the accomplishment of ordering a pepperoni pizza from Domino's would be Nobel tier. The old man is cool with them, which shows he is not the brutal Nazi the SJWs paint him as.

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>mfw watching buttmad libtards seething at the well established iq/race relationship
Kill yourselves

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fucking kek

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So diversity isn’t good but a lack of diversity is bad? Hmmmmmm

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If anything it should be eye opening. It crystalizes how much of a real dice roll being successful is and that genetics isn't the end all be all since the game was supposed to be theirs to lose.

That's real danger of being so focus on genetics. You take for granted that everything will "fall in place" when in truth you should consider yourself lucky that you and your future progeny aren't unhealthy and mentally/physically disabled.

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diversity is neutral, if a lack of diversity happens as a staticistically anomaly and not due to racism then it's acceptable
We generally assume a lack of diversity under racist pretense to be due to racism QED.

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Why would you argue with people on that subject?
See the NYT article, which makes his claim about "test scores differing between continents" out to be some weird conspiracy, but it is true beyond all doubt.

Nobody here will disagree with you on the basis of facts.

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Is there a scientific claim in there which he is knowingly wrong about?

> He said, "Indians do this because of genes and Chinese do this because of genes and Africans do this because of genes and Latinos do this because of genes..etc".
Surely you can provide a quote for that.

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Just to confirm, this is irony, right?

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It was good until the literal who black scientists distort his words and talk about their feelings.

>> No.10266393


>It was good until "_____ that makes ME upset" happened

Stop being emotional anon.

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I don't see how you could disagree with him . Unless you believe in some sort of soul or something then all that we do ,our behaviour ,our opinions everything is either genetic or determined by our parents .While there may be some good arguments for dualism or idealism out there most people who criticize him are materialists so...

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Donald Bump

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Go fucking kill yourself. Anti-racism is pseudoscience and has no place in the sciences. Races differ because of genetics.

>> No.10266524

That's real danger of being so focus on genetics. >You take for granted that everything will "fall in place" when in truth you should consider yourself lucky that you and your future progeny aren't unhealthy and mentally/physically disabled.

Only because you're an idiot who doesn't understand genetics. Of course genetics doesn't result in perfect clones, its the reason why sexual reproduction is a thing, its the reason why "regression to the mean" is a thing. People who are focused on genetics will have control over the process and eliminate the RNG element that is, recombination.

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They used stupid dramatic music and had people make dumb, emotional arguments against Watson. The guy deserves criticism, imo. But they made him simpathetic by being so dumb.

>> No.10266548

Yeah whatever, fight me. I just don't want racists running shit, people should be held to a higher standard anyway. The worst is when you guys act like you're the victim of anyhing at all, it doesn't make any sense. Maybe scientific is legit but racism isn't. If what you're saying is true then we really need to hold those in power to an extreme standard. Man this whole thing is really shitty.

>> No.10266566

>But they made him simpathetic by being so dumb.

Of course they did. Because anyone with a brain sees that what they are doing with Watson is trying to destroy him because he committed heresy when he preached scientifically valid heredetarian views. You hear that? This fucking documentary is trying to ex-communicate watson because he said something scientifically valid.

And these fucking "scientist" are playing their little puppet roles by demonizing him and trying to discredit him by slurring him (oh Watson isn't a great scientist, he stole them, hur hur, that's what he gets for calling black people low IQ, he needs to keep his mouth shut like all the whites who let blacks ruin Detroit)


All of you deserve to starve to death, the same way Stalin and communist caused a bunch of biologist to starve to death because they believed in genetics. Fuck you anti-racists pieces of shit.

>> No.10266580

>Yeah whatever, fight me

I gladly will, and so will most of the population when they realize anti-racism is just a bunch of pseudoscience bullshit and anti-racists are just a bunch of insecure black losers. Like what the hell is wrong with "racism" huh? What the fuck do you mean when you treat "racism" like a boogeyman? Racial equality is a fucking pseudoscience. You don't have a valid reason to oppose the non-existence crime of "racism" then the fact that you are an insecure black piece of shit.

It's funny that you anti-racists are so afraid of genetics because you think it will cause whites to enslave blacks like in your pathetic blackcentric fantasies, but I think the first implications of race realism will be retaliation against anti-racists realizing just how much pointless suffering and pain they caused for no reason. I hope they are demonized and treated far worse then the way they treated geneticist and physical anthropologists in the 1950s.

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>Man this whole thing is really shitty.
That's a lot of babbies' first reaction to the redpill. But you'll come to see there's a lot of beauty in this new, real world.

>> No.10266679

>I just don't want racists running shit
What "racists" running what?

>Yeah whatever, fight me.
>Man this whole thing is really shitty.
You seem really very stupid.

>> No.10266706

>I just don't want racists running shit
einstein said some racist shit once, guess that makes him a racist and a horrible person and you'd rather do without everything he invented.

>> No.10266719

What is racism anyway?
I get what "hating black people" means, but why use "racism" instead of that?

>If the KKK shares your views tour views are just wrong man.
The KKK believes water is necessary for people to stay alive. Judging ideas based of some of the people who hold them, not the ideas themselves usually leads to pretty bad conclusions.

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>Like back in the day when science supported not being racist and not destroying the planet, not being an asshole. Good shit. I really thought my whole life growing up that's the way it was.
Then why did you turn out such an asshole?

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Took the words right out of my mouth.

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>why don't people favour my feels>reals

>> No.10266764

>Yeah I admit I'm stupid and a minority.
Why should we listen to you if you're stupid? Is it racist to ignore your stupidity?

>> No.10268370

So many of the /pol/ types crying foul about how this old fuck is being treated. Why should I have an iota of empathy for this piece of shit who goes around saying unscientific claims just so he can make millions of people feel bad about themselves? Fuck him, if he wants to put other people/groups down, then he better not cry when he gets it in return.

>> No.10268405

>Indians and Chinese behave in a certain manner because of genes.
What a shocking claim. Did he really say that the behavioural patterns of people with relatively similar genes might partially be caused by their genes? Wow just wow this is unacceptable and also it's scientifically wrong because I found a paper saying so, with another paper saying so as the source to that, until the sourcing loops around to the original paper or an unsourced claim. Part of reality that doesn't fit my pseudo-religious belief structure about what's allowed to be said in public btfo

>> No.10268409

You right man. God I hate scientists and love science.

>> No.10268412

>I want people to be lied to so my political faction can maintain power
Fuck. You. You. Cunt.

>> No.10268414

I agree with this.

Racism covers both correct and incorrect views though. What matters to an actual scientist is where the evidence points, not whether the place it points to is disallowed for pseudoreligious or group politics reasons.

>> No.10268416

>why aren't bantu with an iq of 85 math geniuses at the same rate as Ashkenazim
>better punish white people for this
Man I love immigrants

>> No.10268418

They're not unscientific. You're unscientific. That you'd even bring up how it makes people feel shows that you have no commitment to science and should quit so you stop ruining it for people who actually care.

>> No.10268433

Not an argument.
t. Reddit.com

>> No.10268439

>until the sourcing loops around to the original paper
I forgot we had time travel now.

Anyway, that is bullshit. Watson is a very very lucky twat to have seemed to have amounted to anything, he's nowhere near as smart as he thinks he is (and most people in research know this, it's a bit of a joke if you ever discuss the history of DNA's discovery),

>> No.10268986

Can someone explain to me what the objective of this discourse on race and IQ tests is? Suppose, we confirm, through new comprehensive studies, that some races on the average perform better on IQ test due to some genetics factors involved. When what does this entail? Bragging rights for the supposedly "superior" group? Even in the realm of public policy, you can't deny people their rights based on their IQ scores and intelligence. Affirmative action still continues because it is rooted in remedying historically disenfranchisement and not IQ score or whatever. This leads me to believe that all racists just want is just a little more concrete reason to thrash everybody that doesn't look like them and feel good about their empty miserable lives.

>> No.10269171

The left has moved beyond "affirmative action corrects for historical injustices" to "any disparity is the result of systemic bigotry"

>> No.10269521

>This leads me to believe that all racists just want is just a little more concrete reason to thrash everybody that doesn't look like them and feel good about their empty miserable lives.

Pretty much. You can see polfags and stormniggers on twitter sock accounts constantly harassing black people with low IQ insults and IQ graphs. These losers are just itching for more confirmation so they can bully and harass black people when ever they encounter them.

>> No.10269534

Damn, this dude hates Rosalind Franklin.

>> No.10269592

The story goes that after he'd tried to work out how the structure of DNA should look from her crystallography work, he got her to come over to confirm his model and maybe steal more of her ideas. When she saw one his first models of what he thought her crystallography work was showing she just laughed at it and left. Really he shouldn't have gotten much if any recognition, he managed to divine his part of the structure of DNA by probing Franklin with lots of questions.

That's not the only person to scoff at Watson, Chargiff also famously thought the guy was braindead.

>> No.10269610

this isn’t bait because /sci/posters are from a site where dishonesty is not properly associated with higher iq
He didn’t ride anyone’s coattails
more insane revisionism
jesus fucking christ you people are demonic

>> No.10269623

these are all true and astute statements, how pathetic do you have to be to take issue with even one of them?

>> No.10269625

''They impressed me by their extreme ignorance,''

- Erwin Chargaff on meeting James Watson

>> No.10269650

And she [Franklin] explained her experimental work and her reasoning and so they sat back and absorbed that and suitably chastened. They, I don't know what they did, they probably didn't do anything for a while.

Everyone in Biology knows these anecdotes from all sorts of sources, same for Franklin narrowly missing out on another fucking Nobel not long after this.

Watson didn't like her because everyone knows she was smarter than him and people being smarter than him gets on his tits.

>> No.10269694

Nothing else? Does it also need to be pointed out that Crick stopped working with him when he could?

The one saving grace of Watson is if you look at his writings on how the lab work was done, so long as you ignore all the bullshit about how everyone but him was a shit, they are pretty good descriptions of life in a lab setting.

>> No.10269705

*unless it affects white people in which case fuck off Nazi

>> No.10270063

>"any disparity is the result of systemic bigotry"
It is though, at least partly. So it doesn't change anything now does It?

>> No.10270260

Science has been controversial for over 500 years.

It's not going to stop being controversial.

You're so ignorant. You're so arrogant. You're such a fucking moron.
>If something is true and its offensive it shouldn't be promoted because my superficial view of the issue indicates that nothing could be improved based on this truth
What if we found a way to accurately categorize children to the degree that we could structure education in a way that was more beneficial to them? What if it was the case that different races are more inclined to learn a particular way and instead of making generalizations of ALL humans, we now make slightly more accurate generalizations that cater to different groups?


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He's a shitlord no matter how accurate it is or not.

>> No.10270308

As the brainlet of Nobel laureates ~125 IQ he has no grounds to conceal power level.

>> No.10270317

Ugh literally so problematic.

Take his Nobel prize and give it to Obama.

>> No.10270338

His bantz are breddy gud tho

>> No.10270358

It's difficult to disagree with anything he says.

>> No.10270390

>His views are within the mainstream among the biologists, anthropologists, and psychologists who specialize in human evolution and race
Not really. Or rather, maybe in a few people who hold themselves to be experts in racial science, for obvious reasons.

>> No.10270401

>Literally everything he has said here is 100% justified

>> No.10270404

>It's true of every other lifeform though.
Not really.

>> No.10270407

prove then, give me an example.

>> No.10270413

It's common knowledge that genetics and behavior aren't that simple.

>> No.10270427

they do
ignorance of what? like ignorance of post-war social niceties? ignorance of Lewontin’s psychotic environmentalist narrative? ignorance of genetics or biology? what is this pertaining to?
this all just seems like petty ressentiment and post hoc reasoning to discredit someone she’s jealous of and the PC police siding with the based female over evil racist anglo high iq

>> No.10270431
File: 85 KB, 728x546, Evolutionary psychology.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dogs social behavior was molded through breeding.

One set of genetic changes turned aggressive wolves into docile dogs in a process called Neoteny, which was replicated by Russian Scientists with Foxs.

Competition in the wild selects beneficial genes (which control behavior & traits)
There is a whole field of Psychology called Evolutionary Psychology that explains how Evolution & ultimately Genetics molded Human social behavior through evolutionary history.

>It's common knowledge
>people say

>> No.10270515

>the only variable in this universe is my gene.
>doesn't matter if i havent eaten for 10 days and never received any education but if im smart i should be able to beat all the engineers in those first world countries.

>> No.10270521

Feed and educate a dog all you want, it will never comprehend rocket science.

Hmmm.... I guess genes ARE pretty important...

>> No.10270528

there are parameters which allow extraordinary amounts of stress and others more pertinent to the very survival of the organism that do not. you are playing with the threshold between them, a society where generational incompetence and weakness causes widespread food scarcity is unlikely to produce high quantities of high iq individuals in the first place. Both indirect genetic influence and the heritability of that low iq are going to depress the scientific output of that people. This is blatantly obvious with Africa and the pre-Columbian Americas. Why did Europeans develop high civilization at all, or even the middle easterners and Cretans and Indians and Chinese and not the Africans? There are large parts of Africa that are as fertile and hospitable to life (like Zimbabwe and the Cape and the Horn, and parts of the Niger river delta) as the Nile River delta the Euphrates and Tigris and the Indus valley. It didn't happen because there was not enough positive selection for the alleles associated with higher cognitive function in that environment and the random mutations that did occur which benefited cog function were not frequent or proliferated enough to make a serious impact on those races. Its that simple, there's no malice involve. If all human populations had the same baseline intelligence most of them would have reached the same levels of civilization even in antiquity. It took Germans interbreeding with and adopting the civilization of Southern Europeans and the eugenic effects of Catholicism and centralized government almost 2000 years to eclipse the rest of the planet. Since blacks were not heavily exposed to Arab or European civilization till around the 9th century AD and this only in the coastal regions and north of the continent its unsurprising there was a less of an indirect effect from the adoption of their culture and civilization. We see now blacks have very slowly gained about 5 iq points in America from being so close to europeans

>> No.10270625
File: 277 KB, 750x1113, 613A3DE8-1A6E-478B-9CEC-1A8BEAF06048.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What a terrible evil man and he is an environmentalist and anti-war advocate.

>> No.10270649
File: 74 KB, 750x814, 1546376703897-pol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>science is racist
>lack of diversity is a statistical anomaly

I swear you people are actually the reason why I might become racist.
I never really paid too much attention to race, but you morons keep bringing it up every fucking time. Keep racializing everything. Keep using it as an excuse for every fucking thing.
Shut the fuck up already, stop this pathetic self pity, roll up your sleeves and star doing shit. Be the change that you want to see and stop forcing this diversity, racial sensitivity bullshit as this is not the important matter here. Truth, meritocracy and actual results however are.

>> No.10270661

Yeah but that's not the point. Education makes you a better person overall. You know how to make better decisions and be less ignorant. Even if you didn't get it, a trained dog is smarter than one thats not trained am I wrong?
>I guess development matters

>> No.10270680

Idk man, I think forcing racism into benign objective topic like genetics is immoral and impractical. Society isn't merit based to begin with but if we were to make it merit-based I doubt it would turn out the same. So the disparities are due to *something* else. Bringing race into is just asking to be called racist.

>> No.10270850
File: 851 KB, 2970x2400, race_myths.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

chinks cheat

>> No.10271054

Um, sweety, environmentalism means yelling at people who don't want to destroy your economy with ridiculous energy plans and increasing immigration.

Environmentalism doesnt mean population control - the most rational and only realistic solution.

And that's not my point.

My point is that genes are EVERYTHING. The difference between you and a dolphin is genes. There is absolutely so much variety in genes. I feel as if I'm talking to someone and telling them a poodle will never beat a greyhound yet they keep telling me that poodles have just historically faced systemic opppression and persecuaton and if we increased education and training then some day they will run at equal speeds. Why? Why should they? And I dont care if you go out and find anomalies where poodles can outrun greyhounds.

>> No.10271059

>My point is that genes are EVERYTHING. The difference between you and a dolphin is genes.

Genes give you the capacity to learn but genes won't teach you how to drive a car.

>> No.10271061

>Space is literally the stupidest thing there is
Jeez, the old guy doesn't pull his punches.

>> No.10271062

>My former colleagues are pinkos and shits
He says what we're all thinking

>> No.10272449

>this all just seems like petty ressentiment and post hoc reasoning to discredit someone she’s jealous of and the PC police siding with the based female over evil racist anglo high iq
Raymond Gosling is a man bruh. They all worked together.

>ignorance of what? like ignorance of post-war social niceties? ignorance of Lewontin’s psychotic environmentalist narrative? ignorance of genetics or biology? what is this pertaining to?
It's such a famous quote you can google it, Watson didn't understand Chargaff's experiment that showed the number of C nucleotides matched the Gs and the number of Ts matched the As.

>> No.10272451

>The difference between you and a dolphin is genes.
Not by much. Also poodles are excellent hunt dogs, and not every greyhound is going to be fast.

>> No.10272645

>not every greyhound is going to be fast
Yeah it comes down to economic differences.

>> No.10273131
File: 1.31 MB, 2400x3229, 9 Most Common Myths About 7 Most Common Myths About Race.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's interesting how Asians went fro model minority to filthy cheating insectoids the moment they started out-competing whites for prestigious well-paid tech and science jobs

>> No.10273157

don't forget racism
white man good, black man bad.

>> No.10273263

Socioeconomic reasons and systemic oppression caused by a culture of implicit greyhound supremacy

>> No.10273281


>> No.10273289

this man is shitposting in real life

>> No.10273372
File: 1.32 MB, 4500x4334, Pepe approves.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He's a shitlord
>shitposting in real life

>>10265807 >>10265536
Pepe (the Lord Kek) approves James Watson's message

>> No.10273429
File: 18 KB, 400x400, Ben Shapiro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Okay, this is Epic.

James Watson in his own words
>“Some anti-Semitism is justified”
>“Whenever you interview fat people, you feel bad, because you know you’re not going to hire them”
>“Japan should be bombed for dragging its feet on supporting the Human Genome Project”
>“All our social policies are based on the fact that [Africans] intelligence is the same as ours – whereas all the testing says not really”
>“I think having all these women around makes it more fun for the men but they’re probably less effective”
>“And there’s a difference on the average between blacks and whites on I.Q. tests. I would say the difference is, it’s genetic…It’s awful, just like it’s awful for schizophrenics”
>“I’m not a racist in a conventional way”
>“There is a biochemical link between exposure to sunlight and sexual urges.. that’s why you have Latin lovers”
>“[The] historic curse of the Irish.. is not alcohol, it’s not stupidity.. it’s ignorance”
>“People say it would be terrible if we made all girls pretty. I think [doing so by genetic selection] would be great”

>> No.10273505
File: 2.68 MB, 2506x2997, chinks cheat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Nothing in [5] actually disproves the claim"
stopped reading there

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