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If the Numbers have no end, human can not know of years and counting.
-Mohamed Ababou-

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Based arab schizo, has potential to be the next time cube with further work

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Number one faulty assumption.
Infinity is not a digit or a number its a concept.

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What does "based" mean
Do you have any questions?
Also no signature. Why?>>10261513

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Why the hell do you keep posting MS paint quotes of yourself as if your opinions matter? Your proofs are faulty and Id struggle to call them proofs at all.

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Mister abuuboubou, where is the end for numbers?

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First things first, youre not published and you have no credentials. This pdf looks like a child made it.

Second thing youre insane.

Third thing if a person was immortal and kept counting numbers they couldnt stop making new numbers to count up to.

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So your whole argument is that because a counting machine cant last forever digits have an end somewhere. This is incorrect.

Consider two people. One makes up a h igh number and the other makes an even higher number. The two people just keep adding zeroes. The number of zeroes they add can be whatever they want. There is no limit to how many zeroes they want to add to any number.

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>because a counting machine cant last forever
>Consider two people
like...seriously, man.

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Guys, I know this is a bit irregular, but I just want to point out that I'm the most intelligent person who has ever lived and ever will live.


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>What does "based" mean
what are you even doing on 4chan motherfucker

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>OP: *le end number*
>Me: *le end number*......+1
>Me: *dabs*

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Because it is scientific truth. Read the document.
To spread scientific truth.
That is not counting.

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I read the document and there is no scientific proof presented. If you have to say "Adam Peace Be Upon HIm" in your proofs than they are not proofs senpai.

Youre a schizophrenic not a scientist.

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These MS Paint drawings are insane.

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Respect between us is a duty; therefore, you must avoid publishing what is obscene and immoral.

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If you're looking for respect, I'm afraid you've come to the wrong place

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Every single thing about this guy's grammar pisses me off more than I can understand.

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What has Ultima Thule got to do with numbers? This is perhaps your most intriguing picture OP.

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Numbers either exist in the mind or in reality. If they exist in reality, then the universe must be infinite for numbers to be infinite. If they exist in the mind, then they are necessarily limited by that mind.

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this is ONE sentence from his mental illness document.

>And one other of the proofs that digits have end, the big-bang and the life of stars, because after the big-bag, the Spacetime was engendered, and these approaches that we know about the ages of the planets and the stars estimated in billions of years and the earth’s age estimated in 4.6 billion year, we observe the merge of time and digits, because without time the digits that we know wouldn’t exist, because although the Man discovered digits, actually they existed before, when time existed for the first time.


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man searching this guy's name opens up a rabbit hole of weird

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> Second thing youre insane.

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we know it's you, tooker

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tooker is better than this guy don't bring him to this level. this guy sees himself as the prophet of his new 'math' religion or some shit tooker atleast was mathematical.

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Can you do this:
To fetch a metal wire and form it as a symbol of infinity and then crush it and you say:
No matter how great the superstition is, the Mind and the Logic reject this.
No to myth of Numbers have no end.
Yes for Mathematics based on the theory of Numbers have an end.

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Could you please for the love of God explain what you mean by 'numbers have an end'?

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someone should do a three Christs of Ypsilanti re-do with this guy, tooker, and some other bozo

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Please read the book. Ask me questions.

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The ending of the words is ALMSIVI.

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I did and all that you have written is a ridiculous attempt at a proof of some sort. You have never explained what you mean by saying that numbers have an end. You might be saying something that's similar to finitism read this article:

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Your very reasonable arguments helped me understand my error. Numbers have no end, and I was foolish to claim they do.

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I saw someone say not too long ago that numbers at the end of the naturals.

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this wrong obviously, the naturals are only the end of the neighborhood of the origin

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This is a fake and a wrong, please delete this.
A person is free to embrace religion but is forced to believe that the Numbers have an end.

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Respect is a two-way street. You disrespect science by claiming your ramblings were scientific while you clearly have no idea about the scientific method.

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Can you do this:
If you pass near the railway, you should say:
Does this railway runs along the infinite length?
No, the length of railway is limited.
So; the Numbers have an end: scientific truth.

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I, Mohamed Ababou have counted to the highest number I can and then multiplied it by the next number I counted to, thus proving numbers do in fact have no end

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but I thought they do have an end? what?

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neat troll, really gives it a personal touch with the ol' slumdog millionaire vibe. Say Ababou-what's the last number?
Also didn't this guy run a failed Pakistani restaurant across from Jerry's apartment? Very bad man, Jerry—very bad!

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I don't take the 7:15 Numbers into the city every morning. Numbers are not a physical thing.

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>Numbers end because you can’t count to infinity

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transcend our mortal plane and kys

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yeah but does NEGATIVE infinity exist?

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Numbers temporarily end.
That is a fake.
What does kys mean ?
Can you do this:
To write on a soap:
the Numbers have an end: scientifific truth.
Then you wash your face and your limbs to the elbow with this soap.
-Mohamed Ababou-

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what happens if I wash past my elbow

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Stop impersonating me. I, the true and honest Mohamed Ababou, would never make such a silly statement as numbers having an end.
-Mohamed Ababou-

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>division is subtraction

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I don't know
No. That theory is the work of the devil, and you are being evil and ally of devil.

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>If you had an apple and you were to multiply it by nothing the apple will remain.
1*0=0 QED

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What is that cartoon? That has no relation to mathematics.

If you are with your brother, sister or friend:
Try to do this:
That you say: the Numbers have an end:
Then he says: scientific truth.

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Yes; that is known as a special case.

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learn how to talk

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Can you do this holy and noble act, great and glorious:
If you are male:
It is to write on your chest: the Numbers have an end.
Then says: the theory of Numbers have an end is the best inspirartion that Human accept.
As for the female:
is to write on the palm of her hand: The Numbers have an end.
Then wipe face by hand and say:
the theory of Numbers have an end is the best inspirartion that Human accept.

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Division by zero is known as a special case.

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I just wrote on my chest that the Numbers have no end and I said the theory of Numbers have no end is the best inspiration that Human accept.

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I'm female btw

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youre stupid

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Again what is that cartoon? Please delete that saucy content.
A human who employs Mind and uses Logic can not believe that Numbers have no end.

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>A human who employs Mind and uses Logic can not believe that Numbers have no end.
The peano axioms disagree

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Who is Peano?

If the Numbers have no end, humans could see God.

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Please don't be vulgar.

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is some mental institution dumping people on /sci/ so they stay distracted during the day? this is getting weirdly common

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what mean?

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>Who is Peano?
someone smarter than you

>humans could see God.
pic related

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> he doesn't know about material implication

> 2019
> being a heretic

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well that mean Peano is on the wrong side of WW3: Numbers have an end vs Infinity.
The good human, noble and holy:
He who believes that the Numbers have an end and mixes them with good morals.

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bless you

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>cant make a mathematical argument, so he just plays the morality card

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7+7 = 14. 14 is a pretty big number, right? The age of consent is 14 in Estonia. Imagine if numbers were infinite, when will you be able to commit intercourse? Thus numbers have end

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If the Numbers have no end, why will the year 2018 end and remain just a past history.
How to edit post????

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It... actually makes sense. I'm a brainlet, explain why it's wrong.

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Please read book before ask question.

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I tell anyone who is angry with me or hates me:
I love you all ... I am not angry with anyone.
I do not hate anyone, even if he hates me more.

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because of the way in which 'division' is defined?

1/1=1, 1/0 doesn't equal anything

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division is breaking things into parts
breaking something into one part doesnt change it
breaking it into two parts makes it half as big
breaking it into 0 parts makes no sense

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Dude infinity exists deal with it. You don't know math at all and you're having delusions right now. Also Muhammad was a fraud and a charlatan, no one has ever spoken to god and know one knows if one exists yet.

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His theories are just too complex for some to understand

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you should have autographed the ms painting

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“It’s not gay if the girl has a penis. Just close your eyes and don’t touch the balls. Numbers have an end”

-Mohamed Abadou

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Muslims have been out the mathematics game for too long to return now. Also a paper that includes PBUH is trash

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Mr. Ababou why is time on the X axis as a concept when time is clearly labeled as the Y axis (through the implication that past/present/future constitute time in its entirety, thus making X axis time unnecessary and confusing)? All numbers are flat.

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“When I was 12 me and my brother touched penises, he was 8 years old at the time. When I was 14 I called my 9 year old cousin up to my room and sucked his penis for 20 minutes. Numbers have a limit”

-Muhamed Abadou

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how do you come up with this? like, how do yo ueven combine the images to mean something like this ?

this man is a genius

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exactly. if you divide apple into 0 parts you still get apple.
so 1/ 0 = 1.

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Please no offensive sex reference than can harm people.

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"The direction of counting doesn't matter"
- Mohamed Ababou -

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>if you divide apple into 0 parts you still get apple.

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This is actually funnier than the limit of cosine at infinity guy.

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"When you prove something for all naturals via induction, you are in a sense counting to infinity in one fell swoop, but I don't understand any of this, so I continue to spew bullshit unhindered" - Mohamed Ababou

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numbers. have. an. end.

>> No.10265638

Virgin "Do operations with Infinity" Tooker vs Chad "Infinity isn't real" Ababou

>> No.10265639

Dual classes.

>> No.10265645

In a sense they are both claiming the same thing, for a very small value of "the same". Both of them try to append a value to the number line and do arithmetic with it. Except Tooker has an inconsistent smattering of mathematical knowledge while Ababou appears to have none at all.

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If the Numbers have no end, why is there no bird flying in the sky to infinity without going to the ground.
Huh? Solve that.
Also, yes. if you divide apple bay 0 you get apple.

>> No.10265650

what is this, proof by perseverance?

>> No.10265653

The theory of Numbers have an end that includes all real and concrete science and gives up everything that is imaginary and irrational.

>> No.10265656

>If the Numbers have no end, why is there no bird flying in the sky to infinity without going to the ground.
>Huh? Solve that.
youre stupid

>Also, yes. if you divide apple bay 0 you get apple.
youre stupid

>gives up everything that is imaginary and irrational.
youre stupid

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Allah found it too hard to create an infinity of numbers.

>> No.10265660

If the Numbers have no end, there is no electron.
-Mohamed Ababou-

>> No.10265664

that's just contained number, a bird in atmosphere; your view of number must be the base 10 number system as oppose to 'shapial systems', like the atom, electron; you never had 1 of anything, you had an atomic phenom, which you said there was 1 of, so number that you're thinking of is immaterial.

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>> No.10265671

like any language is beneficent for a mind that uses all senses to communicate with the world. numbers are symbols and amounts, but never the objects within the amount which are different number system that base 10, shapial systems, for example.

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Stopped reading there

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Also I would like to give thanks to my girfriend pictured on the left, who was my inspiration in discovering deeper and deeper truths of theory of numbers.
-Mohamed Ababou-

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So you still read the whole thing lmao

>> No.10265718

nah, Mohamed doesnt know what anime is, because hes stupid
-Mohamed Ababou-

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can somebody start a thread on mathoverflow and trigger the resident sleepers over there

they need their daily ababou vaccination

>> No.10265926

Interesting, what is the final integer?

You will not find one, but if you do, I'll add 1 to it, and disprove you argument.

>> No.10266130

“You can easily detect a CIA nigger at night because they glow in the dark, just hit them with your car.”

-Muhamed Abadou

>> No.10266161

>Numbers either exist
Stopped reading there. Lmao senpai

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the only true fact of the numbers sience is the numbers have no end theory is evident lie. The counting to no end cannot be in time, so number have an end must be the case.

>> No.10266215

Do trees fly into the air or stay into the grount. Exactly then numbers cannot have no end or else trees could fly. Did fires not go out? Exactly the theory of numbers have an end is the death of dirty nigger science and the truth.

-Muhamed Abadou

>> No.10266291

It's like Toeker but without Latex and distilled to its raw essence, with all the vocabulary and embellishment stripped away

>> No.10266367

Numbers don't have an end because numbers are not real. They do not exist. They are a fantasy we have created to help us deal with reality.
They are not bound by anyone's mind, imagination or even the whole universe, because they are not real and do not exist.
It's just simple everyday magic we use.

>> No.10266530

I am sometimes worried by the amount of schizophrenics on the internets.

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if dubs, this thread have an end
-Mohamed Ababou-

>> No.10268343

you'll be dead by then.
-Mohamed Abadou-

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Stop giving this guy attention /sci/. You won't get anything out of him other than "numbers have no end, convert or be killed".

That all that I've seen other than the ridiculous .pdf file that is poorly written, obviously not edited, and the author refuses to challenge his theory, which is the basis of science.

I understand that this post is counterproductive of what I'm telling everybody, but it needs to be said that these threads I've been seeing look like a five year olds attempts to get his parents to look at his school product.

>> No.10268664

>reddit spacing
>defends status quo
fuck off, rat

>> No.10268752

That is stupid.

>Believeng everything wrote as a quote from some ancient ""scientist"" as an undenieable fact:
>the biggest flaw of the weakminded.
>abudil adbel 1823-1911

>> No.10268808

Cant believe i spent almost 30 seconds downloading opening and reading the document only to read god in the first sentence, fucking waste of time, you could think,
uhhh you wasted more time writing this uhr
No, time calling a faggot a faggot is time well spent, calling a retard a retard is time well spent, im also warning others not to bother in this thread, plz kill yourself

>> No.10270084

the images are very well done for somebody that probably doesnt know latex

>> No.10270118

>1/0 doesn't equal anything
It's more like it can equal anything, which doesn't work well in a nice consistent system of arithmetic.

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File: 1.84 MB, 320x240, GI0063.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This all looks pretty reasonable to me.

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File: 1.84 MB, 320x240, GI0063.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This all looks fairly reasonable to me.

>> No.10270166

Natsuki is my gf

>> No.10270172

>It's more like it can equal anything
no, youre thinking of 0/0

>> No.10270175

I kind of get why you might think it's that specific, but a tiny bit more thought should tell you that it's not.

>> No.10270202

idiot why not just add it to itself

>tfw I know what OP is trying to get at and have tried to talk to him about it but hes just another schizoposter and won't converse even if you're giving him validation

funny thing is the post I'm replying to actually helps explain it. By explaining that you can only add something between 1 and [highest integer yet] to get [higher integer], you prove that you can only count finite integers in finite time

which might seem obvious, because it is, and while OP is correct, this fact is basically useless and irrelevant. We live in a world with large enough numbers that we can observe patterns that continue into infinity, we can do science on the nature of infinity, without actually truly representing it. Because of this, OP's whole point is true, but only useful in a smaller universe. In fact it is useful in computers, where you have limited memory. Again though, it isn't any major realization, it actually is pretty obvious.

>> No.10270674

truthful, based on facts

>> No.10270700

Well what happens if I take your final number n and I do n+1? What do I get?
Checkmate muhamad

>> No.10270853


you can't do that, beacuse the moment you stop counting time stops , so adding 1 would mean just progessing in time

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Are you this guy
Thank you for your work

>> No.10271947

>Can you do this:
>To fetch a metal wire and form it as a symbol of infinity
actually if you look at the cover of Scientology 8-8008 there is a very good depoction of this

>> No.10271995

Using MS paint? Nigger, Indian shits can use syskey.

>> No.10272013

Can I go backwards in time by counting backwards?

>> No.10272023

Oh shit, you're right, it worked! I counted backwards and met Einstein, but I had to do it really fast, it was super hard.

>> No.10272227 [DELETED] 
File: 42 KB, 526x567, 1538792531825.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This has to be amongst the dumbest shit I've ever read.

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File: 11 KB, 350x350, rhode-island-png-2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello everyone, thank you for your questions.
Obey your parents, respect the old age, help the needy, be from the advocates of good and do not be evil... if you really believe that the Numbers have an end.

>> No.10272643

I stumbled about this 'numbers have an end' and was looking from where the hell it even originated and couldn't find anything except the pdf mentioned by OP or a very small YouTube channel with a few memes around this ( with comments roleplaying how revolutionary it s ) and some trolls on a reddit question who are great mathematicians replying that Mohamed Ababou.
And then there is a facebook page about this.
It just seems to be a really obscure meme

Also isn't so that mathematics is not a science so he's making a mathematical proof by using time and the start/end of the universe

>> No.10272827

Why the picture of Rhode Island?

>> No.10273267

I didn't ask a question, though.

>> No.10273392

Wtf I don't know if this is bait or this guy is actually schizo

>> No.10273484

someone tl;dr

>> No.10273523

TL;DR Mr. Ababou has solved numbers with a postulate so fundamentally true that we are all kicking ourselves for not coming up with it sooner: there does in fact exist a highest number.
He has given countless pieces of evidence in support, in the process throwing politicians and great thinkers under the bus for perpetrating false ideas of numbers being infinite.

In this life we live it is important to fight against evil by being the good...all numbers have an end.
-Mohamed Abobou, 2019-

>> No.10273541

I'm afraid I'm forced to agree with you on this one.

>> No.10273544

God dammit what are you doing here? I muted >iwcdm just so I didn’t have to see your bullshit.

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File: 57 KB, 1360x607, ab10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bless you Anonymous.
If you have the opportunity to meet a parrot, try to make it his say:
the Numbers have an end: scientific truth.

>> No.10273548

What is the meaning of that word? I do not understand.

>> No.10273645


you can't find a final integer because there isn't one.

>> No.10273656


yes, when you stop counting (time stops progressing) you reached the final integer

>> No.10273733

Every implement of numbers contains a local finite maximum, and no working implement of numbers does not account for a local finite maximum.

Infinity is an idea, and it's not even a good one.

>> No.10273942

for some reason this is both funny in a strange way and also depressing


>> No.10274066

counting doesn't have an end

>> No.10274071

also the amount of numbers between counting from one number to another doesn't have an end.

>> No.10274092

praise Allah I have just found the biggest number that can ever exist. I took my pocket calculator a Casio model no less and entered the digits 99999999 then I added one. imagine my surprise when the answer was 'error'
this proof has such wide-ranging consequences.
almost every government in the world claims to have a national debt greater than this amount that it expects it's people to pay back to the Jews they borrowed it from. they're lying to us man because the amount of debt cannot actually exist, and all those billionaires man are lying because these numbers don't exist. it's all a lie and there are no such thing as numbers with 9 digits because Casio does not lie with its little electronic brain of perfection.

>> No.10274946

scientific truth!

>> No.10275007

Hitler did nothing wrong, and numbers have an end. Such is life.
-Mohamed Ababou-

>> No.10275020

You can only add one a finite amount of time, because you are mortal.
Thus the highest number that can be conceived is still finite.
Just admit you lost, mathfags

>> No.10275021

>What is that cartoon? That has no relation to mathematics
Saving this for anytime an animeposter shows up

>> No.10275054

that depends on how much of everything there truly is

>> No.10276123

>You can only add one a finite amount of time, because you are mortal.


>Thus the highest number that can be conceived is still finite.

You conceiving numbers has nothing to do with them being infinite.

>Just admit you lost, mathfags

Lost what?

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