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Can someone please fucking direct me to good resources for a physics major?

I am an EE/physics double major. I have no problem pulling off A's and B's in my EE classes but I'm having trouble scraping by with mostly D's in my physics classes.

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eng*neers everyone

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I got an A- in the EE version of emag. I got a D+ in the physics version of emag.

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>good resources for a physics major?
The General Relevance of the Modified Cosmological Model

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EE is a lot easier than physics. EE isn't even the most difficult engineering field. Far from it.

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Why did you post that gay shit here? What does that have to do with the thread topic?

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great resource, you should really check it out

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Yale physics lectures with Ramamurti. They are on YouTube. His textbook is also ok

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Off topic, but if I was an undergrad looking to get a good grasp of physics how fucked would i be taking EE courses? My uni doesn't offer pure physics as a minor and applied physics courses don't count towards my major at all

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It's from OP, a mathfag who keeps false flagging as a EE brainlet. Literally makes a shit thread everyday.

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