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How can u be conscious when they remove half your brain? What would happen if i took half of someone elses brain and replaced it with the missing half

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You acquire new fetishes?

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Most likely it would erode and die due to lack of blood, but if you somehow managed to connect it properly it would likely be rejected by the host being foreign material, but if it wasn't nobody knows.

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And they say religion is sinister and perverse

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'You' are only half of the brain

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The most scientific explanation I have ever read on this board. No, yes, maybe, I don’t know.
>this and more, only on 4channel

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>What would happen if i took half of someone elses brain and replaced it with the missing half

What would happen if I replaced some parts of a radio with parts from another? It still receives a signal if I hook it up properly and adjust the circuitry where needed. Likewise the "signal" is not inside the radio. Unfortunately your nerves can't be fully adjustable so you'll probably end up picking up habits from the donor or won't be able to properly send signals through your nerves.

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If you are going to experiment on a human then do it right. Take a healthy person and put in some implants so you can disconnect each half of their brain at a time. So like baseline, then no right side, baseline, no left side, baseline, etc.

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as long as you keep the left hemisphre you will b fine. You can even gain back motor function of the left side of your body with enough physical therapy.

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interesting and relevant watch but take what he says with at least a grain of salt

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Even if you killed two people, you'll still be a brainlet anon

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Literally no one has said this.

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All the parts of the brain that are crucial for generating consciousness are intact. Their quantity has just been halved.

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There was never a time when I, you, or these kings did not exist; nor shall we ever cease to exist in the future.

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