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How do we fix the dropping birth rates all over the world?
Even Africans are having fewer children.
We can't let this happen. At this rate every "race" is going extinct. Even black people.
It's not actually white genocide. It's genocide of everyone.
We need to make it a more attractive to have children somehow.

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Nothing wrong with this. People finally realized that life is fucking shit and no one should bring more people to this world.

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Birthrate of 2 with 0 child mortality means stability, not extinction.

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Fertility rate*

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That's because of immigrants who come and get their standard of living increased and then gradually taper off again. I really doubt it's going to stay stable at 2

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Intersolar Lebenstraum

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>Keep population stable
>War/disease happens
>Population drops and doesn't recover because the rate is always 2
>No surplus humans to sacrifice for science or space colonization

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Africa’s population is going to continue to grow for the next 50 years so we should allow their birth rates to plummet, and we should start sterilizing and euthanizing them while we’re waiting for their broods to slow down.

Whites and Asians live in dysgenic environments that disincentivize breeding, so nothing can be done.

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Natural selection will gradually cause fertility rates to rise again. The problem is that in the process, the world will turn into an idiocracy run by religious fundamentalists.


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Its already becoming idiocracy, g is falling pretty steadily in the west and even places like Sudan and Brazil

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>post yfw the great filler is birth control

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we should put in incentives to decrease the population on welfare, maybe only single children can receive welfare, children of professors get free tuition, housing(encourages growth of intelligent population)

i know none of this will happen though all the smart people don't have many children

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the dumb will inherit the earth

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This would stop poor people from breeding excessively, but it wouldn't stop religious fundamentalists from breeding excessively.

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you can help by pouring gasoline on your stupid balls and lighting them.
ty for leaving the gene pool

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Replacing all europeans from the Americas with Amerindians will solve this problem, knowing that Amerindians have more civilization potential than europeans.

How is this hard to get?

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actually if you account for accidents and such, you need a birth rate of about 2.3 per family to mantain a balance

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Women are not stupid they are waiting for artificial womb or maybe even reconstructive surgery that allows for women to go back to pre pregnancy body after they deliver

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Eh, that's kinda a stupid assessment when looking at history.
Wars tend to create boom generations, and a global pandemic could just as easily.

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The UN projects that it is possible that we will not even reach 10 billion before the fertility rate reaches replacement level. I don’t know why but for some reason it saddens me, like mankind has hit a great cap for the first time

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That would be a tragedy of epic proportions. Economic growth would end.
Or maybe the UN is just making stuff up to relieve people's concerns about overpopulation. That seems more likely.

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>Wars tend to create boom generations

No not really. The Baby boom is an exception and it only happenend in a few parts of the world..

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That's what twins are for.

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Less people to consume resources and destroy the planet? Oh no!!

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Based antinatalist

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you meant filter but what ever
>implying there is a great filter

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*tips fedora

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Less niggers

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>We can't let this happen.
What do you mean by "we", Peasant?

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The population can't grow infinitely, i guess something like this graph will occur at some point.

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How does Israel sustain their population?

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I'm not convinced this is a problem, seems like a solution to over population. The problem is these dropping rates probably don't apply for the poorly educated

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The difference? We have technology. With every potential population dropoff, we just happen to come along with a new technology that allows us to continue to grow. Sadly, technology is not a gradient. It's not a slow and even progression. It staggers in sudden spurts, otherwise known as a REVolution (as opposed to the slow and constant progressive and inevitable evolution that most people imagine it to be) and who knows if there even will be another technological revolution in the foreseeable future. For all we know there might not be another one for millennia. Or even at all.

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The difference is that rabbits can breed infinitely and quickly, unlike mineral deposits and petroleum, both of which take thousands of years to restore.

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I’ve thought of having kids, but as of right now, the future that I think about is just having money and free time to do things I enjoy. Maybe people feel like they dont want to go through that process of raising kids and essentially losing freedom.

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Birth Control

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Serious question: why does it matter to us?
Current gen is already getting fucked up old people.

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and we have innovation and discoveries. We used to use whales for their oil. Now we don't.

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There is literally no reason for there to be more than 60-600 million humans on earth.

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Yes there is. That number of people died in ww2

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It makes me sad too. All those books I've ready about halo and Warhammer 40k, where humans reach hundreds of billions, it seems like a nightmare if we don't reach that level desu. If we reach the cap right here, we'll be done.

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Why does that matter? Do you think as many people would have died if there was less people?

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more like 100-300 million per continent then we can get things done on a large scale and everybody can have a nice bit of lands. real issue is the existence of the megacity.

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Why is this a bad thing?

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There are 7 billion of us, maybe it would be better if we halved that.

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I was here for 3.5 billion. The world wasn't noticeably better then.

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I was here when it was 3.5 billion like>>10196832 the world wasn't better back then. We didn't even have smartphones.
There wasn't a difference actually. I think the people who were born don't consume alot of resources

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/Sci/ bros I need your help. I'm looking into moving to Japan to help alleviate the decline birth rate. As a foreigner how can I successfully move there? I'm currently doing a doctoral degree so I won't be low-skill level labor. But as far as I know I need a sponsor? Pls help.

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It's a shit country to live in as a foreigner. Don't go there.

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Seriously? :(
Why so.

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mega cities are inevitable. It's where the jobs are.

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they make you work too hard.

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I'm gonna guess you don't live in China or the Niger delta. The extra 3.5 billion people weren't born in the west.

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Up, up and awaaaaaaaaaaaay......

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this is straight lies. aurope has 1,5 average. latina merica 2,7 asi aprobably has like 3,2 this is bullshit

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>World population declining from 1960 to now.
That doesn't even make sense, when you think about it.
This is way more accurate.

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Lol brainlet

This is wishful thinking. And my sources are better than yours.

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>At this rate every "race" is going extinct.


must be bait. Yea, dropping off from 8 billion is extinction

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Growth is living. Extinction is death.

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until everyone is dead, there is no extinction.
so, lowering the population by a jew billions isn't extinction

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>implying it's a problem
>implying overpopulation is good

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The population doesn't need to constantly be growing unless you're a boomer who needs someone to pay for their social security

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Overpopulation doesn't exist. The seas, and deserts are uninhabited.
And vertical farming hasn't been tried

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Why? Why does it need to be "fixed"? Humanity did well with just a couple of billion people for thousands of years and I would be quite happy to let it drop to those numbers again. The only reason people want growth is for retarded economic reasons.

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>Going extinct.

No it's a natural stabilization of the population.

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Humanity didn't do well till the population grew

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What do you mean? It survived. And society and technology slowly but surely developed that entire time. Population grew because of advances, not the other way round.

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Causation is not correlation but I think the chances of producing a genius is greater in a bigger population

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It’s completely policy. (((They))) are encouraging Whites to stop reproducing by creating the social and economic conditions we have today.

Jews in Israel have the highest birth rate in the entire world, and essentially a National Socialist state that encourages them to reproduce. Secular Jews there average three children while the orthodox have on average 8+ children. Yet these are the same people that promote anti-natalist policies like (((feminism))) and (((no-fault divorce))) while they are in White countries. It’s entirely policy.

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>Amerindians have more civilization potential than europeans

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Subsidize low births with robots. It will create an "artificial" threat which will kick the drive to breed into hear across the spectrum. Everybody wins.

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So what? Populations are technologically advancing. Survival rates and education rise, so birth rates drop in response.

Shit will really hit the fan when resources start running low.

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>Yet these are the same people that promote anti-natalist policies like (((feminism))) and (((no-fault divorce))) while they are in White countries.
Now explain the low fertility rate in Japan. And then kys.

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They built bigger civilizations in a shorter amount of time. The Europeans got a head start and just happened to get large ships and guns in time to colonize them.

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Which they got from Chinese people.

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Is that graph credible? African population is set to explode, last I read.

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>No it's a natural stabilization of the population.

Except that it is not stabilization, it is a decrease. Anything below 2.1 children per couple leads to decrease and unless reversed, extinction.

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it is credible but African population will still explode, birth rates are simply so high in Africa that even with decreasing birth rates we can expect African population to quadruple to over 4 billion people during the course of the century

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>every series converging to 2

This strongly appeals to my autism

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Get a job as a research scientist in Japan. That's what I do. You don't need to know any Japanese at all.

Of course the barrier is being at least a decent scientist in your field and having a PhD, though there are also graduate fellowships to work in Japan, which I've done.

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This is not true. My life in Japan is way more comfy than in the US.

More and more research labs are becoming more western-style. Like you can go in to work whenever you want as long as you are productive.

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The problem is not that birth rates are decreasing, it is that birth rates are decreasing quickly among the wealthy and educated, while they are not decreasing or decreasing slowly among the underclass and the brown people.

The end result is global average intelligence decreasing significantly.

We are in for some fun times.

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I think there is something similar operating in Singapore.

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>mega cities are inevitable. It's where the jobs are.
That assumes there will be jobs in the future. In just a decade or two practically all drivers will be expected to lose their jobs just like elevator operators did 40 years ago.

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I worked there, can recommend. You need a good degree though.

No harder then elsewhere I have worked.

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>91-83 is so bad that we are in for some fun times
It's not even 10 IQ points.

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>No not really.
Yes, really.
Lrn2history fgt pls

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Of course it's gonna jump. Africa was always historically extremely underpopulated and no matter what once states have access to modern medicine and mortality reduction measures birth rates would increase. 4 billion is a pretty weird estimate though.

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>Keep population stable
>War/disease happens
>Population drops and rebounds quickly with another baby boom like last time

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>religious fundamentalists
Odd way of saying muslims and oogaboogas

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Then the graph tapers off and humanity is stuck at 13 billion or something.
My Warhammer 40k books say that a hive planet should be capable of having about 10-100 billion people on it.
We should go to 50 billion at least.

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Japan has literally been occupied since the end of WWII by the (((Allied))) powers. Do you not see how the defeat of a historically spiritually strong people such as the Japanese, and the replacement of their national pride with globalism and materialism could lead to a lack in births or the ability for them to see a future for themselves?

It’s the same story with Germany. It isn’t unintentional that the world liberal order refuses to give these counties back their freedom.

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What's wrong with lower fertility rates? The human population is simply plateauing off, there's not an issue with us hitting a point where we're as populated as we're going to be on earth.

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But we need stable populations. Right now it is unstable.
Throughout history the birth rate was stalled by the high likelihood of death due to disease and what not. Our problem is that we've largely overcome many of those concerns. Even the radiation isn't dramatically impacting that.

Disease was our predator which we've began to eliminate. So now the problem is like with deer numbers when their predators became non existent I think.

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Oh and the "mind disease" is taking the place that the physical diseases used to take as a predator.

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It's not a sign of biological superiority

>> No.10205387

But a sign of self awareness may be.

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Population density by continent (people per square mile):
Asia: 246.11
Europe: 187.84
Africa: 87.15

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>wishful thinking
Nigger it's a graph of the past.

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>we should put in incentives to decrease the population on welfare
Or rethink welfare entirely and put the entire race on it - per some favour organised by the system.

Neither will work I think, we need to go further with the technical process of the economy.

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>only stupid people earn small amounts
This is not accurate. Many smart people choose the simpler life and do not focus their life on obtaining money.

>> No.10205475

This used to describe the upper European and lower European classes in older times. Now it's in the process of modifying, adding the other races to that system. I think it will result in a caste system like in India.

>> No.10205477

He's saying "there's safety in numbers".
Who knows what we will need the numbers for.

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Some would argue that the world was much worse at a time when the world was populated by less than a billion people.

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The population isn't declining. The rate of growth is declining.

>> No.10205484

Wireless devices and various forms of sociocultural disruption.

Tried to tell you.

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Overpopulation and a lack in growth in population are both concerns. Neither is a good thing.

>> No.10205488

>IQ decline
How can this happen? I thought IQ was a standard distribution of the world's IQ?
Wouldn't it always have a mean of 100?

>> No.10205494

.. wiki says it's the rise in "raw scores" that indicate an increase in IQ.
I don't see how it could increase/decrease the mean though.

>> No.10205495

This is also iatrogenic and caused by various forms of environmental pollution, including electromagnetic.

>> No.10205498

The IQ drop, that is.

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Just get rid of birth control

>> No.10205503

Tests are standardised on reference populations, such as the UK. Everyone get's compared to those people.

>> No.10205507

So it's not compared to older raw scores?

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we don't need more people. so many jobs could be automated if we didn't have to worry about people losing them

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People create the jobs anon. More people = more demand.

Who's asking for the stuff these robots are producing? Robots?

>> No.10205529

No. Scores keep rising (or used to). This is called the Flynn effect. Why they keep rising is highly debated, but to keep things centred on 100 they are renormed every few decades.

>> No.10205534

The chances of producing a genius is the same; The chance of seeing a genius being produced would be higher.

>> No.10205537

When the world is depopulated they're going to either get rid of you, keep you around for various forms of slavery, or put you into such a state of permanent serfdom you will never emerge. That's the problem with allowing the sterilization agenda to play out. It's part of a broader plan, and if you make it, you're part of it.

>> No.10205548

That's what I meant by "rising raw scores".
So the world IQ is not declining going by raw scores?

>> No.10205560

Depopulating the world decreases demand, leading to economic issues.
The biggest issue with declining population is whether we may need the large numbers.
I think that's our biggest concern nowadays, though mainly when we leave the rock. On the rock, the overpopulation might be creating issues (though it is stimulating the economy).

What we need to do is develop an economy that can allocate a supply of goods efficiently to all people regardless of the population. We've clearly got an oversupply of goods right now, the issue is getting it to people. If that need required an increase of supply, I don't think we'd have that much of an issue until later next century (exception: fuel, which is the biggest concern of our supply of goods).
Jobs help with creating the goods, but they also develop allocative inefficiency without a proper coordinator to allocate work. Welfare is meant to cover that gap... but it is also leading to decline in jobseekers, leading to a decline in the supply of goods.

>> No.10205584

>leading to economic issues
There's no need for a strong economy, the infrastructure and what human labor is still required is already there and well controlled. It's a steady state model, and either it's sufficiently global or the technology to maintain it is good enough, that competing with other groups is no longer a factor.

>What we need to do is develop an economy that can allocate a supply of goods efficiently to all people regardless of the population.
I used to have all kinds of thoughts and ideas concerning this, and how you would maintain an environment and the means for a life worth living throughout. But the forces which drive events clearly have a different model, so no longer. There's clearly a sterilization agenda, I'm trying to figure out precisely why and what we're being transitioned towards.

So we're really having two different conversations. I've largely given up on where you're coming from, at least as far as discussing it. There's no reason to say anything to anyone. That's what they've done.

>> No.10205601

I'm not sure, I don't know if such data exists. It's a pretty good bet that intelligence relative to the UK is decreasing.
I would be sceptical of these increases in IQ representing real increases in intelligence, because it implies a country with an IQ of 80 in modern terms created the first nuclear bomb, and then put a man on the moon. And we know what a country with an IQ average of 80 in modern terms looks like.

>> No.10205629

Do none of you spastics learn about the demographic transition model in geography?

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>There's no need for a strong economy
>just let people starve anon!

> the infrastructure and what human labor is still required is already there and well controlled.
No labor should be there, but isn't. Why? Because the labor isn't being effectively allocated. It is FAR from well controlled anon. Otherwise we would not have any problems.
Furthermore, the people are the consumers, you eliminate the people, you eliminate the very thing the supply is meant to be for.

>But the forces which drive events clearly have a different model
It has no model. It's chaos. That's the very demon all of humanity is trying to conquer.
You are asking to sterilize the very thing the supply is meant to supply for. I don't see how this is even a solution.

> It's a pretty good bet that intelligence relative to the UK is decreasing.
I agree, it is decreasing relative to the UK but NOT compared to the past. You'll find it increases as the less developed nations adapt more and more to what I like to call the "machine culture". People confuse this culture with western culture. Western culture has been dead since the world wars. All cultures are dying and being replaced with this machine. Likewise, the machine tunes the people that follow it to it's culture more, hence the increase in raw score IQ. But relative to the UK, the rest of the people are not increasing in intelligence at the same rate. This is because the population has not plateaued enough yet, but it soon will plateau... hopefully (doubt it, Africa is not as we thought it was... it seems to be r-selective - though africans do seems to be more K selective outside of Africa... might be the geographic location).

>> No.10205646

The world is not random. People won't starve, their "natural" death rate is being increased and they're being sterilized.

>That's the very demon all of humanity is trying to conquer.
Ignorance and evil are the demon.

>You are asking to sterilize the very thing the supply is meant to supply for. I don't see how this is even a solution.
It's not about me, it's just what's happening. All the market mechanics and motivations are out the window, I'd stop thinking in those terms. Ask yourself, "people", why? Why people? Look to your neighbor. Look to yourself. Ask, why? Why? Why any of it? What good is it? Why should you be allowed to even exist and engage in activities of any kind? What good is that?

That's their perspective. The herd has grown, too many cattle to manage. It's not a cull it's just a purge. Don't ask me entirely why, I don't know.

>> No.10205648

Everyone knows that. The problem is the impact this has to economies that seem to be declining in allocative efficiency, hence why people say the economy is becoming like a ponzi... with no one intending that - because the elites would be making their own ticking time bomb. Of course, I'm assuming they are smart enough about capital to realise this major problem. I think the major issue is the middle management, not the elites, that create this major fuck up in capital allocation. They don't seem to get how important their job is. Hence why you have dipshit CEOs that get caught out with millions in pocket (god speed to the CEOs that realise why they get the pay check - it's to pay your legal bills).
This should be a /biz/ thread, but if you see that board they would not discuss this at all.

>> No.10205654

>Ignorance and evil
You're implying people understand their system well enough. They don't, we are a system that is essentially a clueless beast. Not even the smartest people on the planet can comprehend the difficulty of tackling the problem. It's too heavy for superman to lift.
The worst part is that I don't think the problem is solvable with decreased population. You're playing wack a mole with a infinite headed hydra.

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>Endless replies of random anons' random theories explaining whatever conspiracy they believe
The only good thing about this thread is that it distracts you /pol/tards from shitting up the rest of the board

>> No.10205666

Regarding the issues of economies and our population... many of us have tackled the colossus as a focus of our studies.

And at least the /pol/tards try at discussing the situation. The rest don't even discuss it anon. That's why everything is shit.

>> No.10205667

>You're implying people understand their system well enough.
Indeed, they do not. Because of:
Which is an overexpressed state created by

Man collective is no more a writhing mad beast than your muscle fibers extend randomly. There are control structures, they are tightly regulated, you just need to look and accept your own will, and the will of those around you, is not so free and individual as you might like. You need to learn to anchor on the macro, as well as the local, because these are the times we're living in.

Reducing and maintaining population solves all the problems. Man is the problem, man can be the solution, lack of man is that solution. Automation and 5G are likely the key.

>> No.10205685

>an overexpressed state created by
Ignorance is a concept used in conjunction with a delusion that you can fathom the problem to begin with. You can't really. You can grow the fields and consume the crop but at the end of the day, you can only do what you can do within your environment.
People did not purposely create our population crisis, it did so as a natural consequence of our scientific innovation. It is a natural end to our natural human instinct. It is the environment which we grow our own crop within.

We're in a famine of opportunity anon. We don't have the correct conditions and we cannot artificially create the correct conditions. That is the problem.
But that's not an excuse to not try regardless.
I think if we sort out the middle management issues, allocated things better amongst corporation to corporation, realising we're in a bleak situation as a collective, then maybe we might be able to either fight the fire enough to save the situation, or even strengthen the fire and grow in it.
It starts with education. It starts with the pen. That is why the internet was let loose anon. It was the last ace we had.

>> No.10205797

The greater the population the bigger the bell curve. Since the number of geniuses is more important than having a low population with more resources, the greater population will always have an advantage.

>> No.10205805

The most important thing is to have large number of Jews, since they create geniuses at 17x the rate of everyone else. There was far more innovation and scientific advancement in the 19th and early 20th centuries than there is today with a much larger world population

>> No.10205823

>governments push for lower birth rates for years
>"why birth rates go down lets import immigrants"

>> No.10205838

There isn't a single day that goes by where I don't daydream about killing all the bureaucrats and lawyers in the world.

>> No.10205944

Why do China and India have so many people? Are they just more horny than everyone else?

>> No.10205953

He shou wu, have many wife, many kid, live to 200+, best erection in town.

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The future is brown and that's a good thing.

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They're being sterilized as well.

>> No.10206096

>16 billion in sub-saharan Africa alone with no sign of slowing
bwahahaha. Don't get your data from /pol/ kiddo

>> No.10206102

>just let people starve anon!
>people starve without muh economy
Did cavemen starve?

>> No.10206104

You don't need to. There are far too many people on the Earth as it is.

>> No.10206114

SImple, improve living conditions. Not that it's necessary to increase the birthrate. We should definitely reduce the population by a billion or so and get our shit together.

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>extrapolating exponential curves into the future forever

This should seriously be required in all middle schools


>> No.10206118

Sad, deluded, and eternally butthurt mestizo/indio here

And how is it they were able to do so much more with these things in the last few centuries? I'm sure I'll get nothing more than a bunch of oriental we-wuzzing....

>> No.10206659

That's normal in demographics.

>> No.10206685

This doesn't mean extinction at all you massive fucking retard.

Once birth rates actually drop below 2, more opportunities will be open and it will be more advantageous to have children.

Birth rates in large populations work to correct themselves.

>> No.10206713

In general the smarter you are the more you earn

Smart people may choose to earn less, but dumb people cannot choose to earn more

>> No.10206777
File: 718 KB, 1293x1407, c44.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Good goys, dont reproduce and let your race go extinct.

>> No.10206794
File: 207 KB, 1386x887, true human accomplishments.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>/pol/ conveniently lives only in the last few centuries

>> No.10206884

ooooo a real life brainlet! Mommy can we keep it?

>> No.10206894

Pop growth went down because we neutered the economic output of children. Bring back child labor and birth rates will explode again.

>> No.10207093


wanna fix birth rate decline?

start a nice WW3, no nukes, and re-unleash European madness.

you'll see a nice economical rebound and a consequentially birth spike.

Also if the WW2 started the space race and we went to the moon, this time we're gonna go full Interstellar.

>> No.10208485

>extrapolating exponential curves into the future forever
they didn't do that though, and they already took into account falling fertility rates

>> No.10208490
File: 53 KB, 929x514, JEm2FDsjgalFD_6XKydnn-ZzT3LRTTtvn_xQNqPKpTI.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ask Japan

>> No.10208496

Most problems in the world are because people cant keep it in their pants. Let us reduce our population, we are too many anyways. 7 billion was a mistake
Inb4 thanos snap

>> No.10208504

>youtube celebs

>> No.10208512

way smarter than their subscribers and viewers

>> No.10208556

So when 110 billion people have lived until now, how long would it take from now to have the next 110 billion that have ever lived on earth? so 220 billion in total

>> No.10208582


>The population of Americans of Jewish descent is demographically characterized by an aging population composition and low fertility rates significantly below generational replacement.[60]

>> No.10208729


>> No.10209426


>> No.10210405


This, but only because western civilization lost its mind and decided that subsidizing idiots was somehow a good idea.

>> No.10210467

rich doesn't mean smart dude

>> No.10210478
File: 36 KB, 474x573, 49fbc586bb4ab95161546b7086741aeafbbeedd1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thot patrol
Women do what men do nowadays and former natality roles are suspended or ended.

>> No.10210530


If you're making minimum wage, you're sure as hell not smart.

>> No.10210534
File: 396 KB, 591x864, 1522301831440.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10210541

>rich doesn't mean smart dude
There is a correlation dude. And that is what will determine future demographics, not the outliers.

>> No.10210549

there's plenty of poor people with degrees who can't pay off their student debts. Those people might reproduce alot if they had money

>> No.10210718


He probably wasn't making minimum wage and clearly wasn't that smart.

>> No.10210720


Smart people don't take out student loans for jobs they aren't going to be able to get.

A degree is hardly a measu

>> No.10210732


>> No.10210739

Guys, your income says nothing about your character and your intelligence

>> No.10210815


Sure it does.

>> No.10211748

You need 124 IQ to get a PhD

>> No.10211763

Effect of overpopulqtion on mices

The last generation "beautiful ones" has some similarities with our current generation


>> No.10211767

>asking a board full of virgins how to improve birth rates

pfft ahah

>> No.10211911

How is this a problem? Dropping birth rates is a good thing you fucking retard

>> No.10213269

Natalism is the only defensible moral code.

>> No.10213746


>> No.10213757

since there are no national values anymore (like expanding or discovering). then the idea of having kids is less appealing. you are no longer living in a developing country like pioneer-era USA. there is no point to having babies anymore. once capitalist USA collapse, we can start talking about correcting the mistakes of the past.
consider this world as finished. onto the next civilization/society.

>> No.10213767

cont. most modern woman view children as a parasite or a nuisance. they are not mentally ready to be mothers. and nor do they want to.

this is of course contradicts with the trope of the 'commitment-phobe men'. its actually the woman refuse to have babies, not the men.

>> No.10213859

tranny spotted

>> No.10214324

This simple extrapolation is pretty silly, religious fundamentals always had more children but they don't always grow up to be like their parents, if they did the world would have been over run by them centuries ago.

>> No.10214365

With more people there is a more overall innovation instead of just certain areas at a time.

>> No.10214385
File: 71 KB, 1024x712, 1541382176240.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its been idocracy since 1800s, atleast in the west. The rest of the world has always been retarded

>> No.10214388

>Humans return to hunter gatherer post apocalypse survival and stay there for hundred of thousands of years,
>Oil and minerals return
>Repeat indefinitely until universe death
Nothing to worry about

>> No.10214389

lol nice freudian slip

>> No.10214391

Next 200k years earth will be uninhabitable, this is our last chance.

>> No.10214407

Yes, and modern Cavemen starve to this day With shitty diets and for demonic reasons

>> No.10214412

Maybe for modern humans, but not post-apocalypse humans

>> No.10214426

cute JC

>> No.10214452

They will have to live in the outer solar system, the oceans will boil off from solar heating.

>> No.10215528

This is not 40k

>> No.10215711

>both armies are proportionally smaller so less people die
oh no

>> No.10215787

Who will we blame for all the world's issues in 50 years?

>> No.10215807

Thats not smart

>> No.10216272

>Africa above north America

>> No.10216331

>and then the rando schizo shit/pol/ster appears
I gotta give it to /sci/ though. It did take around 30+ posts before one of these morons showed up.

>> No.10216338

>extrapolated doom scenario paranoia
If you should know anything is that population projections are notoriously uncertain and useless beyond a very short time window.

>> No.10216363

You need at least 122 IQs to recognize if you only have 123 IQs you are nothing but a useless brainlet. I know this becuase my 124 IQs mean i am always right. And no, you cant get more IQs only find them in tests.

>> No.10217292

We give people free orgies

>> No.10219101


>> No.10219232

> it is that birth rates are decreasing quickly among the wealthy and educated, while they are not decreasing or decreasing slowly among the underclass and the brown people.
So give the underclass and brown people more money and education? Problem solved.

>> No.10219381

Problem not solved at all, you merely somewhat slowed the degradation. The only way to solve the problem is to ensure that upper classes have HIGHER birth rates than lower classes. Othewise there is a dysgenic trend (mediated by both genetic and social pressure towards poverty).

>> No.10219533

I think it's too financially impractical to have kids in the modern day compared to the past.
Boomers had kids because why not.

>> No.10219538

Lmao fuck off to >>>/pol/

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