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Popsci hate thread. You know the drill.

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saeg goes in all field

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The problem here is a /sci/ browser would have to touch IFLS.

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Popularizing science is actually a good thing. The problem is that popsci is dramatically dumbed down to the point where it's not science anymore, just a nice advertisement for a few selected results or even worse just an untestable theory endorsed by a so-called scientific authority. Science is reduced to easily digestable supposedly mind-blowing titbits with no hints toward the scientific method at work to get to these results. It's part of an ongoing agenda that turns "science" into an esoteric teaching that is delivered by an uncomparable elite of people that are portrayed as either idolized or out-of-touch geniuses while entertaining the masses (who are already deprived of proper education) with a circus of cgi animations and graphics that have nothing to do with reality. Scientific publications only exist as means to give scientists an excuse to secure funding instead of educating the world of scientists or interested laymen alike.

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anti sage

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