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>Harvard Ph.D
>Held a professorship at MIT, and has tenure at both Princeton and Harvard
>first author on two (2) of the top 10 most cited physics papers of all time
>still only 56 years old, academic prime

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Would answer every question and straight up show work

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>probably sucked a bunch of dick to get where she is
>who cares about physics?
>women hit the wall at 30

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>who cares about science?
/sci/ in a nutshell

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You sound bitter that she is more accomplished than you will ever be.

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based and redpilled

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Randall-Sundrum models are pretty like MCM models except they dpn't quite close the gap with reality

The General Relevance of the Modified Cosmological Model

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Randall is a lesbian and she WILL be my sugar mommy!!

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you sound like a white knight r*dditor.

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t. newfag who thinks you have to be le edgy in order to be cool in or sekret 4chan club!!1

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good thread, /sci/

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>Someone says women face a hostile environment in STEM
>woman enters a stem field and becomes one of the top scientists

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>probably sucked dick
have you seen her? she’s so fucking autistic and obsessed with her studies she wouldn’t even get off to anything other than particle physics. she never talks about her personal life in interviews and probably has no friends and has never had a romantic relationship in her life, she probably doesn’t even know what sucking dick is.

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nice blog post.
too bad this is /sci/, not /voguesci/

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They do. They receive the same abuse the rest of us do. You just want to be coddled.

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Low intelligence response to justify their societal position with a priori constructs.

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That's the most airbrushed photo I've ever seen

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anon I know you want a qt physicist giga brain gf/wife (i do too), but I can almost guarantee with her facial symmetry, intelligence and likely social connections, she has indeed sucked dick many times and is not a pure autist virgin.

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oh nevermind I found non-air brushed photos of her and she's not hot

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>doesn’t even know what sucking dick is
well, good we have you then

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Honest question: did she come up with that model on her own (with Sundrum) or did one of the time travel lesbians send it to her? Serious question.

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Nothing from you is ever taken seriously
Daily reminder to fuck off, Tooker

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probably sucked off some old virgin physics nerd tbqh

>pic related

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no anon, i can’t teach her either because it would ruin her purifies (not that she’d want to suck dick anyway)
but i will be her sexual awakening by eating he out through her pants

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well to anons saying she sucked her way to the top: no. she’s a good physicist.

OTOH is she really that great? the RS model is sort of one of those relics of the turn of the millennium when things like large extra dimensions got popular since they were equally as plausible as superstring theories (at that point, they’d understood the landscape of calabi-yau compactifications, so string theory got much less plausible), but large extra dimension theories were much less hard mathematically. Nima Arkani-Hamed got fanboys for the ADD model in a similar fashion; it’s a less rube-goldberg type model but less comprehensive; but in any case both models are basically along the lines of “hey bro space has extra dimensions, and they’re not even small like the 7 out of 11 dimensions in M theory; they’re big but we hypothesize that every normal thing in our universe is stuck on a ‘brane’ inside the bigger space”. pretty wacky

now she spends most of her time talking about how dark matter might have all little detailed properties, DDDM yards yadda, in conclusion what caused the comet that extincted the dinosaurs was a result of; wait for it.... dark matter.

i donno if she’s really doing anything worthwhile desu. at least witten and maldacena have a claim to perhaps be working on nonsense that is mathematically significant, but randall isn’t even at that level. she’s at the level of, say, Brian Greene

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>science is evidence based application
>ok there isnt any physical evidence linking kavanaugh to rape but I believe women so it happened now
Just another on a long list of meme scientists to promote the political agenda.

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You're retarded

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But does she give good head and is the coochie tight?

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no anon shes a lesbian

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Smh! Whats the point if she is not going to pass her superior genes on then?

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shes 56 - even if she wanted to breed, her womb is barren and the child would only end up with a disability (which is prevalent in her family - her sister has aspergers)

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>regarding the serena williams incident
w-what did lisa mean by this, bros?

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>only 56 years old
this is why academia is a joke

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lol at that photoshoppped face

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I hope she at least donated some eggs.

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>tfw no cute boomer gf more than twice my age that i can send dirty snaps and memes to that only zoomers will understand

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>"...I probably don't believe in God. I think it's a problem that people are considered immoral if they're not religious. That's just not true. This might earn me some enemies, but in some ways they may be even more moral. If you do something for a religious reason, you do it because you'll be rewarded in an afterlife or in this world. That's not quite as good as something you do for purely generous reasons."

What a hot fucking retard

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She a cute, but she has stupid opinions about aliens.

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