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Is Curie as based as everyone says she is? Why don’t you guys like her?

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She had the PHENOTYPE and thus makes small-brains on 4channel jelous

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Skłodowska-Curie, stop give the frogs false credit.

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because a good half of /sci/ are virginal misogynist autists, and the other is virginal misogynist autists who come from /pol/

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Who says we don't like her? Only person (maybe there was one other, i can't remember) to win 2 Nobel prizes.

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>win 2 Nobel prizes
Maria Sklodowska-Curie
John Bardeen
Linus Pauling
Frederick Sanger

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>Linus Pauling
nobel peace prizes don't count

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Bardeen doesn't count because both were in physics and that's fucking bullshit, might as well have given Einstein a second nobel for relativity then. Pauling doesn't count because the Peace Nobel is the second worst nobel. Sanger doesn't count for the same reason as Bardeen.
But in all honesty the nobel is a trash prize.

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Thank you for the fact check, anon.

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>Peace Nobel is the second worst nobel.
What's the worst nobel prize?

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GTFO fag

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Literature by kilometers.
>doesn't give Joyce a Nobel
>or Proust
>or literally fucking Tostoi
>no seriously Tolstoi was alive and didn't receive a nobel because the nobel committee didn't give it to him
>no Ezra Pound nobel
>90% literally whos
>fucking Pynchon nobel never
>american writers in general extremely under-appreciated
>literally the first person to receive it and deserve it was Hamsun
>fucking Russell and Churchill I swear to God

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hey, Bob Dylan is an american :^)

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>t. virginal misogynist autists who comes from /pol/

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