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*explodes on launch pad*

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*25 years
development started in 1996

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Don't even joke about this shit, if JWST explodes it'll be a Dark Ages tier scientific loss

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genuinely do hope something catastrophic happens to the webb. it would own the cuckservatives so hard

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the moment Hubble dies we'll be without good visible spectrum data

this stuff has to overlap... it's crazy

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>inb4 another 20 million and 3 years

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my bet is on one side of the mirror failing to open all the way

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You realize we've spent about 1000x that on JWST already?
>more like JUST

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How come? Why does it hurt them?

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*sunshade snags*
*primary mirror fails to deploy correctly*
*secondary mirror jams while halfway deployed*
*cryogen cooling pump fails*
*thruster gets a sticky valve and continuously fires, sends the thing tumbling out of control*
*star trackers lose position*
*gyroscopes go into gymbal lock*
*CME ejects from the Sun and fries the electronics*
*micrometeorite dust particles shred everything*

put the thing out of its misery for Christ's sake

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but muh sunk cost fallacy

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too good of a spy satellite to cut the scientist off. it will fly... someday

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>the year is 20,002,021
>humanity has finally scrounged up the funds for the next space telescope

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please DON'T

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>every thing is a go
>successful launch
>no incidents
>successful deployment of mirror and solar arrays
>trajectory is as it should be
>feels good man
>high fives all around
>1 month later
>a loose screw causes it to forever malfunction

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>maybe moon landing will fail
>but then russians will beat us to it
>fuck it, let's do it live
>massive success, great leap for mankind and all
>few more missions planned
>wait some dudes already nearly died doing this
>fine cancel it

you gotta at least bust the nut before you call it a day

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Yeah I've always wondered this, how can they do maintenance at L2? Hubble maintenance was easy since it was orbiting Earth, but even then that was a time when we still had a shuttle to take people to space.

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They can't.

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>dangerstack threatens thot
will u stop

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Just make a new one. Can't be that hard now that they have worked out the process.

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makes me think they should put it into a parking to test it before they throw it into the cosmos forever.

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Just remember this is all Lockmart's fault

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>speck of moon dust lands on mirror
>11 billion dollars down the fucking drain

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>>speck of moon dust lands on mirror
Pretty unlikely.

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Yep, much more likely that something the size of a grain of sand at 20000km/s will just fucking nuke it.

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It depends who the launch provider and rocket used, it would indeed be quite funny if it exploded on the launch pad using SLS.

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Northrop Grumman is primary integrator

it will fail to separate from the payload adaptor

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Not only can't it be repaired because there are no spacecraft to send a crew to L2, because of this it's not even designed to be accessible to repair crews unlike the HST which was designed to have easily accessible and replaceable hardware.

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The launch is planned with an Ariane 5 rocket, which has a 95.1% success rate from 102 launches.
>it's not even designed to be accessible to repair crews
Can you elaborate? Hypothetically speaking, if we can get a crew to L2, what exactly about the design of this telescope makes it impossible to repair?

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I can't wait for it to fail so we can blame the Russians

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>Hypothetically speaking, if we can get a crew to L2
You do realize that no human has ventured further from Earth than the dark side of the moon, right? To get a crew to L2, NASA and whoever else would have to devise a completely new space travel strategy, with new travel tech capable of supporting a crew that far from Earth. This means an additional mission that could end up costing more than the telescope itself. If JWST fails in L2, the very idea of a repair crew is out of the realm of our budget, both financially and time-wise

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>JWST finally completed after more delays
>due to significant recent successes NASA decides to change its launch contract to Space X, on the BFR which is flying routinely
>it explodes on the pad

The combined salt of it exploding, and being a result of Musky is almost enough for me to wish this timeline happens.

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I never understood why these projects take decades to finish and still faulty, while in the cold war they used to make the craziest shit almost every year

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Look at Space X. This is the actual time this space shit takes. Everything else, especially NASA is so extremely grotesquely bloated by bullshit its amazing they actually complete anything.

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More like
>every thing is a go
>>successful launch
>>no incidents
>>successful deployment of mirror and solar arrays
>>trajectory is as it should be
>>feels good man
>>high fives all around
>>connection lost

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Please stop comparing NASA and SpaceX on every fucking JWST thread.
I would really like to see Elon Musk put a fucking super sophisticated space telescope that is goin to revolutionise our comprehend of universe in a fucking lagrangian point.
Launching a satellite in LEO and making the booster land is waaaay different (i'm not saying easier).

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He'll have a prototype done by EOY 2019, and ready to launch 2020/2021

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NG employee here there is nothing to worry about we are keeping JWST perfectly safe and will continue to do so as long as funding for the project remains stable.

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Is not a manufacturing line, most of it is crafted/cnced from scratch

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At this point it would be cheaper for NASA to test solar shade designs in LEO than to let NG do it on the ground.

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He'd probably revise the JWST design a bit before launch. Eventually it would be 2020 small telescopes split between L2, L4, and L5. All launched by the year 2020

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You're not considering the size of space. L2 is pretty vacant.

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That's basically their new capsule, though. Orion.
I mean, still, they're not really prepared for it, but Orion would be technically capable of that journey.

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>NG employee here there is nothing to worry about we are keeping JWST perfectly safe and will continue to do so as long as funding for the project remains stable.

defense contractor threats have very few countermeasures, your shareholders should be proud!

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He'd probably just blow up all his rockets, blame his failures on Trump being a pedo and then use the rest of the grant money to buy more hair extensions.

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>L2 is pretty vacant.

Theoretically it's actually not, compared to other space.

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apparently they can only work on it at night, since the vibrations from the nearby highway interfere with the development

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the cost to move the highway would probably be less than the additional costs of working at night and not being able to work 24/7

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Didn't you get laid off ofter the Zuma debacle?

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that sounds like a crock

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>vibrations from highway interfere with telescope
>they expect to put it on a rocket and fly it into space
I wonder what kind of vibrations the telescope will be enduring during launch

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>the dark side of the moon

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CNC programmer here.
We dont delete our programs after running them, even for one offs. Nobody throws away drawings either.
All of the engineering has been done, building another wouldn't be so bad.

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Why the fuck is Daniel Radcliffe crossdressing?

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The Ariane 5 rocket is pretty reliable. How many consecutive launches now? 100?
If something fails it will probably be the sheilding tension bullshit

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partial failure on a launch in January of this year

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Yes, the models are obviously still out there, but it's expensive to manufacture the specialised parts.

Think about it like this as well, if they used a single part that has to change (due to a manucturing company dying etc.) they will usually have to change the entire design.

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Why didn't they just built every part twice or more for redundancy? Surely the incremental cost would be relatively negligible.

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They almost certainly except for perhaps the most expensive parts.

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Theoretically Starship(BFR) could do it.

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>*CME ejects from the Sun and fries the electronics*
Considering the orbit that is perhaps the ojnly thing that is unlikely to happen.

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Also Apollo 8 was live. And it was a huge risk.
What killed Apollo was Nixon.

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L2 is unstable, why should it be quite vacant compared to the rest of solar system space?

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Because it is unsable. If it was stable it would collect all the debris, dust and stones that came around since the Earth and pre-earth was formed

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you know Youd hit it, dont lie

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I'd not only hit it, id marry it.
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HA! Pedo!

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Pedo? for what? do you think a girl under 18 wrote the code to the apollo misssions?

or are you under the false impression that voluptous women represent the most femininity?

Brotip, you dont really know what a women is, because you are not atracted to a womans primary atributes, you aim at the secondary ones. Youre definitely gay, you would fuck a tranny or a woman indiscriminately if it had big tits.
as on the other hands me, aka known as le supreme petite lover gentleman, knows how to identify the true signs of womanhood

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>as long as funding for the project remains stable
Is that a threat?

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One of Webb's goals will be direct imaging of exoplanets

Does this mean we might find ayy lmaos if we look at enough of them?

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It's possible, homie.

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This is why I've been arguing to have Webb be ground based.

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>ground based
>infrared telescope
anon . . .

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>ground based
do you even know what this telescope does

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Her hips are narrower than a boy's lad.

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China will win
JWST (aka the JUST) is 100% going to explode

>> No.10236204

I will kill my self if that happens

>> No.10236218

But can't the JWST observe the atmosphere of exoplanets, showing singes of ayy lamos?

>> No.10236220

hrr durr, I'm a retard and did not read your post correct. Carry on.

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There’s other grounds.

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it will fail 100% one way or another
nothing ever gets done in space nowadays

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Moon dust. It's course, rough, irritating, and it gets everywhere because meteorite impacts cast it for thousands of kilometers and static electricity from solar charged particles causes it to levitate and settle out globally.

>> No.10236692

All you have to do is build a big tower to elevate the mirrors and sensors from the ground. Not infeasible

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Retard detected.

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so instead of a unmanned telescope you're now talking about a new-age apollo mission with a payload and required assembly on the "dark side of the moon" which isnt actually dark all the time so the sun would fry its components. doesnt fucking work, the telescope has to be facing AWAY from the sun at all times.
>It's course, rough, irritating, and it gets everywhere
fuck that line and fuck that movie

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>elevate the mirrors and sensors from the ground
Elevate them 100 km up to get above the dust lol

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>build a big tower
>on the moon
>not infeasible

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Mate, if you wanted to right now build say a park bench on the moon it would take 20 years and cost the entire gdp of the united states.
And you want to wilt a tober??

>> No.10238119

Why not just put it in L2 after being extremely careful and sure of the build and function?
Like they're doing now.

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>t. retard

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ya'll should read Earthlight

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Ugh...you are all fucked

>> No.10240211

It first has to go on a launch pad.

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that makes me so sad :(. don't they need to please the masses no visible light on jwst man whose idea was that

>> No.10240273

they must be glad you believe that

>> No.10240293

>no visible light on jwst
JWST will still be able to capture images that can then be color corrected to visible light

>> No.10240302

that's not how it works. it's pretty far from earth, you'll still see the sun at L2. It wouldn't need the 5 layer sun shield otherwise

>> No.10240306

I guess you're right, and hubble's pics were so beautiful because they included out of visible too anyways. ok I'm fine now

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earth is flat

>> No.10240329

i hope it does too op

>> No.10240333

but space is round???

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There already a bunch of major space telescopes in the works next decade.
Ground based with mirrors that can deform to correct for atmospheric distortion. HUGE mirrors that will blow Hubble away.
Check it out

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Anyone else see it when it was at JSC about a year ago?

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Now this is epic

>> No.10240570

cool vid

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>everything deploys perfectly
>images are blurry

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Though that would suck big time. I'd still watch and laugh.

Anyone want to red pill me on why this fucker is a waste of time and cash?

>> No.10241132

delays, cost overruns, delays. That’s the gist. It’s a fine telescope.... but the costs are a big thorn

>> No.10241144

Fuck you thats not even funny

>> No.10241145

None of those things will happen, im literally only worried about a launchpad explosion.

If this thing gets into space it can eventually be docked with and repaired, its designed for that.

>> No.10241153

(no it isn’t)

>> No.10241161

>top left hexagonal mirror misaligned by 12 microns

>> No.10241170

It has a docking ring designed for use with the Orion crew module, look it up.

>> No.10241183

>None of those things will happen

Lmao delusional

>> No.10241256

I actually meant to post this one.
Should be watched before the other.

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Nah bro look at her hands

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>Isn't everyone already moving through space though even if you are standing still on earth, sitting looking at your computer because the planet is moving on its axis 1,000 miles per hour, the planet is moving on its orbit through space at 67108.089 MPH and the solar system is moving through our galaxy 515,000 mph and our galaxy is moving through our universe 490,000 miles per hour. So when you are sitting in your chair still, you are still moving through space? If this is true, instead of "going faster" in a universe where everything moves through space, wouldn't it be better to figure out a way to "stop" in space in a space craft and let the closest planet or galaxy to move to the ship? If this is true then would time speed up if you stopped to 0 MPH in space relative to these speeds? What would happen if you were able to go in reverse relative to these speeds? True Time dilation like being close to a black hole?

They were going too fast.

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Could be another good reason to bankroll efforts into building a capable spacecraft that can service gigantic and overly complex space probes and telescopes.

>> No.10243942

20000km/s is not an orbital debris, so it doesnt really matter where you are.

>> No.10245610

Isn't this what Orion is?

>> No.10245808

*spontaneously reassembles on launch pad*

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