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FUCK linear algebra

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This! I absolutely want to have sex with her.

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look how sad you've made gilbert strang feel...
what do you have to say for yourself, anon?

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hahaha put it between her orthogonal eigenvector matrices anon
right in her conjugated diagonal

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s-sorry gilbert strang

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he forgives you!

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FUCK you gilbert strang

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This! I absolutely want to have sex with him.

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say that to his face again, bitch

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f..fuck you gilbert

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heheh... say hello to my little friend...
nothing personell... kid

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It must be hard being a stupid

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>he's probably not even complaining about vector spaces over fields
>no, he's almost surely failing matrix algebra and coordinate systems over the reals

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Fuck you

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>he falls for reddit bait

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Finally understand double-dual today
Pizza time

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Congrats anon, dual / double dual is cool. Proving that the double dual map is natural and that no single dual map is is a great way to learn category stuff

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>he posts "justify yourself" bait

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im with op, linear is fucking boring

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FUCK YOU, don't talk about my waifu like that ever again!

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>not mentioning interesting theorems of your waifu to defend her
>its linear, there are no interesting theorems

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>being autistic

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IKTF. It was mandatory in my major, and I had to take it 3 times to pass it.

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>when you need a day job because your math doctorate doesn't pay for the rent

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>>not mentioning interesting theorems of your waifu to defend her
Literally every theorem is interesting. I particularly enjoy her multifaceted theory where all the core definitions of, basis, matrix and such flow together with a straight forward geometrical intuition.
Things like Cayley Hamilton, which boil down to one pretty simple formula, can be interpreted in many different lights, for example as a statement about determinants and non invertibility of Operators or as a statement about the basis of Matrix Vector spaces and such.

She also has 3 cute Sisters, functional analysis, numerics and control theory, each one focusing a bit more on certain aspects of her.

>its linear, there are no interesting theorems
I mean, ALOT of PDE theory is about linear things, but in some sense you are right. Linear Algebra tends to be quite basic, unless you get into things like Control theory or numerics, where it gets more involved.

>not being autistic

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>he had to take "solving linear equations" three times
>he probably doesn't even know what a division ring is
>linear algebra's lewd little sister Fun Anal
I notice you didn't mention module theory, you analyst cunt.

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When you’re too stupid to even get a math bachelors so you justify your pitiful ignorant existance with the amount of money you earn

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>you analyst cunt
Yes, you are absolutely right. I am an analyst cunt and it doesn't even feel bad.

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Good thread op

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