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time for your brainteaser. I have to admit though, I dont actually know the solution myself. its not homework though, I promise.

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lmao what the fuck are you trying to say

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morph a 2d curve into a 3d curve by wrapping its image around a 3d shape

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Its not possible to map from a flat surface to a curved one like that, no matter how many surfaces it has.
What you CAN do however is map two points, that determine a line as the shortest distance between them, from a flat surface onto a curved one, and then find the new shortest distance on the curved surface, which is called the geodesic defined as [math]0 = \frac{d(dx^\alpha d\lambda)} {d\lambda} + \Gamma^\alpha_{\mu\lambda} \frac{dx^\mu} {d\lambda} \frac{dx^\lambda} {d\lambda}[/math] where [math]\Gamma^\alpha_{\mu\lambda}[/math] denotes the Cristoffel Symbol determined by the metric of the curved space.

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are you saying you couldnt tie yarn through a klein bottle? imagine you had a hanky a pen and a klein bottle. at least some subset of solutions are physically verifiable, no?

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Knots don't exist in 4d space

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ok. here, ive been starting from the basic shapes.

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>pic related

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so how is this not a knot? if you join both ends then it is stuck to the bottle...

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[math] 2^a [/math]


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[math] \Gamma^{\alpha_{\mu \lambda}} [/math]


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Just identify the edges with appropriate twists

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[math] \Gamma^{\alpha}_{\mu \lambda} [/math]
use the god damn tex viewer in the top left of posting

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>tex viewer
wow thats awesome. i never saw that before. this website is so functional but so inacessable to newfags.

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is this a triforce thread now?

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[math]\space[/math] ▲
▲ ▲

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>3D curve
>it's actually a 2D surface
Fucking retard

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a picture of a sphere is in 2 dimensions too, you lame brainlet.

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